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Jared Harris talks MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, playing Hodge with

Jared Harris as Hodge Starkweather
Jared Harris as Hodge Starkweather

Jared Harris as Hodge Starkweather was one of several media sites that visited the Toronto set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last October and they discovered lots of information to share with the fandom.

Jared Harris spoke to reporters about playing the “morally-conflicted” Hodge Starkweather and pleasing fans of the series:

Still, even after unintentionally finding himself in yet another supernatural film, he still found new and exciting challenges in playing the morally-conflicted Hodge. “He’s a fun character. You don’t know which side he’s playing on, which is always interesting to do,” Harris said. “[He] is someone who knows what the right thing to do is, but for his own reasons, is making a different deal, because he’s trying to change his circumstances. But he knows the difference between the right thing and the wrong thing to do, and he’s not delusional in the sense that he doesn’t think that he’s doing something for the betterment of mankind or some bulls**t like that. He knows that what he’s doing is purely to get his own ass out of the situation that he’s stuck in.”

Harris also seem unphased by the much younger following TMI has as opposed to, say, Mad Men. The actor, who admitted he hadn’t read Clare’s books before signing on to the project, noted “This is slightly different than the Mad Men [fandom] because it exists in a literary form first, the fans have [it in their] imaginations already. But something like Mad Men, it exists in Matt Weiner’s mind. And no one can read what Season 6 and Season 7 is, because it’s in his head.”He added, “So I would say in that sense, it’s probably a little freer, whereas in this one, you have an obligation to that mythology. And you don’t want to piss the fans off, you know?”

As any TMI fan would argue, oh do they know. But Harris assured that he, his TMI castmates and crew members have done everything in their powers to ensure that doesn’t happen. As Harris put it, “You have to honor the mythology that’s been created in the books, which they have done.”

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4 Comments on Jared Harris talks MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, playing Hodge with

  1. teamedwardjace // February 18, 2013 at 7:55 PM // Reply

    you rock jared! I’m glad to hear that they stated faithful to the book while enchancing it through by further enchaning the telements in the book and creating some really cool new scenes!

  2. Pray for the other books to be turned into films I really really want to see the battle of in the Bordens on screen.

  3. I like Jared Harris and his character in this movie will be amazing, his acting is really top notch and he is one of the few actors in this movie im gona be looking foward to watch in the movie. ^^

  4. I hope “City of Ashes” will hit the theatres in 2014!!!!!
    I don’t want to wait two or three years…

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