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E! Online names Clary Fray one of five heroines better than Bella Swan

E! Online compiled a list of five heroines better than Twilight‘s Bella Swan and our very own Clary Fray made the list at No. 3.

3. Clary Fray, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: In the flick out August 2013, after New Yorker Clary (Lily Collins) comes home to find her mother missing and a demon from another world wreaking all sorts of havoc on her apartment, the 15-year-old slays the beast. She then joins up with a kickass group of Shadowhunter teens to uncover the truth about her mother and learn how to handle any other baddies she might encounter.

Also making the list were Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries), Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter).

Thanks to TMI Source reader Joanna for the tip!

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17 Comments on E! Online names Clary Fray one of five heroines better than Bella Swan

  1. nevertrustaduck // November 1, 2012 at 8:03 PM // Reply

    Oh this has officially made my day. Well, no, correction: this has officially made my month. 🙂 And Blair is better than Bella too! My life is perfect now.

  2. Wassup now!!! You go Clary!!!!!

  3. Madison Hobfoll // November 1, 2012 at 8:09 PM // Reply


  4. well, this doesn’t necessarily apply to this, but im watching the X Factor today, and OMG Demi Lovato looks JUST LIKE LILY COLLINS! lakjsdf i can’t even…

  5. Magnus should have been number 1. Magnus should always be no.1.

  6. teamedwardjace // November 1, 2012 at 10:35 PM // Reply

    that’s our clary! (and lily is perfect!) I love Bella and bella seems super badass in Bd Part 2 but I’ve clome to love tmi more and hungers games(being a second) and maybe breaking dawn tying with hunger games or being third now. i’m super excited for all the movies thogh. also clary and jace do fall passionately love, and they consider each other to be among a huge focal point of their lives but they do have other people they consider important to them

  7. that it’s so greaaaaaaaat!!! 😀 of course clary is better than bella 😛

    PS: this question it’s non sense here… xd but WHAT COLOR LILY COLLINS DYE HER HAIR TO PLAY CLARY? 😀 I will apreciatte an answer 🙂

  8. Why this hate of Kristen Stewart? Bella Swan is a great heroine. I don’t see any other reason for having to diss her than getting at Kristen once more. Everybody else in Hollywood are allowed mistakes, so why isn’t her?

    I love Twilight, I love TMI. They are quiten different, but I don’t see reason to compete.

    • I dont think ppl r picking on kriten I think there just making there decision on the character they like best I luv twilight too but I think ill like tmi better n yea kriten made a mistake but really who cares I no I dont 🙂

      • I am not totally enchanted by Kisten playing Bella, but I read the twilight saga and I actually liked it, It is not bad at all, and what Meyer did was only in benefit of the young adult novels world, she made it popular and she expanded the horizon, no everyone can flatter themselves of building a mundial franchise. And even if I love so much tmi, neither -Clary or Bella- are my very favourite heroine. That place goes for Hermione, and this does not make her better than the others.

  9. She’s defiantly better then Bella swan. All Bella does is let other ppl solve all the problems she causes herself.

  10. Im not even going to read the other comments cause Im sure someone somewhere is bashing Twilight. Im a HUGE fan of the series, books before movies, and feel so sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s been a big part of my last decade, as was Harry Potter, and it’s finally done. It is a sad thing for the fans.

    That being said, Bella Swan, as annoyingly stupid as she can be sonetimes, I feel as if I should point out that Bella is NOT a heroin in the same way Clary is, or say, Hermione. Bella, human and completely mundane, simply fell in love with a vampire and broke her spirit/body trying to keep up with him. It was a fascinating plot, and the books are still just as fun to read. Period. Clary’s awesome in her own right, and I love Isabelle even more! I just wish E! and other shows would stop making comparisons. Most fans overlap from series to series, and the authors know this. Stop trying to compare.

  11. Ok, first of all, ANY ‘heroin’ is better than Bella Swan. Secondly I’d say elena and Bella are just as bad as one another. I watch VD for Damon.

    • Celia Herondale // November 4, 2012 at 1:07 AM // Reply

      I know wat u mean! bella and elena are useless!!! all they do is cry about how bad their life is and not even help with anything.

    • I completely agree with you!
      I really despised Bella before she became a vamp and Elena has become a whiney, mopey drag this season.

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