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Unauthorized guide to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS coming June 2013

Look out for a new MORTAL INSTRUMENTS companion coming in June. and Amazon have listed for pre-order The Mortal Instruments Companion: City of Bones, Shadowhunters, and the Sight: The Unauthorized Guide by Lois H. Gresh.

It is slated for a June 4, 2013 release.

These “unauthorized” companions aren’t authorized by the series’ author, publisher or those involved in the film adaptation, but provide insight into the series.

Gresh has also written companions for Twilight and The Hunger Games among others.

There has been no cover reveal for the companion yet.

Are you interested in picking up a copy of this Mortal Instruments companion when it’s release this June?

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9 Comments on Unauthorized guide to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS coming June 2013

  1. Already pre-ordered it!!!!!

  2. I’m definitely not going to buy it. Her unauthorized guides for The Hunger Games and Twilight were awful. They had so many factual errors in them, that I personally don’t think she even read the series before she wrote them. She’s just trying to cash in on the success of the TMI series like she did with HG and Twilight. If you don’t believe me just go look them up on Amazon and read the reviews.

  3. Kind of pointless to write one when the last book will be released in 2014. I definitely don’t need it.

  4. hey! just wanted to inform you as i didn’t see the snippet here, that cassandra clare posted a new “unidentified snippet” on her tumblr AND I BET ITS A SEX SCENE BETWEEN CLARY AND JACE and clary is asking him about a condom.

    unidentified snippet
    Belatedly, she realized something else. “Do you … have anything?”
    He didn’t seem to have recovered from her last comment. “But do you mean — wait, do I have what?”
    She slitted her eyes at him. “Something important.”
    “Like what? The phone number for the White House?” A moment later, under her withering glare, realization dawned. “Oh.” His was the expression of someone who has run out of gas in the middle of the desert, miles from help. “I … “

  5. Thanks, Lucy. We actually posted the snippet on our “unidentified snippets page” but we didn’t write a separate article.
    – Cat
    freelancer at TMI Source

  6. I would rather see a companion guide for the Mortal Instruments Movie, along the lines of the 4 Official Twilight Movie Companion Guides and the Host Movie Guide by Mark Cotta Vaz

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