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Isabelle says goodbye to Simon in new CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet


After Cassandra Clare’s last, rather mystifying CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet, she has taken to her tumblr to release a new one which might break shipper hearts (I heard mine crack).

“Simon,” said a voice at his shoulder, and he turned to see Izzy, her face a pale smudge between dark hair and dark cloak, looking at him, her expression half-angry, half-sad. “I guess this is the part where we say goodbye?”

Thoughts, Shadowhunters? Sound off in the comments.

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36 Comments on Isabelle says goodbye to Simon in new CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet

  1. KikilovesJace // February 16, 2013 at 8:49 PM // Reply

    I think I’m dying.

  2. are they all going off to battle in this scene? the waiting for this book is killing me! and i want to see some clace snippets.

  3. NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  4. Cloak? Like the Consul cloak or like the Sisters? Omg. What if Izzy becomes one of the sisters?!

  5. 😭👈That’s my thoughts

  6. What? No, no, nooooooo

  7. Noooooooooooo! I love Sisabelle!

  8. this is killing me. Waiting like this, reading snippets, THIS IS TORTURE!!!


  10. Wait..Izzy better not be becoming a Sister! girl no matter watch it aint worth it

  11. I don’t think I’m liking where this is going.

  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! But, she does ask it as a question. What if Simon says NO. Then they can’t break up. Maybe Cassie is just throwing un a little curve ball to keep us on our toes? I certainly hope so!!! Please Cassie!!!!!

  13. Let’s be honest not everyone is going to have a Happy ending look how Cassie killed out Max so I’m prepared for outcomes that won’t be popular with fans, but a war is coming and not everyone is going to make out alive. Now I’m worried over Luke or Jocelyn

  14. whats happening!

  15. No. No. No. No. No. No no. No. No. No. Nononononononononononononono.
    Don’t do it Isabelle! I bet its some noble Shadowhinter self sacrifice thing.

  16. My heart just shattered into millions of pieces. I hope to god this isn’t how it sounds.

    • It sounds like she’s giving herself up for a sacrifice it she’s gonna be joining the sisters. She can’t do that. Simon and Izzy are percent for each other. And I heard that she might be killing Aaron character off? What if its her

  17. I’m seriously PRAYING this is just a tiny snippet out of an entire chapter that has a different outcome. And that’s she’s just throwing out a bad part for the sake of us becoming more and more anxious about the novel. I know she said not everybody is going to make it out alive, but come on! She can’t break up and kill off the very couples that really built up the popularity of her novels! As long as Clace, Malec, Sizzy and LukexJocelyn (come on, he went through a 20 year unrequited love for her!) make it out alive, even just barely, I’m fine!

    Oh! And Jaia! (Can’t think of a better couple name for them.) Seriously if she TOUCHES my Clace, I am SOOOO boycotting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ugh, NO! Please don’t they’re one of the two most interesting couples in the book, the other being Magnus-Alec. Anyhow, its just sad if they’d break up or something. I’d only agree to this if one of them dies. Kidding. But really, it’s not fair for them to just say goodbye especially if the reason is just because of Isabelle’s Shadowhunter responsibilities blahblah.

  19. If Simon dies in this book, I’m gonna be so sad 😥

  20. Malec and Clace are making it the onces in the air are Sizzy, Luke/Jocelyn & Maia/Jordan. I see someone joining the Hunt as foreshadowed in Lost Soul, Cassie wouldn’t throw it in that book if there wasn’t going to be an outcome of that sort.

    Trust me if you read the last Harry Potter book I suggest you hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  21. i…i think….i think im….I THINK IM DYING

  22. Omg…I think I’m going die…this is water torture, why do we have to wait another WHOLE year for this book to come out? It’s just not fair. Not fair at all.

    I couldn’t bear it if Jace or Clary died, because of everything they went through, but honestly I’d rather have Magnus die than Isabelle, Simon or Alec. Just saying. I’d prefer if no one died but clearly this book is going to break a lot of hearts.

  23. I swear I’m going to die! I knew Izzy and Simon would eventually get together and i was soooo happy when they finally did now they have to say goodbye to each other?! Don’t tell me one of them dies!!!! I will kill myself! What am i going to do!? What is going on?!

  24. I was listening to James Arthur song Impossible while I read that snippet . . . my heart broke

  25. They need to stay together if they don’t I think that I will cry. They were made for each other, they just can’t say good bye.

  26. wait! think about it! isabelle could just be sayinggood-bye becuase she’s going to battle and she’s sad because she thinks (or will) die!at least, i hope so!

  27. sheilathethongbarbarino // April 27, 2013 at 1:18 AM // Reply

    Maybe Izzy is going into battle. Then wouldn’t Simon go with her?

  28. Okay no. Just NO Cassie, NO. You can’t take away the most interesting couple that keeps the true essence of romance in this series. Sizzy is the best couple and always will be. I don’t care if she wants to get rid of Simon just so it’ll add to her “plot twist” whatsoever. Please I beg her, don’t touch Sizzy.

  29. Cassie needs to leave the 3 couples that makes this series enjoyable alone:
    1: Jace and Clary
    2: Simon and Izzy
    3: Jordan and Maia
    she can kill off all the others just not these six

  30. ……W-…….WAAAAAAAHHHHH! I-I’M SO HEARTBROKEN! Sizzy cannot die! They are my OTP! They’re so sad, sweet, and both of them just have this….vulnerable vibe to them. Please. I beg of Cassandra. Do not kill them. Six are dying…ones we know by name…dear god, please don’t be Sizzy….

  31. MAYBE IT’S LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO JEM! I saw a snippet that insinuated Izzy’s death. Maybe becoming an Iron Sister saves her, like becoming a Silent Brother saved Jem?

  32. oh my god no you can not do that no matter what! NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!

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