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TMI Set Day 26: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Tuesday. I (@MichelleMags) made the trip to TMI Set Day 26 Check out my full report:

Greetings and Salutations, Shadowhunters. HA. Sorry – I’ve been doing this everywhere. Also, I’ve missed doing this and I’ve missed visiting set so today was fantastic! A lot has been happening and I just can’t believe most of them (like having dinner with our Queen, Cassie) etc…

Today is TMISetDay26! I meet with my friends: Nicole and Melanie (the sisters) at St. George subway station and I help carry the seemingly-cooler (that box where you… ice your drinks) case for the 210 cookies. Yes, 210. We finally meet up with Rebecca and Sam (from Set Day 5) was there and it was pleasant to see her again! Immediately, we got into packaging the cookies (pictures of us baking the cookies will be below – and the cookies were just baked last night so they’re very fresh)

Soon as we were done packing the cookies, I took a picture and tweeted to Martin, Cassie and Kevin. So glad that Martin and Cassie responded!

After realizing that our spot wasn’t the best spot in the world – we walked around to the other side and offered cookies to every crew guy that passed by. One in particular enjoyed it so much that whenever he’d come back he’d grab a cookie or two and share it to other crew guys around the block. Then Karen came and gave us purple wristbands while I handed her the bag of cookies we’ve made for her. I also tell her about Harald’s bag, she nods and walks away. A few minutes later, Harald is walking with Karen towards us. I rip the case open and look for his bag. I hand it to him and he smiles so sweetly, “wow, thank you guys” he said and I point on the note at the back of the card and he grinned and told us thank you several times. On his note it said, “Thank you for the hard work you put into our most beloved series. We love you!” or something like that. Then he says thanks again and walks back to set. We tell Karen thank you for pulling in Harald and she smiles and heads back to set too.

Then there seemed to be this issue of a photograph of the props (as we were assuming) because prop dude asked us if any of us had a blog and we all say “yes.. Tumblr–” but he storms off and suddenly Andrew asks us to move to the back and prop guy looked upset with US. I mean, he saw us. None of us pulled out our phones to take pictures. We protest about this and say ‘hey you can check our phones, twitter, pictures. Those pictures never came from us!” Eventually they didn’t win on pushing us to the corner because they know we were right.

We’ve been on set (technically) everyday – we don’t tweet about things like that. Especially given many “just to let you know”s/”please don’t tweet this” from Karen. Being on set is fun but it also requires us to be tight-lipped. That being said, I deeply am sorry for those who ask me where set is and I don’t respond. Also, our tight-lip applies to information on what they were filming or things that I heard Lily/Robert or any of the cast say as we stay by the side.

After this frustrating misunderstanding, we continue watching the scene being filmed and Robbie just being so amazing. Eventually he walked to our side but spoke to a crew guy. Until he saw us all googly eyed and waiting for him. I quickly rummage through the case for his bag and prayed to God that he would accept our cookies. He walked towards us and gives a side hug to my friend, Danila and signs off autographs. I give him his bag of cookies and I explain with the monkey on front “monkey slut” and he laughs and says, “well the monkey does look very slutty – thanks guys!”

“You have such beautiful handwriting,” Nicole says to Robbie. We all agree simultaneously.

“Really?! I thought it was scratchy…” Um, no, Robbie.

After he was done signing he gave Nicole a hug and I ask for another. His hugs are the best. Guaranteed, Robbie will always be the one going to fans and gives the best hugs. He walks to the tent, which is just across us and he shows everyone the bag – it was so funny. He then read the note at the back and looked back at us and waved and blew a flying kiss. *swoon* wooot- Robbie kisses in any form are wonderful. Then Lily walked to the tent where Robbie was and Robbie immediately showed her the bag too!

A few moments later, Robbie heads back to set. Elyas M’Barek pulls in on his costume and we all say hello. He still seemed surprised that we know him. Elyas, this is just the beginning! We offer him cookies but he said he needs to quickly film and would be back. He does come back later on but we forgot to offer him cookies… sad.

That’s a wrap! But we’re not done. Everyone is cleaning up and passing by us and we’d offer cookies. I think through Robbie’s bragging Blondie comes to us and says, “I’ll try that cookie” (haha success). Harald passes by too and I say “goodbye, Harald!” and he turns and grins and says “I’ve tried two of the cookies – they’re fantastic!” then we offer his friend the camera man (among other camera man) a cookie and he says “no” at first but through Harald’s persuasion, he got one and enjoyed the cookie. Lily comes back to the tent and we wave hello to grab her attention. I hand her the bag of cookies and she says “aw! wow! thanks guys, this is really pretty!” (pointing out the decor on the bag). She signs about three books + a notebook and goes off and says goodbye to us. We wave bye and we wait until the entire street is cleaned up so we could offer each crew guy one. Fortunately, they all enjoyed the cookies and that’s it for us.

Until tomorrow, much love fellow Shadowhunters!

Michelle Mags


As we walk to the subway, we pass by the trailers. We see Jeff and Becca asks, “Jeff! Did you enjoy the cookies?” he turns and says “I haven’t eaten any but I’ve gotten the bag” and I go off into offering some to his friends lying by the grass. He asks for our names and called us the ‘fantastic four’ – HAHAH success, he actually heard about that nickname. He takes Kevin & Jemima’s cookie bag and promised to give it to them. I ask him about Hartley but he says to just give it ourselves – which is a great idea because everyone loves Hartley… or maybe just us but still. Jeff was SUCH a cool guy – Honestly, those who hate him. I don’t understand why you do. He’s just doing his job but at the end of the day, he’s pretty nice! He even joked with us “Will I start seeing demons if I eat this?” as we offer him more cookies.

Check below for pictures of us baking the cookies on Monday night.

About Michelle Mags (13 Articles)
Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

6 Comments on TMI Set Day 26: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. What did the diifferent cookies have on the packaging? I can’t see most of them in the picture aside from Robert’s slutty monkey 😀

    I’m actually surprised that they accepted them and even ate the cookies. Most celebritites are told not to accept edible gifts because of the crazies out there who might put something in them (not saying that you guys are crazies!).

  2. OMG! Monkey slut XD Can you tell him I said hi? Robert is so awesome!

  3. Greetings and salutations Michelle!
    You’ve been so sweet to give them cookies. They seem… yummy! The package is very cute!
    All the guys were so nice to accept the gift.
    I madly love Robbie and his handwriting.

  4. Michelle, this is just beyond sweet and funny! I just love you guys – our little hardworking Shadowhunters/bakers! 🙂

  5. Awesome! I’ve never known there were other really stroung fans too! I want to meet the crew someday too! I may even try to auditon…Rawr! The cookies look delicious! Man , i wish i could have been with you guys… I’m Kaze Nice to meet you Michelle! Have fun and tell me how it is! Sipped- lips. >-< I won't tell these guys what we talk about ok…Like how cute Jamie is as Jace Or Harald! I have a Deviantart ac so we can talk there…you need to make an ac though…its an art site. XD Theres alot of fun and cool pictures and cute drawlings of the cast too! I'm No1assassian

  6. Hey girls!

    What is the recipe? I’m from Brazil and cookies are not usual around here. I’d like to try.

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