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First BANE CHRONICLES story to be released April 16


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Shadowhunters, mark your calendars for April 16. That’s when the first installment of the highly-anticipated THE BANE CHRONICLES will be released in e-book format.

After originally being slated for a February release, the first installment had been pushed back to April due to conflicts with production.

Clare revealed that the first installment is titled “What Really Happened in Peru,” and even shared a snippet.

“Just don’t leave me here,” said Ragnor. “You have to swear, Bane.”

Magnus raised his eyebrows. “I give you my word of honor!”

“I mean it,” Ragnor told him. “I will find you. I will find whatever chest of absurd clothes you have brought with you. And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make sure that it urinates on everything in the chest.”

“There is no need to get nasty about this,” Magnus said. “Don’t worry. I can teach you every word that you need to know right now. One of them is ‘fiesta.’”

Ragnor scowled. “What does that mean?”

“It means ‘party.’ Another important word is ‘juerga.’”

“What does that word mean?”

Magnus was silent.

“Magnus,” said Ragnor, his voice stern. “Does that word also mean ‘party’?”

Magnus could not help the sly grin that spread across his face. “I would apologize,” he said. “But I have no regrets.”

Are you excited to get your first taste of THE BANE CHRONICLES on April 16? Sound off in the comments below!

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9 Comments on First BANE CHRONICLES story to be released April 16

  1. Is it normal to plan my year by all of the shadow hunter goodness that is happening?

  2. so it comes out in april after cp!

  3. Oh well, it’s not too bad. After all, we have Shadowhunters and Downworlders coming out Jan. 29, then CP on March 19 and then then Bane Chronicles on April 16. It gives us time between each to have a good read and even a re-read or 2!!!

  4. Really will it only be on e book format? I mean I don’t own a e book. How am I going to read them?

    • I think eventually they will put it in a book form but probably not until 2014. I’m not sure if Barnes and Noble will sell The Bane Chronicles (I don’t see why they wouldn’t) but the Nook app is free, you can download to your phone or tablet. Also, you can read all of your Nook purchases on the computer too. You don’t actually need a Nook to read ebooks, just the app. I don’t own a Nook or Kindle, but I read using the app on my tablet and cell phone. Hope this info helps.

  5. ok… Magnus was saying things in spanish and Ragnor said llama so im guessing they were in Peru. What kind of trouble do you get yourself into Mr. Bane?

  6. I am so late on the books ! I am reading City of Glass right now and there”s not enough of Magnus for now. So, am I excited about the Bane Chronicles ? Hell, yeah !!

    I am so new at this, is there a fan guide somewhere ? >___<

    • Not an official one. But the shadow hunters codex is coming out late this year so if to can wait there is that.

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