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2012 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

TMI Source’s Second Annual Halloween Costume Contest was a big success. We received 115 entries that were all so incredible and creative and it was hard  to choose just two winners and a couple of honorable mentions. I would like to thank the always lovely Katie Bartow (Mundie Moms) and Natalie C. Markey (TMI Examiner) for once again co-judging this contest with me. We were all blown away with all of the creative talent in this fandom. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we judged this contest and thank you for sharing your amazing costumes with us! Here are the results:



Judges Comments Alyssa: “The detail that went into Katie's costume was amazing. I love how she replicated Lily Collins' look as Clary Fray in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES down to the last detail, including Lily's exact t-shirt from Brooklyn Industries. We've seen people put their own spin on certain looks but Katie's creativity using the exact look from the movie was fantastic!" Natalie: “I LOVE it when people dress up as secondary characters but the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into Katie's Clary costume was fantastic! Not only does he make a great Clary but also really brings the movie to this contest. Great job and I loved the presentation of side by side pictures of Katie's costume and Lily Collins in character."



Judges Comments

Alyssa: “I really loved all of the INFERNAL DEVICES costumes we received this year and this was my favorite. I really commend Vanessa for not only choosing a secondary character like Jessamine, but really capturing her character in everything from the costume to the pose to the look.”

Natalie: “As mentioned before, I love seeing secondary characters and really liked Vanessa’s Jessamine’s look.”




Alyssa: “A pair of INFERNAL DEVICES costumes made our honorable mentions. I really enjoyed seeing a couple depict Will and Tessa. It was beautiful! I loved seeing how many secondary characters were portrayed this year including Amelie as Charlotte. Her costume is so gorgeous and reflects the time period and her pose is very Charlotte. A huge thanks to everyone that entered this year. You guys blew me away with your talent and creativity. I cannot wait to see what you bring next year!”

Natalie: ” It was also nice to see a couple get inspiration from ‘The Infernal Devices’ with Adam and Alisa and I just loved Amelie as Charlotte. There were many creative and well-planned costumes and judging them was so hard! Thanks for letting me judge and I’m really looking forward to next year!”

The winners will be contacted by email.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s Costume Contest and we hope to have you back next year!

Stay tuned for a video featuring all of the costumes from this year’s contest!

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22 Comments on 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

  1. Can those of us who didn’t make it get some feedback on our costumes as well?^^ Cause I would really appreciate some on my Tessa costume

    And congratulations to all the winners. Well done

  2. Wow! Thanks a lot for the compliments

    It was great fun doing this. 🙂

    Amelie: You look absolutely gorgeous I wish we could meet up and have a teaparty. (Soooo cute!)

    Hope to be doing this again some time soon!

    And I am super excited for all the other costumes and pictures.

    • Thanks Vanessa! I loved your costume as well! It’s definitely sad that there’s such distance between America and Europe, because I certainly wouldn’t say no to a costumed tea party!

      Congrats to all the other winners as well, the costumes are awesome!

  3. Anybody else notice there is an orb in Adam and Alisa’s picture? Hahaha… pictures like this are always better with REAL ghosts!

  4. teamedwardjace // November 25, 2012 at 1:23 PM // Reply

    loved the costumes!

  5. I looooove Adam and Alisa’s costume!

  6. That’s so cool!

  7. The winners and honorable mentions are great !!

    However, is it me or I can sense a little bit of feminism in the selection of the winners ? 😛

  8. I was kinda hoping to see a couple of them actually in shadow hunter gear all runed up.

  9. Here are a few of my pictures as Isabelle. 🙂 And one of my stele

  10. :-3 Wow! those costumes were really cool! I would love to see all the contestant’s costumes. Congrats to all the mentions, especially to “Clary” I know how hard it is to copy clothes that apparently are common and normal and how you can spend weeks looking for the perfect pair of boots, the perfect shade od jeans, the perfect patterned shirt… I am glad her efforts were rewarded. Loved the picture of Will and Tessa too 🙂
    Great work everyone!

