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Today Cassie decided to treat her fans to another character Q & A and her beloved characters gave some insights into their lives. For the first time since Cassandra started her character Q & A on twitter, her characters from THE DARK ARTIFICES were asked by fans and revealed some interesting information that are also related to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. You can read the character  Q & A below:

Cassandra Clare@cassieclare I have not been on twitter in days. *coughs from dust* maybe it is time to do character Q&A? Okay, so character Q&A's work like this: you can ask questions of the characters, but not of me. Like, Izzy, what's your favorite color?

RT @cindypon: ” will, what is your favorite part of london? ” The naughty part? (Okay that doesn’t even make sense). Hyde Park.

RT @mushroombeast: ” Clary, what’s Jace’s worst habit?” He fidgets.

RT @icrybecauseotp: ” Tessa, aside from a Tale of Two Cities, what’s a book you’ve read over and over again?” Pride and Prejudice.

RT @HogwartExpress1: ” Jace, What´s one thing you do not like about Clary?” Why do people try to get me in trouble?

RT @yvonneheff: ” will, is There an Irish institute, if so where?!” Yes, there’s one in Dublin.

RT @AboutEllie: ” Church, how ya doing?’ *bites you*

RT @Catreads: ” Emma, have you met some Shadowhunters from NYC who fought in the Mortal War?” Yes.

RT @Dana123R: ” izzy, is there something you would change about Simon?” Well, he doesn’t much like being a vampire.

RT @megoproductions: ” Henry: What invention are you working on?” I have this idea for a transportation device.

RT @ldeferrari: ” izzy would you have kissed jace if the fairy queen had asked?” Blech. I suppose.

RT @perfectcollins: ” jonathan, if it was about saving clary’s life would you sacrifice your demons? or your own life?” No, as I am evil.

RT @iaminpeaces: ” Chairman Meow, are you upset Alec and Magnus broke up?” Yes. Magnus ignores me.

RT @swagnusbane: ” Simon, what’s your favorite book?” The Dungeonmaster’s Guide.

RT @xOnmyown_: ” Jem where would you like to play the violin, if you played it in a public place?” I’d rather not play in public.

RT @Veelaryon: ” Will, can you tell us where’s your tattoo?” I could, but finding out for yourself would be so much more fun.

RT @swagnusbane: ” Sebastian, how goes it?” I’ve landed on my feet.

RT @Salvatore_spell: ” Cecily, how do you like the institute so far?” More than I thought I would.

RT @RMacK_AttacK: ” Tessa do you regret accepting Jem’s proposal?” No more than I would regret not having accepted it.

RT @pottermeup: ” Clary, do you ever regret going to Pandemonium that night?” No — the Shadow world is where I belong.

RT @jordonchynna: ” Sebastian – attempted incest? Really?” What part of “I am totally evil” is confusing?

RT @ameli4pond: ” Will, Tessa, are you still looking for a cure for Jem?” He did request that we not do that.

RT @Rae_of_light09: ” Jocelyn, do you see similarities between yourself and Clary?” Yes, recklessness, but also having a big heart.

RT @megoproductions: ” Will: Do you avoid Tessa?” Yes.

RT @DirectionerHira: ” Hey Maureen since u became a vampire have ur feelings for Simon magnified??” I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM

RT @Sabalaaa95: ” Tessa, how beautiful is/was your wedding dress?” It WAS very pretty. Lots of lace. That was before…

RT @OhSoTreacherous: ” Seelie Queen, working with Sebastian? Really?” Why would you say I would do such a thing?

RT @Flywithmeforevr: ” Jace would you be a writer if Clary asked you to?” Why would she ask me to?

RT @FanyAny80: ” Will, what’s your favourite thing about Jem?” He sees the good in everyone.

RT @AlephBrieel: ” Julian, how it feels have a lot of siblings, is Helen nice?” Helen is nice but way older. Ty is my favorite.

RT @theycallmeheppa: ” Tessa, what’s your favourtie quality of Jem’s?” He has a great capacity to love everyone and everthing.

RT @AboutEllie: ” Ragnor Fell, how you doing?” muerto.

RT @Schientist_Mel: ” Isabelle, would you turn vampire for Simon?” No.

RT @ohshrader: ” Emma & Julian, how long have the two of you been best friends?” Jules: Forever. Emma: We were five.

RT @AshleeyN: ” Will – If a clockwork duck were to be invented, would you manage or..?” DUCK DESTRUCTION.

RT @humbertoNSC: ” Tatiana, are you still in love with Will?” No, I am married, and Will is horrible.

RT @GoAthenasKids: ” Clary, when did you realise you were in love with Jace?” In the greenhouse.

RT @InaWayland: ” Izzy, Would you like to marry Simon?” I’m only sixteen! No!

RT @ProudNefilim: ” Jem you can’t die ok?” I shall endeavor to oblige.

RT @estrellina_: ” Sophie, are you still in love with Jem and do you really think Tessa will break his heart?” No, but yes…probably.

RT @delaclour: ” Will, how’s six-fingered nigel?” Actually remarkably good at playing the piano.

RT @Ms_ReedO: ” Will, how far would you go to keep a promise given to a person you love?” All the way to Hell.

Did Cassie answer your question? What would you have asked? Sound off in the comments!

