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The German CITY OF LOST SOULS cover

Today I am happy to show you the German cover of Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF LOST SOULS:

Once more the German cover does not show a character but another picture of New York City – one skyscraper looks like the Empire State Building – together with ravens or crows. They stick to their pillar and animal theme and this time they have picked pelicans. I am not very fond of the orange because I can imagine that the second color which will feature on the cover is going to be gold again and they do not mix well for me.

The fifth installment of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS will be published in Germany in February 2013. Happy reading to the German “Schattenjäger”!

Do you like the cover? Sound off in the comments!

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9 Comments on The German CITY OF LOST SOULS cover

  1. I’m not too fond of the cover either. I don’t particularily like the orange. And what”s with the “animal” theme? I don’t think it really represents the story. I’m so much happier with our covers.

  2. I like our covers a lot better too. They acutal fit with the story. I don’t really get how this cover fits the story.

  3. Yes, you’re right, the animal theme doesn’t really fit the story, but they look very nice and the other four books looked nearly the same. And about the colour: I’ve wondered which colour they’d choose for ages because the other books are green, red, blue and purple. So what colours are left? Also, it’s not only about the cover of a book but what is inside – and we all know how Cassie can write 🙂 As far as I’m concerned – I own each book in German AND in English and I’m sooo exited for Clockword Princess!
    Many greetings from Germany and happy holidays! =D

  4. What’s with the orange pelicans? This is the most randomness cover ever. Especially when it doesn’t suit the story, at all. Hahha. Happy holidays to everyone at tmi source!

  5. i really don´t like it :(( okey, this is slovak cover of clockwork angel, if you want to see

  6. I do not care for it either. If I was not a fan of the books and the title I would not know what to make of it. Happy Holidays from me to all of you also.

  7. Can’t say I’m a fan of this cover :/

  8. I don’t really care about it because I won’t buy it since I got myself the English version. I own the first three german books but I don’t like the covers, the original is much better!

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