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Video: 2012 Costume Contest Entries

We’ve compiled all of the 100+ entries we received in our 2nd annual Halloween Costume Contest into the video below, including first-place winner Katie, runner-up Vanessa and honorable mentions Amelie and Alisa & Adam. 

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our annual Halloween Costume Contest. We hope you’ll join us again in October!

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3 Comments on Video: 2012 Costume Contest Entries

  1. there were some really great costumes there 🙂 and i recognised the music from the city of bones trailer, the whole piece sounds amazing!

  2. teamedwardjace // January 17, 2013 at 10:42 PM // Reply

    great costumers! i loved alot of the tess and i l really liked the clarys(loved somed) i loved how some tooks them cues from the movie and book (though it’s the same) the jaces were great and i loved the izzy at 2:02 and 2:20 and 2:48 to 2:51. all the izzys were cool! all the costumers were amazing including the shadowhunters and the contestants were in some cool postions! the couple shots were cute too! the clary and isabelle one were cool too . it would’ve one be cool to see clace! and sizzy!

  3. Someone who would like people to be treated fair // February 12, 2013 at 3:24 AM // Reply

    This is all nice and fun and the people are great. Love the costumes! But you forgot to include people. A friend of mine entered and her picture is completely missing in this. For this to take such a long time and not include everyone…I don’t think that is fair.
    I am actually really disappointed at that.

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