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Everybody Loves Malec?

Photo Credit: Deviant Art

Photo Credit: Deviant Art

There is a bit of a phenomenon when it comes to one of the couples in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Of course there are many different people that you can ship in both THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and THE INFERNAL DEVICES. For instance if you brought up the subject “Will vs Jem” there is no doubt in my mind there would be three different sides to that ship. The Will side, the Jem side, and the side that shuts themselves in a dark room rocking back an forth begging you not to make them choose. However there is one “ship” that it seems like everyone can agree on. Malec. If you have never heard this word before (then that is amazing first of all and give yourself a pat on the back!) then let me explain. The “shipping” or relationship, name for Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood is combined into the one word, Malec. Magnus and Alec are not the normal couple that you would see everyone loving but everywhere you look on comments, tumblr, twitter, etc , you will find that the majority of people that read THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS love Magnus and Alec’s relationship. I asked on tumblr and twitter, why people thought Magnus and Alec’s relationship was so popular in the fandom, these were just some of the responses:

Photo Credit: Deviant Art

@amyhasler17 on Twitter said:

They are just riveting cos they embody hope for a few lost souls, and its knuckle baringly heart wrenchingly cute.

thegirlwithtoomuchfangirl on tumblr said:

I love ‘em because it gives representation to lgbqt teens but also that they compliment each other very nice!

@ChefAnika on twitter said:

I love how conservative Alec is and how flamboyant Magnus is. They are such polar opposites that they balance each other out.

There is chemistry between Alec and Magnus that catches like wild fire. The characters leap off of the page and into our hearts. We connect with Alec and Magnus because as different as they are, they are still just trying to have love in their lives which is what most of us are looking for.

When we asked Cassandra Clare the same question she answered the question perfectly. (as always) “I think people have that fantasy that someone will bring magic into their ordinary lives, like Magnus does for Alec.”

It is through THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS that a Warlock and a Shadowhunter bring magic into our lives as well and a hope for that connection in our lives.


But with Malec on the rocks at the end of CITY OF LOST SOULS, will that magic be able to bring them back together? Tell us your thoughts! Why do you think Magnus and Alec are so popular? And will Malec reunite in CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE? Comment below!

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56 Comments on Everybody Loves Malec?

  1. Actually I do not love Malec, because even though Magnus is one of the coolest characters out there, I hate Alec with a passion…!

    I guess there always has to be an exception!

    • Katherine Carstairs Herondale Lewis Lightwood Bane // December 23, 2012 at 11:12 AM // Reply

      How could you say such a thing! I love them both, and I truly hope they get back together. I am THE optimist!

      • There will always be hope for Malec. I do believe they will end up together but in the midtime it will be painful to everybody: Magnus, Alec, and all the Malec shippers

      • Yes that it will be, as it is right now. So, it’s up to Cassie to make “Malec” together again. Or, keep them apart for what ever reason is unknown to us right now.

      • It’s pretty easy as Alec made some dreadful choice over some more dreadful choices lol :p

      • Hey Alec gets on my nerves sometimes too. But I luv him also! Long as he’s alive in the end I don’t care why happens to him and Magnus-though they do seen meant for each other

      • Malec Clace Sizzy // September 13, 2014 at 8:39 AM //

        I threw the book at the wall when they broke up they are my OTP for Mortal Instruments
        Spoiler that everyone knows: They get back together and I am very happy

    • Hight Worlock of Oakey // August 5, 2013 at 7:45 AM // Reply

      wats wrong with u!!! how can a human hate te sexy shy shadowhunter that is Alec Lightwod!!!

    • It wasn’t Alec’s fault that they broke up! He was going to find Camille to tell her no, but magnus just assumed everything! It also wasn’t magnus’ fault that they broke up either! He thought that he couldn’t trust alec, so he left. But he did blow it out of proportions there. He needed to trust alec more and stop being so secretive.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love both of them and they need to get back together!!!!!!

  2. Of course I believe that there still is hope for Malec’s relationship to work out! Why? Because despite of what happened in CoLS, one fact remains certain and that is that Magnus and Alec still love each other. Where there is love, there is a way and I truly hope that it’s going to be enough to bring those two beloved characters back together!

  3. I think they will be together at the end (at least I hope so). Magnus broke up with him for a second reason and not just because of what Alec did.

