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Jace talks Alec with Magnus in new CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet

Although CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, the conclusion to the international bestselling THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, isn't set to be released until March 2014, fans are plenty eager for any teasers. Cassandra Clare shared the second CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet, which features Jace talking about Alec with Magnus. Spoilers under the cut:

“I think,” Jace said, “that you don’t want to tell your secrets, so you decided to break up with Alec because..”

Cassie added this comment:

Jace schools Magnus, CoHF.

What do you think of the latest snippet? What could Magnus be hiding? Sound off in the comments!

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43 Comments on Jace talks Alec with Magnus in new CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet


  2. Because… Because WHAT?!
    And Jace… schoolding Magnus hahahah

  3. Ria Jace Herondale // October 12, 2012 at 8:38 PM // Reply

    LOL MAGNUS GOT OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THATS MY JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  4. Isn’t Magus the one who schools? What is going on! But I am happy that we got a CoHF snippet even though Cassie is going throughout a tough time. She has my support.

  5. nevertrustaduck // October 12, 2012 at 9:54 PM // Reply

    What is the because?!

  6. KikilovesJace // October 12, 2012 at 10:01 PM // Reply

    Awwww, Jace feels bad about his brother’s breakup with Magnus. Although I was a little suspious. Anyway, I just hope they get back together, because if they don’t, I will forever cry.

  7. Miss Regina Star // October 12, 2012 at 10:13 PM // Reply

    Aww. Jace is finally recognising Alec as a brother! (I mean, obviously he cared, but now we get to see it). Hurray.

  8. if Simon dies I’m gonna be so sad 😦 He better not die!

    • Omg I know right D,: he’s like my favorite.

    • why do you think simon might die???

      • KikiLOVESJAce // October 13, 2012 at 9:38 AM //

        Because he doesn’t have the mark of clain anymore, that protects through anything! Please don’t die simon, you’re my favoourite character! :,(

      • I have thought of that, I think there may be a point when it looks as if Simon may die but he is one of Cassie’s favs as well and she wouldn’t do that to us. God I hope not as Simon is my fav too 😦

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // October 13, 2012 at 12:01 PM //

        Cassie said that simon was her favorite character once i think and then i couple of weeks ago she said that she was more tempted to kill her favorite characters than others… And raphael said that one day when simon didnt have the mark there would be a huge group of enemies and hed be leading it… 😦 but i also feel that jace will die too… This book will break my heart *sighs*

      • if jace dies i will die too. i know there is others that would to. and i dont think that cassie would do that to us. she wouldnt deliberately kill her fans. shes to good to do that.

      • Jace and Clary aren’t going to die, because they’re supposed to play minor roles in The Dark Artifices!

  9. Omg luv it I hope they get back together to 🙂

  10. MuseFanClubSpain // October 13, 2012 at 3:43 AM // Reply

    I think what Magnus is hiding the truth about his father.

    • I have asked cassandra if we find out who magnus’s father is in cohf but she has never replied 😦 I was reading COB again and hodge talks of a warlock who summoned raziel thus the beginning of the shadowhunters and I wondered if it was magnus as it seems a very magnus thing to do, my sis says but magnus is only around 800 years old but he lied to alec to begin with about his age.. I just wonder how cassie will fit this all in 1 book

      • Well about the Age Thing… In the Bane Chronicles Magnus always says a different Age so we can’t really Count on that. And he also says he never tells anyone his true age

  11. I knew he was doing that all along. Magnus used Alecs “mistake” to cut ties and run. He is afraid of revealing who his dad is. He was quick to point blame at Alec instead of admitting he was withholding truths too. Tushe my freind. Tushe.

  12. 2 snippets in one day..cassie is being awesome, she has so much support from her fans with regards to the cyber bullying. TMI Source please tell her thank you for these snippets and she is the magnificent cassandra clare high author of the world and we love her xx

  13. AHHH WAT

  14. so excited. this is gonna be awesome

  15. incaudavenenum // October 13, 2012 at 10:08 AM // Reply

    I just feel sad every time I remember that Magnus and Alec are not together anymore; but I love snnipes so…I am pretty troubled. And I Iove Jace being a man standing up for his brother.

  16. It’s not fair! We have to wait until 2014 to know what the ‘because…’ is!

  17. I cried very hard when Magnus broke up with Alec I agree that Magnus was quick to point the finger at Alec and that he is most likely trying to hide who his father is from Alec I really hope they get back together and I hope there getting back together has a lot of secrets revealed like Magnus father

  18. teamedwardjace // October 13, 2012 at 5:30 PM // Reply

    haha mangus gets owned I love Jace and I love mangus too but he’s got some issues to work out and i don’t think Jace will die. i really hope not

  19. The worst part about their break up and Magnus being my very favorite character is that I know I would have done the same he did, even if it was not the rightest or the fairest thing. I hope they get back together and stay happy and in love for good.

  20. GO JACE!;)

  21. That’s ma Jace!!!!!! Yeah, we gotta find out who Magnus’ father is. And I do hope they get back together too. Although Jace is my fav character, I do like Magnus a lot!

  22. Hazeljones123 // October 26, 2012 at 2:11 PM // Reply

    I’m sorry but I don’t get this part, can anyone explain it to me and what does ‘CoHF’ and ‘schools’ mean??

    Does Jace talk with Magnus and than writes CoHF on a piece of paper or soemthing???? I don’t understand!! D:

  23. CoFH = City of Heavenly Fire

  24. Well clare said that at least 4 main characters will die. I just dont want her to kill clary, jace, luke , jordan or jocelyn. CLARY AND JACE HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!!! but i think what magnus is hiding is who his father is. In CoLS we found out that his father is a greater demon but they never said which one it was. Clary and jace went through so much to be together and i just want them to be able to be happy without all these issues.

  25. This one is great! But I still want a snippet of Jace and Clary! Or Jocelyn and Luke!

  26. I WANT MAGNUS AND ALEC TO GET BACK TOGETHER I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I FEEL LIKE MY HEART WILL FALL OUT IF THEY DON’T…… I don’t see she could keep them apart possibly I hope Jace gets to him and he talks to Alec and gets back with him Just thinking about them not being together makes me bawl my eyes out. My mom thinks I’m crazy when I just start crying out of the blue!!!! I LOVE MALEC!!!!!!

  27. If she kills Alec or Magnus I will cry so much I know most people’s favorite is Jace or Clary, but mine is totally Alec and Magnus!!!! But there are not many main characters so my hopes are not high!!!!

  28. Omg yay! Hope they get back together! Alec and Magnus are my favourite pairing 🙂 and hopefully neither of them (nor Jace) dies cause that’s just too depressing to even think about

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