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Cassandra Jean’s Blackthorn twins tarot cards

Yesterday, Cassandra Clare released 4 new Shadowhunter tarot cards on her tumblr and today fans can have a look at two tarot cars of characters from the upcoming THE DARK ARTIFICES (to be released 2015).

Here are the Blackthorn twins Livia and Tiberius:

Here’s what Clare had to say about them:

[…] Okay, well, here are the twins. Livia and Tiberius — Livvy and Ty as part of Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot.

Almost all the Blackthorns have the same brown hair and blue-green eyes, but Ty doesn’t look like the rest of him. them has black hair and gray eyes. He’s fifteen and skinny and wants to be a detective. Specifically he wants to be Sherlock Holmes, though nobody else in the Shadowhunter world understand why. 🙂 He’s brilliant and odd, and a few minutes younger than Livvy, who believes it’s her job to protect him, and in fact, protect her whole family, since she thinks they’re all a bit on the hapless dreamer/starry-eyed artist side. Livvy’s very practical. 🙂

The cards are done by the artist Cassandra Jean and you can have a look at all of the Shadowhunter tarot cards here.

Only 6 cards left. Are you hoping for more tarot cards from THE DARK ARTIFICES? Sound off in the comments.

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8 Comments on Cassandra Jean’s Blackthorn twins tarot cards

  1. Yes i would love to mark blackthorn helen blackthorn octavius blackthorn ariadne blackthorn and fron the mortal instruments aline penhallow isabelle lightwood and etc.


  3. teamedwardjace // February 16, 2013 at 6:11 PM // Reply

    i love these!

  4. Depthsofthemind // February 16, 2013 at 7:55 PM // Reply

    Yay I asked for these like 6-8 cards ago. Tibs is a dectective, Clever. I wondered what he was going to be since it says he isn’t really a warrior. I would like ones of Magnus and Charlotte and do you guys think Church is a big enough charecter to get his own card.
    Glenda, Isabelle has a card already, she and Alec share the card ‘The soldiors’.

  5. I love these Tarot cards so much! Can’t wait for more!

  6. Waaaah! Tiberius is gonna be my favourite character. I can just tell

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