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Never Judge a Book by its Cover? Part 3

Are you Shadowhunters ready for the final part of 'Never Judge a Book by its Cover'? You've seen different covers for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series and the only covers left to show you are from Cassie's second Shadowhunter series: THE INFERNAL DEVICES. But before I show you the covers, let me share what I've found during my research. On 23rd June 2008 Cassie announced the new series on her old LiveJournal page – she used to have two – and she shared a few interesting facts.

The first book in the series, The Clockwork Princess***, will be published in fall 2010****, followed by The Clockwork Prince in fall 2011 and The Clockwork Kingdom in summer 2012. ***All titles, at this early date, are subject to change.

I was mighty confused after reading this information so I turned to the only possible source: Cassie herself!

My question:  What made you drop the original order, the definite article and ‘Clockwork Kingdom’?

Cassie:  “As for the Clockwork titles I think as we realized how important the angel was going to be in the plot, it seemed only fitting to have it in the title of one of the books!”

Almost a year later – on 8th April 2009 – Cassie wrote another LiveJournal article in which she called the first TID book THE CLOCKWORK ANGEL.

EW’S Shelf Life and Cassie published the cover of CLOCKWORK ANGEL on 18th March 2010  and on 31st August 2010 the book with this beautiful cover was released.

We see Will Herondale standing in front of the Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster). He wears a gray coat, a white dress shirt with a dark tie. Furthermore he is either lifting a top hat or lowering it. You can see two runes, one on his right hand and one on his neck. Both runes are glowing – just like on the cover of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and CITY OF LOST SOULS. Right above the title THE INFERNAL DEVICES we can see Tessa’s Clockwork Angel which is of course very important for the series. IN addition to the Palace of Westminster in the background there are also some cogs.

The colors are all dark but warm, especially the brown.


This is the Polish cover of CLOCKWORK ANGEL. There’s Will in a suit and vest. He is wearing black gloves and a cane. The rune on his right wrist could be the Angelic Power rune. In the background there are a lot of cogs and what appears to be parchment with font – maybe instructions on how to build an automaton?  The angel wings on the capital M are great, I like that they included the angelic element that’s also on the US cover.

The colors are lovely, I like the contrast between gold, white/light gray and dark.

The third CA cover is from Germany and very different to the ones you’ve seen before.

It looks very fantastical and to be honest, although I held this book in my hands, I’m still not 100% sure what exactly I’m looking at. It looks like a chest of drawers but I could be completely wrong about that. We have creatures at the top left and right and at the bottom left and right side, they look a bit like winged centaurs. I like that they have again included the title of the whole series (Chroniken der Schattenjäger = Chronicles of the Shadowhunters) and a ring on the cover. Inside we see two old street lamps, the Clock Tower and a part of the Houses of Parliament. In front of the building there is a figure which looks like a woman. If you look closely you can see that the inner circle of the ring looks like the dial of the clock on Clock TowerThe other two figures could be Welsh dragons. Another animal which can be identified is a lion over the book title.

Simon & Schuster revealed the cover of CLOCKWORK PRINCE on 25 May 2011 at BEA.

Jem Carstairs graces the second cover of THE INFERNAL DEVICES. Over the series title we see a dragon’s head. Jem is holding a cane with another dragon’s head in his right hand. His suit looks fancier than Will’s clothing on the cover of CLOCKWORK ANGEL. The light blue ornaments on his ‘tie’ and vest look great. Like his parabatai, Jem also has two glowing runes on his hand and neck.

In the background you can see Temple Bar which used to be on Fleet Street during the Victorian era – it’s now next to St Paul’s Cathedral. If you look closely you can see cogs right next to Temple Bar. The colors are dark again which fits the mood of the story.

Because you’ve already seen the Polish cover of CA, here’s the CP cover from Poland. Instead of Jem we have Tessa in an awesome purple dress on the cover. That and the book title are the only things that changed. I really like Tessa’s pose because it looks very dignified and elegant.

The last CLOCKWORK PRINCE cover is the German one.

I don’t want to say much about the design. If you compare it to the CA cover you can see that they’ve only changed the colors and the picture inside the ring. This time we’re looking at a man with a top hat and a coat. He is holding a cane in his one hand and an unidentified object in his other. Right behind him there is London’s Tower Bridge and that is the cover’s flaw! THE INFERNAL DEVICES is set in 1878 but Tower Bridge was constructed and opened in the 1880’s/1890’s.

You’ve now seen some international covers for CLOCKWORK ANGEL and CLOCKWORK PRINCE and the only cover which is left is CLOCKWORK PRINCESS.

I’m sure I don’t have to write much about it because a lot of you helped reveal the cover in July.

Tessa is standing in front of Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral – if any of you ever want to go on a Shadowhunter tour in London: Blackfriars Bridge, St Bride’s Church (the Institute), Temple Bar and St Paul’s are all very close together! Our heroine is holding the Shadowhunter’s Codex and she is wearing her mother’s Clockwork Angel necklace.

I simply love Tessa’s dress because of all the little details – here is a very large version of the cover. Cassie has also written a post about the last cover of THE INFERNAL DEVICES series which you can read here.

And now, last but not least let me talk about the man to whom we owe all these pretty covers: Cliff Nielsen.

Cliff has illustrated covers for a lot of fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, The Chronicles of Narnia are just a few.

Some of you may know this cover:

Yes, that’s one of Cliff’s.

Cliff is a professional artist for graphic novels, fantasy and science fiction and of course a book illustrator. If you want to check out some of his works then click here. There is some lovely Shadowhunter art.

If you want to know more about the man behind the covers then check out this interview.

And this it is about the magical world of book covers.

One last time:

Sound off in the comments, Shadowhunters! Which cover (doesn’t matter if TMI or TID) is your ultimate favorite one?

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3 Comments on Never Judge a Book by its Cover? Part 3

  1. I love seeing covers from around the world, and sadly I admit the only reason I bought Clockwork Angel was because of the beautiful cover. I’d never seen anything like it. But the story within was even more captivating.

  2. Isabelle Lightwood // September 11, 2012 at 7:22 PM // Reply

    Tessa’s dress on the Clockwork Princess cover is absolutely gorgeous! The Polish cover of the Clockwork Angel looks like an emo guy! But again the dress, and hair of Tessa looks beautiful!!!!! That girl is gorgeous!!! Whoever you are, you are beautiful!

  3. Polish ♥ I have one ♥

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