    • Oh yes, that’s very hard, especially when all tumblr if full of links to “you can order Lily’s T-shirt HERE” 😀 Or was it sarcasm in your words?

      • No Snorky, I was not being sarcastic. It is just that I have made that kind of costume before and it is usually very hard to find the perfect clothes, sometimes I end up fabricating them from scratch and them have people looking down at me because I simply “bought” my entire costume in Wal-Mart or so they think!
        On the other hand… I was not aware that there was a Tumblr full of such links! that sounds lovely! definitely would appreciate if you could please share them so I can get my Clary t-shirt and fool around :-p
        Maybe the kind of “normal looking” costumes I make is harder to accomplish because they are japanese J-Rockers and their clothes are expensive and half the world away? X-D ok, being a costume contest judge is very tricky, because one is usually not aware of the amount of effort each person puts on the process.

  11. hedelex, i wasn’t going to look for it, but you asked me, so… just the results of some quick search 🙂
    t-shirt is here
    the post on tumblr is here
    the places where to buy jeans and jacket were published at justjared when the pics of Lily in these clothes were published, too.
    I hope these links will be useful for you 🙂
    I just think there’s really nothing like “creativity” in offering the copy of clothes to participate in contest, and I’m really disappointed by the winners because no one of them looks like Shadowhunter. We can see the same looks in many fandom, the winners show nothing special. And the quality of their photos (expect Jessamine) is really TERRIBLE. I don’t believe there were no better pics.

    • OH GOD! Those are VERY expensive clothes :-O Thank you for the links!! that way I can more easily fabricate my versions or look for similars in Mexico someday :-p
      I think good quality pictures are an important point, but sometimes logistics are simply against us and people that can snap good pictures are not usually around or at our disposition.
      I was intent on participating on this contest, but TMI was something I shared with a most important person in my life whom I lost recently and I discovered it is a bit of a taboo for me right now. But I am a fan of cosplay and photo-sessions, here a couple of sessions (BTW I also missed the mockingjay(dot)net contest now that I remember)
      I will try to keep on getting better and “converting people” to TMI world so we can make a big group haha
      Did you participate on the contest or have you ever done a Shadowhunter costume?

      • awww, your cosplays are really great! you look absolutely like Katniss, I do enjoy that! thank you for sharing this with me ❤
        personally i didn't participated, but my friends did – Rena posted a link above. But I guess they didn't get they should portray some character from the book, so they just did the portrait of abstract Russian Shadowhunters 🙂 they tried their best, anyway.
        what about clothes, yes, those are really expensive 😦 and i think if I ordered some, the delivery would probably cost a few times more than the thing I order 😀

  12. Oh Snorky! I saw her pictures! she looks great and the location is awesome! so mysterious, reminds me of the entrance of the City of Bones only in full winter.
    I appear as Hederia Helex on Facebook in case you want to add me to communicate sometime since I think we might be having a conversation in here and I am not sure if we can use this page that way :-p
    Have a nice week everyone!

  13. So, I was just wondering… When will the video with all of the costumes be ready? It’s been a while since you announced the winners… And also, will the comments for all of the costumes be included with the video?
    I do understand that you do have a personal life, and that doing something like this will take some time. I was just wondering if you had an idea as to when it would be ready. Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

  14. sheilathethongbarbarino // January 15, 2013 at 11:51 PM // Reply

    OHMYGOD!!! I loved them all so much!!! Congratulations!!

    Vanessa: Jessamines costume was fantastic, Vanessa! Quite extraordinary! It really captured Jessamine for me!! You’re very creative!

    Amelie: I absolutely loved your Charlotte costume, that’s exactly how I pictured her!!! Its quite lovely!! I loved your creativity!

    Adam & Alisa: Your costumes were most ever fabulous!! I just loved how a couple did Will and Tessa! It’s so sweet! I loved your imagination!

    Katie: Your Clary costume was like bang on. You basically got the exact same clothes and it was just amazing!!! I applaud you!!!

    ~Rita })i({

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