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TMI Set Day 19: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Friday in Allen Gardens. I (@MichelleMags) made the trip to Allen Gardens Check out my full report:

Hello Shadowhunters! Phew! This set visit is one I could never forget. At 3 o'clock I was heading home and the rain was pouring hard. At this point, scouting and visit set under the rain is something I've gotten used to - I still hate it but rain or shine, I must visit set with my friends!

I come home and running late. I was told by Rebecca to meet up at King Station around 4 p.m. but I got home 3:30 p.m. definitely won’t make it in time. So I told them to go ahead while I meet my best friend and together headed downtown. It took them about twenty minutes to meet my best friend and I at the intersection of King St. W and Yonge. We walked around and checked each road for pylons, trucks, any familiar crew’s face! We found a set of trailers but Melanie went to ask and they were not the TMI trailers. Continuing our journey we head to Spadina subway and took the 510 bus and we check out each road as the bus drove by. At this point, we were sobbing (inwardly) and called the TTC (Toronto Transit) for any road closures. We stayed at Mcdonalds while Mel is on the phone with the TTC and us four going through Twitter’s TMISetDay19 hashtag – seeing if anyone had any hint as to where set is. No hope. Minutes flew by faster and faster and we were growing weary. Spent the time at Mcdonald’s for a good half hour: teasing each other, finding the set, reading tweets, me stealing fries from Rebecca and she only notices on the third fry… etc…

It was 8 and my best friend had to go so we bid goodbye and 5 mins later we go too and head for St. Lawrence Market. We got to St. Lawrence and saw nothing. By now we were deflated and just desperate to find where set is. So we keep walking around and around and around, to the point where we circled on block almost twice. We then stopped at Coffee Time at a really sketchy place and Nicole bought a cream cheese bagel, while we all stare at each other and say, “I do not want to go home yet. I need to see set. I need to see them!” (we’re not THAT crazy but you have to understand. We’ve gone to set everyday, we just feel weird not to see set. It feels like home… OK, maybe we’re a tad bit more crazy). We began adding every HINT we got.

We missed one hint. The whole freaking day and we missed this one hint but thank you Melanie for remembering it. Actually, we’ve thought of it but we’ve set it aside.

Eventually it hit us and we couldn’t contain ourselves. Thank god the coffee time doors were open or we would’ve smashed the door to pieces as we ran out and screamed. We couldn’t believe it! We ran down the block and thought “WHY DO WE NEVER PASS BY THAT ROAD” we so happen to stop a street BEFORE the set the whole time. But we didn’t care about that at the moment and we run, screamed, hugged each other, tell we love you to each other.

We see the pylons and trucks and trailers and it was just like home. It took a lot of will power to not collapse. We walked further inside the park and sat by the bench for five minutes.

“Can’t wait to see Andrew’s face” Melanie said, pointing that we’ve finally found set again.

“Can’t wait to see Hartley’s reaction!” I added and hoped Hartley was there too.

Then we walked to the side to find more trucks and saw a pathway that led much closer to set. We see Jamie and Lily walk inside the Garden. All of a sudden Melanie goes, “isn’t that Andrew!”

Andrew lifted his gaze towards us and we began waving. Even with the distance and the darkness, we could see the shock on his face. As he was approaching us, Hartley stepped out of the Garden and I say “Hartley!” (I immediately spotted his cool curly hair). He turned to us too and he grinned, obviously shocked to see us as well. He approached us slowly and said, “so how did you find us?”

“Hints. Tweets. Etc.” we say simultaneously

“Will you guys be staying with us tonight?” he asks and I mutter a ‘duuuh‘ and answer loudly, “yeah”. Hartley grinned and turned to Andrew “lead them to set” — what he meant was lead them to the back and give them food.

With hearts pounding, we follow Andrew around the set and was led to the back. We see the cupcake truck and grin, ooh how we love cupcakes and who wouldn’t be amazed with the sight of a cupcake truck? CUPCAKE. And I thought seeing a poutine truck from Knox College during Set Day 5 was weird…

“Tell her what you guys want, unlimited” Andrew said (we actually only ever ate one but that was alright) “when you guys are done, help yourselves with the hotdogs or drinks” He waited for us to select our cupcakes and I got a Coffee Crisp cupcake – oh that was HEAVEN. The other crew looked at us but none looked surprised to see us. The stills photographer gets cupcakes and says, “you guys are wonderful” and walks off , heading back to set.

