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New details emerge about character images and “A Week of Mortal Love”


By now you’ve all heard about Sony Pictures’ “A Week of Mortal Love,” a week-long Valentine’s Day celebration in which official character images will be revealed.

The celebration kicks off today at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT with the first image that will go live on the Mortal Instruments Facebook page.

Sony Pictures has been sharing clues on Instagram and the more you use the Twitter hashtag #ShareMortalLove the more clues we get.

Here are more details from Cassandra Clare:


A quick explanation of what’s going on with the reveal of the looks for the characters from the Mortal Instruments movie this week!

In honor of it being the lead-up to Valentine’s Day (yes, because of Valentine 🙂 the folks at Sony have decided to debut a week of peeks at how the characters will look in the film. First, they’ll be posting clues at their Instagram:

Tweet them your guesses at @mortalmovie — and USE THE HASHTAG #sharemortallove . The more you use the hashtag, the more clues.

At 5pm EVERY DAY STARTING TODAY — that’s 5pm Pacific Time, otherwise known as the time in Los Angeles, 8pm in New York, (and if you’re somewhere else, you can always check the World Time Clock) they’ll be debuting the character peeks at

As much as you can when you tweet, use #sharemortallove, even if it’s not about TMI — because the more you use it, the more you’re likely to get an extra peek at a character or scene — maybe even one I know you’ve been waiting for 😉

So #sharemortallove !

So keep using the #ShareMortalLove hashtag on Twitter to unlock more clues!

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1 Comment on New details emerge about character images and “A Week of Mortal Love”

  1. I need to see Magnus!!!!!! I bet he’s the one we’ve been waiting for that Cassie mentioned… I’m very hopeful!!!!!!!

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