The Latest talks about ‘Chemistry’ with Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower interviewed  Cassandra Clare, Lilly Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower about the chemistry between the two actors in their roles as Clary & Jace in upcoming THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES movie.

Lily and Jamie’s Chemistry to heat up the big screen! Asked Cassandra Clare.

Teen: As the author of the series, what were your feelings when you first saw Jamie and Lily together during their audition together?
Cassandra Clare: It was really embarrassing. I cried, I was so happy. We had been looking for Jace; it was an ordeal process. Every young, blond actor in Hollywood tried out and Lily, bless her soul, went in over and over for chemistry reads with people, and Jace is a tough character. He is a guy who covers up his vulnerability and is real personality with a lot of layers of just being a jerk. If you play him wrong, he’ll just come out as a jerk, but if you play him right, he comes across as “I’ll use my wit to hide my broken heart and my pain and I’m vulnerable and love me.” Nobody was quite hitting that, so Lily did all these chemistry reads with all these different people and I was starting to think “Maybe no one can play this role; maybe I have written a bizarre character that cannot be played.”

When asked about the chemistry on the test Lily responded.

Teen: Do you two, [Lily and Jamie,] remember your chemistry test?
Lily Collins: This was about two years ago now. I read with a couple of different guys that had come in. Jamie just came in and… that was it. He was just himself. He had this perfect mixture of being this witty, kind of jokey, cocky — in the best sense of the word — but also extremely vulnerable, emotional and this great mixture of emotions. And that’s what Jace is. He has to walk in a room and make people turn their heads and that’s what Jamie does. He’s been so dedicated to the stunts and he’s been so dedicated to proving what he can bring in the role and what he is capable of. But he doesn’t even need to try. And again, that’s who Jace is. He’s effortless, so I got all that in the room. I didn’t get the stunts part, obviously, because we didn’t do stunts, but he just brought everything to the room that day. And he left and I just turned to everyone and was like, “I really don’t know what else you could be looking for. That’s Jace.” When you get that kind of guttural instinct, I think you have to go with it. I’m so excited for everyone to see what he’s done.

Check out the full interview on HERE

Is the chemistry between Jace and Clary on screen the most important part of the film? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments!

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2 Comments on talks about ‘Chemistry’ with Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower

  1. Their chemistry looks great. Also, they look good and sexy together and individually they are good actors (from their previous work). All this bodes well for this series of movies. Overall, I think the talent working on the film is fabulous and the whole thing is surpassing my original expectations. Importantly, Jamie does not appear to be playing it “safe” with his portrayal of Jace and therefore I think it’s gonna rock.

    It’s been a long time since there was a trailer for a movie, that I kept wanting to watch over and over again. Like 4 years since that happened. I really hope there are lots of people obsessing like me.

  2. I have watched the teaser trailer so many times I have the dialogue memorised!

    I used to have my doubts about Jamie but listening to interviews with him, watching the teaser trailer and seeing that picture of him and Lily has completely changed my mind. He just seems so perfect for Jace! And if Cassandra Clare has faith in him then so do I:)

    Does anyone know if there’s another trailer is coming out??

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