    • Ok they have to defiantly get back together their like the bomb I must know why nngnus broke up with Alec. There’s defiantly another reason. Maybe it had something to do Will.

  4. I think that Magnus is afraid of where the relationship is going. All he knows is being immortal, and the thought of Alec growing old scares him.

    • I totally agree I think thats the central problem in their relationship,Magnus’ fear. Not just for Alecs mortality but I think the strength of his feelings for Alec scares him as well. I really hope they both have their happily ever after though

  5. To be honest this is the first time I ship a same sex couple lol, I agree here is hoping Malec live happily ever after.

  6. I love malec!!!! But for some reason i think they’ll reunite again in city of heavenly fire but one of them will die.. I hate myself for even thinking this:'(

    • I agree, I think Alec is going to die! Me and a friend were discussing this and she thinks that because Alec is so flawed she reckons he’s going to sacrafice himself in someway and that will redeem his character!
      If I was magnus I would struggle to forgive someone who had thought about and sought out ways to shorten my life!

      • i think magnus will die and that will be an absurd because alec was afraid magnus will live after him.
        and it explains waythere will be the bane chronicles-as a memorial for him or something like that. i’l be very sad love magnus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • werewolvesrsexierthanvampsjustsayin // December 24, 2012 at 10:23 AM //

        i think sorda the smae thing. i think alec will get seriously injured in some way protecting someone he loves, it could be magnus or even jace or izzy. but his injury will be so sever only magnus can heal it. then they will reunite. i dont think,but know love will be someones destruction someone we love is going to die or worse lose an important irreplacable part of themselves. maby alec will die and we will see what happens to jace since he lost his parabati.

      • Aku Cinta Kamu // June 12, 2013 at 5:02 PM //

        I think Alec is going to nearly die and we’re all going to think he’s dead and be preparing suicide methods, and then he will turn out to be alive and it will be happily ever after 🙂

    • I really hope Alec doesn’t die not just coz i love Malec but I dont think either Magnus or Jace could survive his death, they would just never get over it. Although if Alec dies in TID and Jem in TID it would be a way of mirroring both series, I just really hope it doesn’t happen in either!

      • I think magnus or alec will die too sad i luv them both but i cant c jace dieing or clary i really do think its 1 of them but yea well c i guess 2014 is so far away i kinda hope it come out in the end of nxt year

  7. I sure hope so other wise ill go sit in a corner and cry not kidding they are absaloutly positively my fav ship couple out of every ship there is and I’ve hear A LOT of them their just so perfect together and I think that their ship is popular is because their so perfect sweet and funny together and ya I think u get my point 🙂

  8. I hope Malec is back together in COHF cause i was so upset at the end of COLS !!!!!! 😦 I love Malec !!!!!!!!

  9. Iccan only imagine what Cassandra Clare has in store for us in COHF with regard to Malec. Magnus is immortal, Alec is not. Magnus has already said he regrets getting involved with the people in the British Institute in the Infernal Devises series because of the heartache it caused him and now he is doing it all over again in the TMI series. I am just sure we are in for sadness of some kind from Cassie.

  10. Alec is usually a cold guy, the smart thinking type but then when he is with Magnus he becomes pretty childish, and I think this is (cute) not good when the time of making decisions comes. Magnus can make Alec’s life just…lighter. And Alec makes Magnus’ life more stable.
    I understand what Magnus did though, I actually think it was the right thing to do, but he is maybe being too selfish. Anyway…Cassie’s right, they both MUST change if they are getting back together. I hope they do so…seriously. I’d be truly sad if any of both die.

  11. KikilovesJace // December 23, 2012 at 8:24 PM // Reply

    I personal think its because that they are both gay or bisexual. (Don’t get me wrong) I guess its because that we might not understand it and might even gross us out a bit. But, no matter that, they both go through probelms and issues like a normal couple would. And forgive, love, and care for each other like a normal boy and girl relationship might be. So, that’s what I think there relationship is like. To repeat, they act like a normal person’s relationship is. It also let’s us understand a little about if it they are, born like that, that doesn’t mean they can’t care and love like normal people would. Besides, it goes to show that opposites DO really attract. 🙂

  12. nevertrustaduck // December 23, 2012 at 9:11 PM // Reply

    I think theres hope. At first I wasn’t entirely certain why Magnus felt so betrayed (before I read Magnus’ Vow) then I read it, and I understood. I think if Alec could explain to him why he kept going to Camille-that he wanted to learn about Magnus’ past so very badly-that Magnus might forgive him. I hope so. I love their relationship so much!