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34 Comments on Characters from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, THE INFERNAL DEVICES and THE DARK ARTIFICES answer questions on Twitter

  1. Saw this comment: Emma, have you met some Shadowhunters from NYC who fought in the Mortal War? My reaction: why you no ask, WHO she has meet?! Why

    • I asked that question 🙂 I think Cassie wouldn’t have answered if I had asked for specific names. But she might have met Jace because Emma wants to be just like him.

  2. Best gift, the last question and answer about will was soooo beautiful!!! I LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU WILL HERONDALE!!! *crys*

  3. I was actually wondering when Clary first realized she was in love with Jace, and vice versa, so thanks Cassie!

  4. By the way, I absolutely CANNOT wait for CP2, CoHF, and TDA!!

  5. Ria Jace Herondale // December 4, 2012 at 5:46 PM // Reply

    My brain is NOT working right now, so can someone please tell me what Tessa meant by answering the question, “Tessa do you regret accepting Jem’s proposal?” “No more than I would regret not having accepted it.” So, I’m guessing she meant, no, she doesn’t regret, but I still need someone to explain it to me, PLEASE!

    • What she meant was, yes she does feel bad about promising herself to Jem because she is in love with Will and now they can never be together. However, if she had said no, she would feel just as bad if not worse, because she loves Jem just as much as she loves Will, and he is so pure that she feel that she has to protect him, which she would not be doing if she had denied him.

      • I personally do not believe you can truly love two people at the same time. Love is so exclusive and overpowering a feeling. You can sisterly/brotherly love many people at the same time, or even have romantic feelings for two people, but the kind of burning fire love that Tessa is supposed to feel for Will wouldn’t be possible if she felt the same for Jem. And how could Jem not notice, being so thoroughly good, that Will loves Tessa and vice versa, if everybody else sees it. The love triangle, I’m sorry to say, is the great weakness of TID, as much as I love the books. But I’m counting on Cassie to end the story in the only way that wouldn’t break my heart: by giving Tessa and Will to each other.

      • Kaylin if you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second..

    • Ria Jace Herondale // December 4, 2012 at 7:38 PM // Reply

      Thank the angel. And thank you both so much for explaining it. I’m so relived! I thought Tessa was happy about it and she kinda forgot about Will, but now I know she DOES care for Will! NOW I can relax (a little.)

  6. Yes, Sebastian, you are very evil and a horriblr person. But why are like half of the girls on here (and yes, I am one of them) sort of in love with you? Why?

  7. teamedwardjace // December 4, 2012 at 7:41 PM // Reply

    I was wondering thought I was gonna ask Jace on a scale on one 1o how of how protective he is of her and her well being and how would he describe his feelings for Clary?

  8. I understand where Iz is coming from about becoming a vamp…but that flat no sounded a little harsh in my head. I just imagined Simon face trying to hide a little hurt and disappointment. Anyone?

    • Yes, I feel the same way. When you love someone you follow that person to the end of the world. I know Izzy was raised up to despise vampires, but really? after all they’ve been through? Maybe it is just because she is too young to commit yet? especially in something irreversible?

  9. So Chairman Meow suffers the malec-break-up consequences too…

  10. oh jace………… why are you so hot?!

  11. and will!!!!!!!!

  12. Simon, do you regret letting clary talk you into going to pandemonium??

  13. I absolutely adore these sessions with Cassie. Seriously, what other authors go to such lengths for their fans?

    If I was around today I would have asked; Mortmaine, what is Tessa and how do you know her?

  14. Ok I’m drawing a blank right now but where did the Will’s tattoo question come from, is it in the books coz I can’t remember mention of Will and a tattoo at all? Loved his answer though! And ‘DUCK DESTRUCTION’ , You just have to love Will Herondale!!

  15. KikilovesJace // December 5, 2012 at 11:32 AM // Reply

    XD I so love this! The one questio about maureen made me what to die with laughter. As well as the two questions for church and chairmen meow. Although I am a little disappointed that there was no questions for alec.

  16. nevertrustaduck // December 5, 2012 at 3:28 PM // Reply

    And Emma meets people from New York!!! TMI will tie in!!! Yays!

  17. TeamJaceWillJulian // December 5, 2012 at 6:03 PM // Reply

    ahh…tessa, poor, confused tessa. she BELIEVES shes in love with both boys but her feelings are slightly different. She LOVES will she always had but she cares DEEPLY for jem and wishes to never harm him and for him to always be happy. If that happiness comes with marrying her …than so be it. (Thats what i believe tessa feels) she belongs to will and viseversa but i wouldnt wish any pain to jem hes WAY to good to be left without love he must find someone who loves him completely and ONLY him. (Unless that is in CP2 cassie tells us that jem has been completely evil and that hes only marrying her for her power. THEN i would mad with jem but i doubt it)

  18. TeamJaceWillJulian // December 5, 2012 at 6:07 PM // Reply

    if i could ask a question i would have asked magnus if he truly,positively loves alec and if has he ever truly fallen in love and with who

  19. ” Jem you can’t die ok?” I shall endeavor to oblige.
    That was not a question but I loved it!

    ” Will, how far would you go to keep a promise given to a person you love?” All the way to Hell.
    They are both wo great!! Will, Jem… so different and so great characters and human beings D:

  20. These are all so cute! I honestly cannot wait until TDA. Emma and Jullian sound like really complex characters!

  21. Magnus, do you think you will ever get back with Alec?

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