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Death doesn’t find willing comrade in new CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

Cassandra Clare has never shied away from sharing snippets from upcoming SHADOWHUNTER CHRONICLES books. 

Clare shared another snippet from CLOCKWORK PRINCESS and let’s just say it’s not the most comforting snippet in the world:

No one can say that death found in me a willing comrade, or that I went easily.

CLOCKWORK PRINCESS, the conclusion to THE INFERNAL DEVICES, will be released on March 19, 2013.

What do you think of the snippet? Are you freaking out yet? Sound off in the comments!

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42 Comments on Death doesn’t find willing comrade in new CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

  1. O.M.G

  2. Oh god, I’m hyperventilating! March can’t come soon enough! I can’t breathe!

  3. Well, Clockwork Prince had both Will and Tessa’s POV, so it could be either one speaking here. Hmm… I just cant tell.

    • It can’t be Will that dies otherwise the Herondale line would end there which would mean that Jace wouldn’t exist… unless Will gets someone pregnant in the Clockwork Princess which I don’t think will happen..

  4. It feels like to me that it’s Jem, it would make sense cause of his sickness that he has.

  5. Jem My Darling // September 13, 2012 at 3:45 PM // Reply

    I’ve come to terms with that fact that Jem is probably going to die… BUT I AM STILL GOING TO BAWL MY EYES OUT WHEN IT HAPPENS.

  6. I agree Jem dying is a real possibility, but we haven’t ever observed anything that seems so blatently obvious like that happen. It’s always, “they are brother and sister” (Gasp!), “he is cursed” (Gasp!), “he is dying” (Gasp!). And then, “Nevermind, false alarm!” (Phew!)

  7. I doubt it is Will or Jem, Too obvious.. Ms Clare wouldn’t do that to her fans.. Please dont 😦

  8. Ria Jace Herondale // September 13, 2012 at 4:59 PM // Reply

    I really dont care anymorecause its just a waste of time, let cassie do what ever she wants, she already finished the book, there is nothing we can do about it except,cry 4 a few days max then what, we forget about it

    • You have to care or you are not a true fangirl! No offense intended, I was just explaining why I am going crazy

      • Ria Jace Herondale // September 14, 2012 at 9:41 AM //

        None taken. I’m just saying that I’m tired of making all these theories and reading peoples theories cause its pointless cause she already wrote the book. What’s gonna happen is gonna happen. And your right, I’m not a true fangirl of TID, but I’m a true fangirl of TMI. So none taken. I would only take that offensive if you said I wasn’t a true TMI fangirl. 😀 .But I do enjoy reading TID, just not as much as TMI, but i have NOTHING against TID. 😀

  9. Oh no it’s sounds like poor Jem ! 😦

  10. Talking to ghosts again, William?

  11. Oh God. It sounds like its from a letter to me…. Please not Jem.

  12. I’m also thinking it’s jem. 😦
    But with Cassie, it could really be anyone.

  13. It sounds to me like somebody is already dead! I agree that it is a ghost

  14. Reblogged this on Writing Haven and commented:
    *Dying of indescribable excitement*

  15. I haven’t even started the Infernal Devices series and I am already freaking out! I know a lot about it because I am a sucker for spoilers, so I am trying to break that habit, and my other habit of reading the last few pages of a book when I am not even half way through, but the snippet sounds absolutely amazing! Thank you Cassie Clare!

  16. Am I the only one that is absolutely certain that Clockwork Princess doesn’t have a happy ending? 😉

  17. I think that either/both Will and Jem become the silent brothers Jeremiah and/or Zechariah. It would explain why brother zachariah is so loyal to the Herondale family.

  18. i can’t wait! and it might be Jem!

  19. bored_chic_1002 // September 14, 2012 at 3:33 PM // Reply

    omg, I’m dying here! why can’t march come quicker!

  20. what is this suppose to MEAN!!!!!!!

  21. I wonder who will it be.

  22. shadowhunter. // September 16, 2012 at 5:01 AM // Reply

    I just died. OMG i’m seriously almost crying at the fact that it could be James!! I truely hope it isnt though because i love Jem!!
    And Will of course but i just feel so so so so sorry for Jem and his uh, condition. Even though Will has his curse too, i still do feel more sorry for Jem.

    I have this strange feeling that the ending to this book isn’t going to be very happy and yet i still can’t wait for it to come out!!

    I have no life. bye xx

  23. What. Wait what. I seriously can’t breath. Omg. What. What does that mean. March can not come soon enough

  24. What kind of mean, mean person sets release dates for 2014 & 2015?? Are you serious?! We’re in 2012 right now! I know Cassandra is busy with all her projects, but come on!

    • And I’m referring to City of Heavenly Fire and Dark Artifices… I mean throw us a bone. I need to keep all of these things together… those many years between reading the mortal instruments series, infernal devices series, and now the prospect of dark artifices… make us wait 2-3 years is just cruel!

      • Of course, Cassandra Clare did originally plan to make the Mortal Instruments a trilogy, but I do agree that there is quite a large gap in between the different release dates.

      • Its funny, TID will finish first, and is set first ( time period wise), then TMI (since it’s not a trilogy) and then TDA, which are set last! It’s in order!

  25. Is it necessarily Will or Jem?
    Also I prefer TID over TMI. Clary was kinda bossy, a bit whiny, and clinge-y. She is also annoying in a typical ‘I am sixteen and can do whatever the hell I want.’ kind of way. So, yeah.

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