  13. i love malalec as well as clace and sizzy (simon and isabelle), maia and jordan and will and tessa. i do hope they get back together. yes I got how Mangus felt though I didn’t agree with him saying he was going to help anymore and I love how Jace schools him. i felt for mangus and alec

  14. Mrs.Carstairs // December 23, 2012 at 9:18 PM // Reply

    Only very few thing make me cry. I did’nt even cry when i watched titanic. But when i read about Malec I BURST into tears from either happyness or horrible sadness. I love them so much. And for Alec to know MAGNUS BANE IS TO AMAZING TO BE MORTAL. I know Alec just wanted to know more about Magnus but he should have just talked to him. All i want is for them to be together FOREVER.

    • EbonyBane // July 3, 2014 at 2:31 AM // Reply

      Magnus really only thinks about the present, and when Alec came into his life, the future as well. Honestly, I think that Magnus wouldn’t even let talking about his past be an option. It brings up memories that probably still resonate, and are still extremely painful. He must just want to keep going forward, and never dwell in the past. Though, I can relate to Alec in wanting to know about his past. He didn’t know what to expect. So, I don’t think that Magnus would have wanted to even discuss his past with Alec, considering that he’d be bringing up all those who had passed on–all those who he had once cared for, and liked. Someday, he’ll probably doing that with his new lover in the future, telling them about Alec and the Shadowhunters, without any kind of hesitation. Tears, maybe, but no break-ups because of the want to know about previous lovers. Magnus is going to grow greatly from his relationship with Alec, and I find that to be one of the greatest aspects of their entire relationship–they grow from one another, and their love never ceases, even with the threat of death, and the curse of immortality. Even then, they still come to love each other, which can be very inspiring to some, if not most, of the Mortal Instruments readers. Okay, maybe not the immortality part, but the same-sex aspect also can inspire some. Personally, that’s why they’re my favorite couple–they inspire me and relate to me in ways Sizzy, Clace, Maia and Jordan (Don’t know their ship name), or any of the other couples can’t even begin to do so. Malec helps me believe that someday I’ll find that spark of magic in my life that comes from one person who understands me in ways that even I don’t.
      But hey, that’s just me rambling for sixteen lines about a fictional gay couple. Take it or leave it.
      -Ebony Bane (In no relation to Magnus Bane, surprisingly)

  15. I know in wars there are death look at Max, so I won’t be shock with the war coming more characters will die the question is who and did Cassie foreshadow the Wild Hunt about a mortal joining those faeries? if Magnus dies could Alec join them? Though I doubt he would leave his family behind. Here is hoping all the couples in TMI make out unscathed.

  16. Malec is ah-maze-ing, I mean AHMAZING! They are cute, and they have so much cemestry! I AM THEIR BIGGEST ADMIRER! THEY ARE AMAZING. I cried like a sad puppy with no mummy, when they broke. I WAS LIKE “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” breathe. “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyx4” They can’t brake up, no no no. They are -are so amazing. It’s ok, Demi, it’s ok. Cassie Clare wouldn’t let them stay broken, :,( would she? NO! CASSIE PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Malec has to come back!!!!! Or – or …. It’s going to be sooooo sad, for me (and others). As soon as Malec broke, right, I put down the book and left it there for three days. THREE! Three… I haven’t left them there, EVER. And all I could think of was Malec. How is Magnus? Is he okay? Does he need a hug? I’LL HUG HIM. No he needs Alec. How is Alec? ALEC!! Noooooooooooooo! Now I am cring again. :,( they have to get back together. THEY HAVE TO, and they will. I can picture it right now. Ahhhhhhh 🙂 perfect.

    Demi, it’s okay! Yayyyyyyyyy! 🙂 for now. Please Cassie! Whatever you do, please bring Magnus and Alec back together – in any way possible: friends? colleagues? couple?! (Hint, hint) 🙂 love your fans and me.

  17. in my opinion they are the most different people in this awesome world but they have one thing in common wich makes all of their differences don’t matter at all, their feelings for each other, so strong, they are soul mates, one completes the other, they have to be together!

