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Nine of Steles (Will Herondale) tarot card by Cassandra Jean

Cassandra Clare shared another Shadowhunter tarot card by Cassandra Jean, this one featuring Will Herondale as the Nine of Steles.


Here’s what Cassie had to say:

Will as the Nine of Steles from the Shadowhunter Tarot. (Yes, we’re going to do every single card for a complete deck. If you haven’t seen your favorite character yet: you will. There’s room for everyone, and repeats of some of the most important.)

There’s a little Clockwork Princess clue in here too if you look.

Can you guys spot the Clockwork Princess clue?

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37 Comments on Nine of Steles (Will Herondale) tarot card by Cassandra Jean

  1. Kelly Carstairs // March 3, 2013 at 3:44 PM // Reply


  2. He’s holding Jem’s jade pendant! This book will kill me!

  3. The way he’s positioned reminds me of how one might be while visiting a loved one’s gravesite. What is he looking at? He looks unhappy and appears to have shadows under his eyes…….

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! Oh,no….I am seriously getting worried about Clockwork Princess…..ONLY 16 MORE DAYS LEFT….

      • Kelly Carstairs // March 3, 2013 at 5:04 PM //

        I know that’s what I thought too and if he’s holding hems jade pendant??? I’m really nervous

  4. plus, of course, what the others said; holding Jem’s jade necklace.

  5. Ally CarHeronFairMorgenBranWood // March 3, 2013 at 4:14 PM // Reply

    What the hell is going on!

  6. WHAT IS WILL HOLDING?!?!?!?!? WHY DOES HE LOOK SO SOMBER?!?!?!?!? I seriously can’t wait any more for this book!!!

  7. Ally CarHeronFairMorgenBranWood // March 3, 2013 at 5:09 PM // Reply

    *hyperventilating*Must calm down NOW!

  8. OMG SOMEONE’S DEAD!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah JEM!!!! OR is it… no, it couldn’t be…. TESSA!!!!?!?!?

  9. And Will’s jacket is white – the attire Shadowhunters wear to funerals.

  10. Yes, that’s the pendant.

    To me, something this is missing: usually Cassie tells us a little about the card and what it represents. What does the Nine of Wands usually represent in traditional tarot? Often, it’s said to represent a “test of faith”. Here’s a little more information:

    “The Nine of Wands suggests that you are so close to completing a particular project or task but at the last minute, you are faced with yet another challenge or setback. The Nine of Wands is like the one last test or challenge before you can reach ultimate success. You may have experienced setbacks that now leave you feeling distrustful of others or even yourself. The turning point will come when you are able to leave the past behind you and to cultivate a more open mind about the future. While you have experienced losses in the past, it does not mean that you have to experience further losses in the future.”

  11. Maybe Jem is missing, and Will is using the pendant to track him? Seems plausible.

    • Werewolves4EVAH!! // March 4, 2013 at 6:24 PM // Reply

      That make sense. My first thought was that he has faced many setbacks in his quest for Tessa’s love and now he is faced with the challenge of Jem’s death and it is testing his faith to his late parabati. He looks really sad and he is crouched down like you would be visiting a grave and is holding somthing Jem gave to Tess so theat could symbolize him wanting both of them(pendent was Jems then Tessa’s) and only being able to have one (one pendant) But he looks sad so he didn’t make a desison early enough………….Are we overthinking this??
      *****This is werewolvesaresexierthanvampiresjustsayin*****

  12. Will’s holding Tessa’s jade necklace that Jem gave her for marriage.

  13. I’m not sure whether that’s Jem/Tessa’s jade pendant, because isn’t that meant to be a fist? Maybe i’m confused, but i’m pretty sure that Jem gave Tessa a fist of jade that Will had given him when they were younger. So now i’m not sure. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK HELP ME!

  14. I noticed that he’s left handed. I didn’t know that. Jace is left handed. Maybe there’s a connection?

  15. its Jem’s pendant i think maybe Jem is dead and Tessa gave the necklace toWill because she is to upset to wear it and btw if Tessa appears in cog then please somebody post the page where it mentions her.

    • It’s in the epilogue, at the party. Magnus is talking to a woman (Tessa) in a white dress while Clary watches them.

  16. Anna Herondale // March 4, 2013 at 11:10 AM // Reply

    OMG my heart will implode if Jem dies. WHY is he in white and kneeling and holding Jem’s pendant!

    The meaning of the nine of steles (/wands) card is SO appropriate for Will.

    But how did he get it from Tessa, and what is he contemplating?!?! I know the book is almost in my hands and that I planned ahead of time to take some of my vacation time from work just so I can read the book when it comes out and do nothing else for 2-3days but I still CAN ***NOT*** WAIT TO HAVE THESE QUESTIONS ANSWERED! I feel like such an impatient child!

  17. sarahsgriffiths // March 4, 2013 at 1:51 PM // Reply

    I think Tessa has been kidnapped by Mortmain and her necklace was ripped off. So a TID version of Cinderella.

    Also has it ever been confirmed that it is Tessa is CoG? Yes it seems like it is but from what I remember Magnus never says its Tessa. So I wouldn’t say she is 100% safe in CP2. Personally I don’t think she will die though but I’m not saying that because she may be in CoG.

  18. God, please dont let Will be the only survivor of this story! That would be horrible! This wait is unbearable… 😦

  19. Ok so. We know that this is Will, he’s wearing white, he has Jem’s/Tessa’s jade pendant, he appears to have shadows under his eyes, its the nine of steles, or nine of wands and he appears to be in a graveyard of some sort. So, as one of the comments explains what the nine of wands/steles is, this is my guess: Jem dies and this is his funeral. Something happened and Tessa and Jem never finish their wedding(ruined gold of her wedding dress snippet hint thing..), so Tessa
    leaves the jade pendant on Jem’s grave. Will’s the last one there and picks up the pendant, and realizes or hopes that he and tessa can have some sort of future together.


  20. Anna Herondale // March 5, 2013 at 4:52 AM // Reply

    IF JEM DIES THAT IS NOT A HAPPY ENDING! eek! But omg I fear you’re right that Tessa would leave it at his grave site and then Will would later come to Jem’s gravesite and find it there. And then his dilemma is, does he follow his heart and go for Tessa, but would that be betraying Jem? Or like Will once feared, appear like Will is benefiting from Jem’s death by having his chance at Tessa? Omg

  21. maybe jem has died and thats his fueral and will goes and finds the pendant that tessa left and since will can see ghost he sees jem and jem sees she has left the pendant and take it has a let go of tessa and so he tells will that its alright if he goes after tessa and so then will sees him crossing over with his perents and theyre both happy so he goes running to tessa and takes her to the drawing room and tells her he loves her and then thats how the first time in the drawing shud hav ended ,not with tears.

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