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Daniel Sharman to narrate the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook

Hollywood Crush has revealed that English actor Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf, Immortals) will narrate the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook which will be released on March 19.

Cassandra Clare has nothing but praise for Sharman.

“During the casting process for the ‘Mortal Instruments’ movie, the casting director and I talked about probably every young actor in Hollywood. Daniel Sharman had just come off doing ‘Immortals,’ and I remember we talked about him as a an actor who had huge talent and promise. When we were looking for someone who could read the ‘Clockwork Princess’ audiobook, I thought of him because he seemed like someone who could capture the parts of the narrative that require vulnerability as well as the ones that require a great grasp of action.”

Sharman will step into Ed Westwick’s footsteps who narrated the audiobooks for CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and CLOCKWORK PRINCE.

Who is excited for Daniel to narrate the last THE INFERNAL DEVICES audiobook?

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7 Comments on Daniel Sharman to narrate the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook

  1. O M G! I love him! Excited!!!

  2. I really liked him in Teen Wolf, but I don’t really know if I’m excited or not. He’s british and has a nice voice, but I guess we’ll see 🙂

  3. I hope if they do, do a TID movie Will has a Welsh accent

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as Will in the Infernal Devices movies. Have you ever seen him on Teen Wolf? Dude knows how to play a tortured character! And, he’s hot. Can’t forget that. ;-p


  6. I love the audiobooks! I like Ed Westwick’s performance, but found him to get over dramatic at times. Before you bite my head off and say “he has to be dramatic! The plot calls for it!” Im still glad there’s a new guy stepping in. I love the woman who reads as Tessa. She’s wonderful!

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