  18. Tessa Carstairs // December 24, 2012 at 9:42 AM // Reply

    I started reading TMI when the third book came out, because I wanted to try it, see if the reviews were right. When Magnus and Alec started their relationship, I wasn’t so sure I was okay with it. I wasn’t used to reading a book with gay characters, but I started to get used to it and I fell in love with them. Now, I’ve been trying to help make other teenage gay books become more popular, because they really are touching. People dismiss gays as anomalies, not normal people, and therefore are bullied. I don’t understand why they a should be any different than straight people, just because the way that they were created, made them gay. The cruelty of others can be astounding. Gay people are just like any one else, especially Malec, and they shouldn’t have to hide what they are. I love Malec and I hope in City of Heavenly Fire that they get back together!

  19. werewolvesrsexierthanvampsjustsayin // December 24, 2012 at 10:33 AM // Reply

    i fely kinda weird when they got together too. it was odd reading about a homosexual couple. but i was ok after i saw that they love each other just like a girl/guy couple would. and i cried for hours when they broke up. they bring out the best in each other maby alec will get bit by a werewolf or somthing like luke of simon will go crazy and (hopefully not) turn him i dont think magnus will die cuz he acts as a bridge between all the books.

  20. Alec and Magnus have the healthiest relationships of all the couples, Sizzy ( Simon and Isabelle) are back and forth not to mention Simon two time Izzy with Maia, speaking of Maia? would you go back to the guy who hit you? it’s like Rhianna going back to Chris Brown. Clace (Clary and Jace) were healthy until he got possessed by Lillith they are my first favorite couple after Malec.

    • I must agree…I do not know why the other couples in TMI get so messy all the time, and even if I like them too I just think Malec is a more interesting pairing.

  21. Book nerd twin 1 // December 24, 2012 at 7:00 PM // Reply

    Malec BETTER get back together!!!! They were the best, and if they stay apart I will be royaly pissed!!!!!!! I loved them!!!!!! And for the Will/Jem thing I am a pert of the group begging not to choose. This series is amazing.

  22. I LOVE THEM!! BEST COUPLE!!! (gay one anyway) I MIGHT ACTUALLY CRY IF THEY DON’T GET BACK TOGETHER!!!! – or journey to america and hit Cassie with her own book.
    (afterthought-not meant as a threat)

  23. I love malec they’re one of my favorite ships in the book! If they don’t get back together, I will have a mental break down!!!!!

  24. I still believe in Malec, mostly because they’re pretty much my favourite characters and I want them to be happy (don’t mind me, I kind of think about fictional people as of real ones). I fear that one of them will die in CoHF. And I love them both so much that I just can’t stand the thought.
    But I have hope.

  25. It’s not whether they get back together you should be asking, THEY ARE GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER!! or Cassie Clare will have a mob at her door…. 😀

  26. THEY MUST BE TOGETHER. THEY MUST. *endless sobbing*

  27. if they don’t get back together, or if ONE OF THEM DIES (especially magnus, no offense alec, but he’s magnificent) I might just die. I’d probably cry for hours. 😥 MALEC FOR FREGIN EVER ❤

  28. I’m more worried about Maia and Jordan, to be honest.
    Couples who are on the rocks at the end of a book have time to work things out. Couples who are all set up for their happily-ever-after can only go downhill. I’m worried about Maia and Jordan, not just for their relationship, but for their lives.

  29. Aku Cinta Kamu // June 12, 2013 at 4:58 PM // Reply

    I love Malec so much it hurts. Magnus is fabulous and Alec is awesome. I’m dying over here. 511 :*(
    Just give me a reason/Just a little bit’s enough/just a second we’re not broken just bent/and we can learn to love again

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  31. Shadowhunter92 // February 16, 2014 at 8:48 PM // Reply

    Personally I don’t ship Malec. I love the two characters, don’t get me wrong, but Alec overreacted about too much. Magnus’s past relationships? *ALECS MELTDOWN* news flash Alec: they were never a secret. You just never asked about them. To me Alec kept many secrets, including Camille and got mad Magnus for things like his past loves, when ALEC was keeping the biggest secret with Camille? Sorry but Alec, your the reason you lost Magnus. I love them both but i don’t think they’re the best shipping. But I 100% ship Clace even though clary annoys me. However I have a feeling Alec is gonna die on COHF

    • Alec asked more than once about Magnus’s relationship. The books even tell that and its clear that Magnus told Alec nothing at all about his past. Not even where he was born. And of course he kept meeting Camille a secret, because Magnus forbid him to see her. But tell me, who else was Alec supposed to ask? Who else would tell him anything about Magnus’s past? Magnus? There is no evidence for that. Would you be with someone who even after 6 months didn’t even tell you were he is from?
      Alec was the only one there that actually wanted to put some effort into their relationship.

