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Sarah Rees Brennan spills secrets from THE BANE CHRONICLES



Sarah Rees Brennan, co-author of THE BANE CHRONICLES (a cycle of stories surrounding Magnus Bane) with Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson, answered some fan questions about THE BANE CHRONICLES on Saturday during the weekly Shadowhunter Saturday event on Twitter.

On whether we’ll find out the story about why Magnus is banned from Peru:

Maybe. 😉 

On the best part about helping with Magnus’ backstory:

Everything to do with Magnus is fun! But I love how nice & welcoming Cassie Clare’s fans are to us about The Bane Chronicles.

On Magnus’ wardrobe:

The beauty of Magnus’s wardrobe is that if you ever think ‘would Magnus wear…’ you instantly go ‘YES HE WOULD.’

On favorite personality trait of Magnus:

While being hilarious & hot are great, I’d like to be as kind as Magnus secretly is. He helps everyone!

On whether we’ll get to read more about Magnus and Camille:

Camille will feature. 😉

On Magnus and Alec:

I think lots of people love his relationship with Alec… & Alec features lots. 😉 

On whether there will be another person that Magnus has fallen for:

Magnus has had many romances over the centuries…Maureen Johnson came up with a very EXCITING one.

On what THE BANE CHRONICLES are about:

The different stories will be about different points in his life, yes–Peru, Alec, Camille, France, NYC in different decades…

On whether some INFERNAL DEVICES characters will appear:

One must always be prepared for Herondales. 😉

The first of the 10-issue cycle will be released in February 2013 and a new issue will be released every month.

What are you most looking forward to reading in THE BANE CHRONICLES? Sound off in the comments!

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18 Comments on Sarah Rees Brennan spills secrets from THE BANE CHRONICLES

  1. Maureen Johnson i cannot wait to hear of this EXCITING relationship!!!!!!omgomgomg this is just soooooo great!!!!!

  2. I will be looking forward to hear more about Alec and Magnus, relationship. I love them!!!:)

  3. Why the heck he’s banned from Peru that’s what I want to know

  4. TeamJaceWillJulian // December 15, 2012 at 5:11 PM // Reply

    Peru. What happened in Peru i wonder? and Alec and Magnus. i wonder if they will give more info on their vacation!

    • IKR! I most know what happened

    • nevertrustaduck // December 16, 2012 at 11:01 AM // Reply

      There’s a video on the Mortal Instruments book series page from the event Cassie had the day of the release of CoLS. If you watch the whole thing, someone asks her, and she tells them. I don’t know if thats what will be in the Bane Chronicles or not though. I hope not. It wasn’t very exciting. (or at least not anywhere near the exciting things I had been imagining) 😉

  5. KikilovesJace // December 15, 2012 at 8:11 PM // Reply

    Cool! I would love to read it! 🙂

  6. i would love to know how he came upon chairman meow … something tells me its not as simple as getting him at a pet store

  7. I do not know the reason but It bothers me a little when I think about Magnus and other person besides Alec…anyway I’ll be looking for this!

  8. nevertrustaduck // December 16, 2012 at 11:02 AM // Reply

    Is anyone else in love with the statement “One must always be prepared for Herondales”?

  9. THE HERONDALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  10. Since Magnus’ lives are now an open book, there is nothing I don’t wanna know! Herondales? Will!!!!!!!!!! Aww, too manly Alec is gonna be shocked that their secret relationship is gonna be exposed, muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!

  11. Im very excited about this! Magnus has always had potential for exciting and extravagant stories.

  12. “One must always be prepared for Herondales”. My new life motto.

  13. Where will they realease this, as an e-book/ e-books?? only? Will it come out in paper form??

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