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Jonathan Rhys Meyers spotted leaving set sporting runes

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine), who arrived in Toronto about a week ago to begin work on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, was spotted leaving set sporting two prominent runes on his neck and chest.

In the books Valentine is described as having white blond hair. No word if Jonathan will be wearing a wig or if they’ve decided to go brunette with the role.

Source: Daily Mail via @JRM_Appr_Group

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18 Comments on Jonathan Rhys Meyers spotted leaving set sporting runes

  1. spontaneous photos aren’t really his thing, are they?

  2. i really hope they die his hair!! hes just not valentine without it!

  3. I hope they do dye his hair. Would fit in so much better!

  4. Yeah I starting to worry about the hair too…… a brown haired Valentine – no,no.. sorry

  5. he looks kinda scary in here …

  6. Valentine pretended to be Michael Wayland when he was raising Jace and Michael had dark hair so it could be they are having flashbacks of Jace’s childhood and we can’t have a blonde haired Michael. Just like Jonathan “Sebastian” dyed his hair black.

    Yes I know these books well so sue me.

    • jace didn’t know his father was meant to be dark haired and I doubt valentine walked into alicante every saturday claiming to be michael wayland and everyone bought it because he died his hair. In fact I think its written that michael stayed out of the public eye after the circle fell and he lost his wife so decided to stay on his own raising his son. as for seb no-one expected valentines real son as they believed him to be dead and the real seb no-one really knew so JC could easily pass as seb ..

  7. Um… he kind of looks deranged in the second photo. Though, they’re probably just bad photos.

  8. Mot the most attractive photos. Lol.

    I really dont care if his hair is white or not. He’s an awesome actor, and in the end, thats all that matters.

  9. Maybe I’m getting all stressed out too soon but I will be substantially pissed off if he doesn’t end up with white-blonde hair in the movie! Especially because in Valentine’s case his silver hair/black eyes combo is what make him so striking looking! How hard is it to slap on a wig if he doesn’t necessarily want to bleach his hair?! I’m one of those people who is really, really irritated by actors’ hair colours in movie adaptations not staying true to the book descriptions. Why is it so hard to dye hair/wear a wig for the role?!
    I know that it’s all about the actor’s portrayal of the character and capturing the character’s essence, but sorry – hair is a big deal for me. It’s as much a part of their character as is Clary’s drawing, Magnus’ cat eyes, Jace’s wit or Izzy’s demon-kicking high-heeled boots!
    Those actors get payed enough money that something as simple as dying their hair surely shouldn’t be an issue for them.
    I really, honestly don’t get why the production designers and stylists have the tendency to not stay true to the character’s hair colour.

    PS. Sorry about the rant, I just had to vent you guys! 😀

  10. Nice to see he’s… in character. Hee hee…

  11. mmm something very sinister and suspicious
    hellloooo valentine

  12. quit bashing him..he’s beautiful….what do all of you guys look like after a hard days work? pfffft.

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