  32. Cassandra Clare will probably have Magnus killed after he becomes mortal because he is a great support through out The Infernal Devices and now The Mortal Instruments and it would be funny, in a cruel sense, because Magnus is always saving Alec’s butt and it would be Alec’s turn to save Magnus and he can’t save him. It would hurt everyone but it would make sense. If Alec were to get really hurt, Magnus would just save him. If Alec did get hurt maybe Magnus wouldn’t be able to save him and Magnus would blame himself and start killing people because he can’t cooperate with the pain he feels. Or maybe they don’t die and live happily ever after. 🙂
    Who am I kidding? Books never end that way. The most popular couple usually breaks up. Sooooooo……. We’re screwed.

  33. I will probably get alot of hate for this: But I cannot stand Malec. Not because of Alec (albeit he is also very stereotypical and inconsistently written) but mostly because of Magnus. In the first 3 TMI books he already looked to me like a whiny child (especially his reactions in City of Glass and how he basically forced Alec to come out), and in TMI 4-5 it got only worse. And the deleted/extra scenes and The Bane Chronicles made it even worse than that.
    In TMI 4-5 his refusal to talk about his past was incredibly whiny. Remember the guy claimed to be nearly 800 years old at the time and yet he hadn’t figured out how to talk about his past and expected Alec to come out to his parents in City of Glass despite both knowing each other for at most 3 months? And remember that was before Clare turned the homophobia of the Shadowhunters into a don’t ask don’t tell policy, at that moment the only info we had was what Isabelle said in City of Bones, that Alec would be disowned and expelled (aka he would be homeless and without a job with no support). Doesn’t matter how you think about that, do you really think its good for a 17/18 year old with barely any relationship experience to be with a guy like that? And when he blamed everything on Alec, just like the majority of the fandom apparently, all I could think was “no wonder he went to Camille you idiot, who else is there?” Alec was barely 18 at the time, what do you expect from a kid like that? That he quietly sits around and waits for Magnus to someday say something? Heck, that short story about their first kiss already had him out of character and it was only worse later on.
    Also, all this “it makes him remember the tragic things of the past” does not hold up. I read all of her Shadowhunter books to be sure and especially the Bane Chronicles showed how Magnus falls for pretty much every guy that either looks like Jace or like Alec/Will, also it always happens quickly and while I know the books claim he had long lasting relationships, the character doesn’t act like it at all. No way do I belief this guy has such a background, I doubt he ever even faced real homophobia. Not to mention that he is incredibly prejudiced, a complete stereotype and notorious liar and thief (the claim about his age was a lie, he lies out of habit), not to mention incredibly dumb, self-centered and shallow. Based on the Bane Chronicles, Alec is just another in a long line of male, black-haired, blue-eyed toys for Magnus, the stories didn’t even tell us why they are together and especially the story about their first date is terrible. Magnus did everything wrong you could do wrong and he outright ignored Alec’s state of mind and then the story is so badly written it actually claims that was the right thing to do. And in the end he even lets him fall down the stairs and doesn’t try to help him at all. He simply closes the door and thinks Alec should do that himself. And that doesn’t even take into account the instances of that date were he comes along like a borderline sex predator and considers himself automatically Alec’s savior. The only reason, that makes any sense that is, for Alec still being there at the end is that Alec’s self-esteem is so low that he would settle for even the tiniest nice word.
    I tell you this as a gay man:
    That is not a good representation of LGBT people. If I were there I would tell Alec to run away as quickly as he can from Magnus, because in real life, that guy is perfect starting material for the abuser in an abusive relationship. And no teen in Alec’s situation with any sort of self-esteem or even will of his own would ever act the way Alec acted here.

  34. I love Malec because they are adorable. They symbolize the magic that can be in love.

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