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Cassandra Clare signing at Indigo Books in Toronto

Greetings & Salutations, Shadowhunters! Wow, how have you been? This day has just turned out as amazing as I thought it would be! I arrive Indigo Yorkdale by 11:30 and immediately, I am amazed at the line-up occupying the entire top floor. I went inside the Starbucks area and met with Sandra, Melanie, Rebecca, Nicole, Humility, Christine, and Taylor. We stay there for about an hour and a half, some spent times talking about Doctor Who, Moffat and Misfits - or sometimes, Humility and I would check to see the entire place and as time flew by, the line grew bigger and bigger until they had to extend the line all the way to the first floor!

We sat by Starbucks until 12:30 and waited for Cassie’s publisher representative… or was she her assistant… to pick us up and lead us to the back to have a private time with Cassie. Now, I know you all are going to start asking how that happened so I might as well explain it now. Sandra (@Shadowhunting) and I had dinner with Cassie on September. Sandra messaged me a few nights before the signing that Cassie wanted to have coffee at Tim Hortons – let’s just say that change of plans and we decided to just meet her at the backstage/office/Indigo Green Room (whichever you call it) around 12:30. The assistant led us ten to the Kids’ section and around the building. It was so fascinating being inside the Indigo office! It took every single ounce of my will to not faint with the boxes and boxes of books!

We meet Cassie and we had our books signed. I’m not sure about exactly how much I’m allowed to say that we talked about but here’s sort of a vague description of it: we talked about the cast, the movie, and if she was going to have a CP2 book signing. Unfortunately, Toronto Shadowhunters, there will be no signing in Toronto for CP2 😦 *soooobs* We also made prediction for upcoming movie locations and the chances of them coming back to Toronto are 60/40! It all really depends if Toronto is available and how much they like the crew, which I’m pretty sure they do!

Then someone asked who Cassie thought would be nice for tracks for the movie and I was crossing my fingers she’d say Florence + the Machine and Cassie did say Florence + the Machine! WOOOOOOOOT. We all danced with happiness when she said that! Then, we spoke about Sebastian then we spoke about Daniel Sharman and Sebastian Stan – let’s just say Cassie loved Daniel Sharman (WOOOOOT, sorry, Rebecca. I did tell you Stan’s all yours)

We spoke to her for about 45 minutes or an hour but they had to prep for the signing. So 1:45 we were sent out, we said our goodbyes and Cassie’s assistant/publisher rep gave us bookmark + temporary fearless tattoo!

Then we sat by the Kids’ Section, which was where the DJ booth was and it was a side view of the entire panel. I filmed the Q&A but my phone reached capacity, so I had to take two minutes or so off to delete some things to continue filming. Be sure to check later in the day for the Q&A video – YouTube is taking forever uploading it. Hope you guys enjoy the Q&A – we all surely did!

About Michelle Mags (13 Articles)
Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

9 Comments on Cassandra Clare signing at Indigo Books in Toronto

  1. That sounded amazing! Cassandra will never come to a book signing where I live 😦

  2. I stood in line tried 3 times to meet her in that day and they always cut the line right in front of me 😦
    so I didn’t get to meet her or get my book signed.

  3. you’re so lucky! i hope she comes back to toronto!

  4. OMG! I LOVE Florence + the machine! I cross my fingers for a soundtrack like that!

  5. Cassie, Please can you come to Montreal at some time? That would be so awesome!!!

  6. O




    FLORENCE+THE MACHINE!!!!!! I AM DYING!!!!! The thing is though, SHE IS FREAKING TAKING 2013 OFF!!!!! So… Ya 😦 I REALLY hope that she does at least ONE song. She’s made AMAZING KICK A– songs for Snow White and the huntsman and beautiful creatures!!!! Breath of life is my FAVOURITE song of ALL TIME!

    Also, I got there just before 2 and some people were there at SEVEN IN THE MORNING so you do not know how FREAKING LUCKY YOU ARE!!!!!!! I did hear Cassie’s speech – FIFTY SHADES OF GAY!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!
    But I didn’t get to get my books signed which SUCKED! I was SO EXCITED!!!! There was over 700 people!!!! Also I saw late. I came from Mississauga and THE TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!
    I actually thought I saw you guys… Not sure though.
    Also, Michelle, do you have an email? Because I don’t have twitter or tumbler. Email me at cameronho99@gmail

  7. Okay. This is from the point of view from someone who waited in line…

    I waited in line for 6 hours! I was planning to leave at 10am so we could arrive at the mall at 11am, but my mom and sister were really slow in getting ready, so we didn’t leave until 10:50am, and then there was construction at the Dufferin/Yorkdale off ramp from the 401 and we had to take a traffic filled detour. So we didn’t get there until about 12:30pm, where I just managed to sneak into the line that was still upstairs.

    I went through all of the book cuts. First Cassie was going to sign ALL of the book and personalize 2. Then it got cut to 4 and 2 personalized. By the time I went to get my books signed, it was only 2 personalized. Good thing I only brought 3 books!

    Even though I was really far back in the line (I’m gonna say I was at around the 500th place) I was still upstairs and was JUST able to see and hear (the speakers weren’t that good in my area) Cassie do her Q&A.

    As I waited, my mom was my food carrier. And guess what she got me?? A MANGO SMOOTHIE!!! And she didn’t even know about the mango reference in CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS! When she said what flavour, I almost laughed out loud. I snickered a bit and she’s like, “What?” and I said off-handedly, “It’s from the books” and returned to my place in line where I announced to the people around me what flavour it was. Some of them chuckled with me. And let me tell you, it was a damn good smoothie! (mango is one of my favourite fruits too, after all)

    Later, after they split us into 35 groups of 40 people, I broke off from where I’d been standing/sitting for those 5 1/2 long hours and meandered around the store for the last half hour before I was in the final line.

    When I went up to get my books signed, she signed CLOCKWORK ANGEL first, then as she was signing CITY OF BONES, Cassie asked who my favourite character was. I said Simon (always has been even before the casting of Robbie, by the way) and she drew glasses above her signature 🙂

    Overall, I had a decent time, despite the long wait and all the suffering my feet took. I even talked to two girls in line about various other YA book series and authors.

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