Andrew then opened up the topic about Twitter and on we go chatting about today’s hashtag. Andrew then asked for the three other girls I was with what their name was because he was familiar with their faces but not their name. Go figure. We stand there and eat our cupcakes and move on to the kitchen truck. Literally guys, it’s a kitchen in there. I took a can of coke, because I’m a coke junkee or coffee junkee and we headed back to the front but we went through the tents by the set and then stopped at the middle in front of set and just sat there or sometimes stood up. Mike from Set Day 18 who we thought his name was Mark/Morg when he was introduced. Melanie and him fall into a conversation on what this whole movie is. Sometimes Rebecca and Nicole would join in but I just looked at the set and could see through the glass. A few minutes later, Hartley comes out from set and joins our discussion. He asks who else I still need to see, he just nods and smiles. We continue our CoB discussion and I appreciated how Hartley knew about the witch light! Hartley then says something like “see you at 3” or something…

Then we sit and just marvel at the sight around us. We were here and we intended to stay long – by long, I mean overnight. Andrew then walked to us, with Mike by his side and a few other crew. “This one here is the number 1 pack leader, Michelle. She’s been here since day 1” I roll my eyes at him, he’s got his facts wrong, by day 1 he means set day 4 – but I don’t bother correcting him and then I waved hello to the other crew guys as he introduced Rebecca, Nicole and Melanie.

“We call you guys the ‘fan-girls” Andrew said. Womp, womp, womp.

“Um, no call us something else” Nicole says and we throw in possible names. “Shadowhunters, Shadows, Nephilim” but the crew guys just stared at us. Of course, they didn’t find any of those interesting. “Fantastic Four?” one of us suggests, I think it’s Rebecca and I call out “I call being human torch!” And I think it was a silent agreement to be called this.

Then we checked on our phones and Dani messaged, she’s done work and is headed to us. All of a sudden, the “Spencer Reid” (Matthew Gray Gubler) look-a-like set designer/flower set-up (he and his partner arranged the flowers and plants on set) anyway, he approached us, squatted and reached out to show us four roses. “Wow” we simultaneously say. “For you guys,” he says and we also say “aww wow!”

And then we took pictures with it 🙂

On the picture on top, is Rebecca and Melanie. Melanie is Nicole’s sister! And the picture below is Nicole and I.

Thank you so much Spencer Reid look-a-like! Luckily it’s also fake so we can cherish it FOREVER. From here on the torturous wait begins. The report is long enough as it is and I am nowhere near done, so I’ll just skip this chunk. All we really did was talk to each other, the crew and the police on shift. At 2:30 Nicole and Mel had to go home and hitched a ride from a fellow shadowhunter that we’ve met on set, her name is Ian which I hoped I spelled right but it’s an awesome name! Also her mom was there the whole time with her too, so that was really sweet. Oh and before I forget, Jamie and Lily went on break at 12:30 for “lunch” and we just sit there… like complete baffoons and said hello. They were RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and we just sat there.

Fast-forward. The stills photographer and Lily’s assisstant comes out and goes “wow! aren’t you guys freezing and you’re wearing shorts!” Yes, I’ve noticed. The stills photographer offers to take our books inside and have it signed so we can go home. We’re stupid so we say, no, that’s alright.

We then spent the time talking to Mike, the Cookie Monster (private/inside joke) about TV shows and other set he’s been on. He marvelled at the thought that he wasn’t alone on watching “Sherlock” because I mentioned how he looked EXACTLY like Moriarty (BBC’s Sherlock) – if only he knew how much more people watch it. Oh what Tumblr does.

Fast-forward. Rebecca and I share blankets and the temperature has dropped to 10 degrees and I’m on shorts. Kill me.

Fast-forward. Rebecca and I sit stiffly on the ground. Still being spoken to frequently by the crew members, I’ve quickly notice that they take turns in talking to us. Coincidence or planned? I don’t know but I enjoyed the company.

Fast-forward. Lily’s personal assistant comes out from the tent and walks to us asking, “do you guys want tea??” and we look up and could barely nod, so we smile and say “can we… please?” and she nods and turns quickly on her heel and storms off. Comes back with three cups, one for me and becca and the last one for her. Thank you Lily’s assistant – that was really sweet of you.

Fast-forward. I shiver more and more and it’s about 3:30, almost 4 at this time. Mike walked away suddenly and came back with a mat. “Stand up for now and sit on this so you could get warm a bit”. Glorious mat. It was much warmer than the ice cold ground. Thanks, Mike.

Fast-forward. The cold was unbearable and the minutes ticked by real slow. I entertain myself and waste my phone’s last battery life and go on Twitter. You guys are amazing at keeping me company too!

Fast-forward. It’s 5 am and Lily and Jamie are inside those tents, right across us, warming up because it rained on the scene. Thank the lord for freezing my limbs because I would’ve just walked up to that darn tent… well, maybe not. But it was really nice to be within earshot of their conversation and hear Jamie’s beautiful accent and laughter and Lily’s beautiful voice.

Fast-forward. Crew from earlier goes “I really like how you guys are sharing blankets” and I go “Team work!” and he comes back and gives us each an apple and Andrew goes “which one is the poisonous apple…” I roll my eyes and take a bite.

Fast-froward. the cop goes to us and says, “do you guys want coffee? I’ll go grab you guys some. Seriously what do you want?”

I don’t even hesitate. “Black coffee and four sugars” he nods and turns to Rebecca and she says her order and he storms off. Thank you police man.

Then finally we hear “final scene” and half an hour later, everyone starts cleaning up. Rebecca and I stretch and suddenly we see Jamie and Lily walking out of set. We were clearing our throats to ask for their autographs but instead Lily goes, “alright!”

and they walk towards us. Towards us! I had to pinch myself and think this isn’t a dream. “Wow, guys aren’t you cold?!” Lily asks. Freezing, is what I wanted to respond but Jamie says, “you guys have waited this long, just wow” and Rebecca goes, “well yeah we also had to wait for the subway to open” and Jamie goes “the subway?” then we all stare at each other until he says “OH THAT SUBWAY, LIKE TRAINS” and we all laugh and Rebecca goes “yeah, no not the subway shop”
Lily sign’s Rebecca first and Jamie to me. They both smelled lovely and Jamie’s button down shirt was halfway open. Teasing. With all the runes there too! He signs my friend Danila’s book first and does it so well and even personalizes it and with mine I point out he’s signed mine before but it looked like a two and he laughed “oh dear, would you like me to add on to that or make a new one” and I respond with “make a new one please” but instead he adds on the vampire fangs and such on the existing two. It’s alright I’ll make sure he signs again next time. Lily and Jamie kept saying to make sure that we warm up and that they appreciate us being so patient and dedicated. Them rebecca says “Jamie we love you as Jace, it’s a twitter campaign” and Lily yells “OH WOW! WE LOVE THAT” and Jamie goes “Really? Wow, thank you guys, really” his expression at first looked really shocked and when he detected that we weren’t kidding he grins and says thanks again. Lily then signs my book and all and she alas for my name but I guiltily stare at Jamie or Jamie’s chest… WHAT. Don’t judge, anyone of you girls would’ve done the same. But Lily see’s Jemima’s autograph and says “Michelle” and signs really beautifully and not quickly. When they were done we say goodbye and thank you and they say “no thank you!” and they walked away slowly and i hear Jamie and Lily go “WOW” over and over again. Then when they were near their cars me and Rebecca look at each other and go “WE DIDN’T ASK FOR PICTURES”
My hell.
Well, in our defense we were half dead, trembling like crazy. Thinking about this now frustrates me much more. I should repay myself next time and have some senses into me. Before we go, the crew guys who has been accompanying us goes “so did you guys get it?” and we nod like idiots. We say goodbye and thank you as we walk away Mike calls us back, just to make sure we knew how to get to Sherbourne subway station. Then we see Spencer Reid walk to his truck and we say goodnight and I thank him for the roses again.

That wraps my longest report with no picture, well barely anything and longest set visit ever. Despite the cold, it had still become such a wonderful experience. I cannot thank the crew enough for being oh so kind to us, like usual and for taking care of us so much instead of leaving us there to die due to freezing our butts to death. Also for chatting with us, it’s actually a great thing because it lowered our level of boredom by a bunch.

Until next time, Shadowhunters! Can’t wait for another set visit!

About Michelle Mags (13 Articles)
Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

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  2. Can’t believe it. Michelle, you was right. I had to read this before to say you girls were the most spoiled fans ever. And now I can say it out loud. But probably you are the most dedicated fans ever, so you totally deserve it.
    Can’t help but to say again that the crew is amazing.
    And, oh my… Jamie and Lily! They’ve been so sweet, chatting and joking with you and making sure you were not cold. Thank you for telling to Jamie the #JamieIsJace thing. It’s nice to know that Jamie can feel the fandom support.
    And thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. I’m on the other side of the world but it’s like to be there with you. Bye! 😉

    • Jade,
      Yes, they spoil, pamper and care for us so much that it’s very flattering. Jamie and Lily was really sweet – we were afraid to get shut down for plenty of reasons but they walked up to us instead. I’m glad you can teleport through my report/s.

  3. DAMN!


  4. supernaturalgirl // September 17, 2012 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    grrrr sucks to be in England :\ you are so lucky! thank you thank you thank you for that awesome report!

  5. The crew were so sweet to you guys. That was so lovely of Jamie and Lily too as they must have been exhausted after working all night. It’s very unusual for the cast and crew to be so nice to fans as TMI have been. You’re all very lucky!

  6. teamedwardjace // September 17, 2012 at 6:48 PM // Reply

    Jame and Lily are awesome nad you guys as fans are amazing and dedicated! I hope i get to gown down and visit the set and meet everyone!

  7. Thank you for yet another amazing report Michelle! What a wonderful experience and such wonderful cast and crew! 🙂
    Wish I lived where you live – I’d be on set every day too. Thank you again for representing our awesome fandom and keeping us posted!! 🙂
    PS. Make sure you pack some warm clothes to take with to your next on-set visit, lol!

  8. Michelle, it was great to have finally met you and the “fantastic four”! It’s Iain here. 🙂 Another great report, and what a climatic ending! Thanks for sharing your days on set and maybe see you guys soon!

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