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Jem banner It’s Day 3 of our Week of Clockwork Princess! Cassandra Clare’s final installment in The Infernal Devices will be released in 5 DAYS and today we are looking back at Clockwork Prince.

Official Summary

In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray has found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when it becomes clear that the mysterious Magister will stop at nothing to use Tessa’s powers for his own dark ends.

With the help of the handsome, tortured Will and the devoted Jem, Tessa discovers that the Magister’s war on the Shadowhunters is deeply personal and fueled by revenge. To unravel the secrets of the past, the trio journeys from mist-shrouded Yorkshire to a manor house that holds untold horrors. When they encounter a clockwork demon bearing a warning for Will, they realize that the Magister knows their every move—and that one of their own has betrayed them.

Tessa is drawn more and more to Jem, though her longing for Will continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa answers about who she really is? As their search leads to deadly peril, Tessa learns that secrets and lies can corrupt even the purest heart.

In these moments I will mostly be focusing on romantic and heartbreaking moments, as well as telling where our main characters stand at the end of the book.

Romantic Moments

  • Bad Dreams in York
    • Yes this is on both the Romantic Moments and heartbreaking moments list. What I find romantic about this particular part is that Will comes to check on Tessa because he can hear that she has had a bad dream.
  • Fierce Midnight
    • Jem and Tessa finally have their first kiss, but it turns out to be more than just a kiss. With the heat boiling between the two of them Tessa and Jem could have gone to “South Carolina” If it weren’t for Tessa knocking over Jem’s box of yin fen.
  • Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene
    • One of the most memorable scenes in the book. When Tessa and Will drink the lemonade, all walls that had been put up between these two came crashing down leaving room for a very passionate kissing scene.
  • Jem and Tessa’s carriage ride
    • On the way to the Silent City. Tessa and Jem confront each other for the first time since their evening together. Both express their feelings for each other and end up “Needing a Chaperone” as Jem puts it.
  • Gideon and Sophie’s Relationship
    • The relationship between these two minor characters is a blossoming one, but with great simplicity comes the wonderful sweetness. From Sophie first laughing at Gideon’s jokes to Gideon’s attempt at a picnic in the park. These two come from two different stations within the same world, but fit together perfectly. Simply can’t wait to see what happens with them!
  • Will Risking his life to save Tessa
    • This moment is romantic because, although Will knows that he could possibly die from this explosion, Tessa’s safety means more.
  • Will and Tessa in the infirmary
    • Though Tessa (at first) believes this to be a dream the gentle and kind nature that these two show each other in the infirmary is sweet and beautiful.
  • Jem Proposes to Tessa
    • Giving Tessa his mother’s jade pendant shows how much Jem truly loves and cares for Tessa. She shows her love in return by accepting and tells Jem that she has hope for a cure.
  • Will Telling Tessa about the curse
    • Even though he yells it the first time, Will can finally tell Tessa that he loves her and about why he had to act the way he did before.
  • Charlotte and Henry telling each other that they actually love each other
    • These two characters, even being married for sometime now, believed that the other married them out of convenience the revelation that Henry loves Charlotte, and vice versa gives lots of warm fuzzies.

Heartbreaking Moments

  • “Bad dreams in York”
    • Just before Will and Tessa share a kiss Tessa remembers how Will hurt her and turns away.
  • Will seeing Cecily
    • Being in York and the last place he could ever expect one of his family members Will “loses himself” and runs after his sister.
  • Will Tells Magnus about the curse
    • After seeing Cecily Will goes to the only person he has told any of his secret to, Magnus.
  • Tessa Rejecting Will
    • Tessa Rejecting Will is heartbreaking for two reasons. One she has just crushed the hope that Will has just gained in life and two, She has to reject him even though she knows that she loves him and it will break him.
  • Jem thinking that Will saved Tessa for Jem’s sake
    • Will’s intention is to talk to Jem, tell him the truth about how he feels about Tessa. Seeing how happy Tessa makes Jem, he lets him believe that saving Tessa in the factory was for Jem’s sake. Will sacrifices his last hope to give happiness to his friend.
  • Wills toast to Jem (not tessa)
    • I believe that this part is heartbreaking because as much as we know that Will is happy for his Parabatai, he is also truly letting go of Tessa. It shows that he can be happy for Jem but not happy for Tessa in the same way, as he says “Congratulations Brother”

Important Moments

  • Finding out the Herondales live in Mortmain’s old house
  • Tessa finding her letters in Will’s room
  • Jem punches Will – A change in the relationship!
  • Benedict Lightwood’s Masquerade
  • Will finds out that the curse is not real
  • Jessamine is found out as a traitor
  • Nate at the factory/Nate’s death
  • Blackmail of Benedict Lightwood
  • Will finding out there is no curse

Questions Raised

  • Did Nate have a change of heart?
  • What did Nate mean by “You don’t know everything I’ve done Tessie”
  • What Tessa sees as Starkweather?
  • Why is Adele important?

Cute Moments

  • Jem takes Tessa to poets corner
  • Talking of books (Will)
  • Training with the Lightwoods (a softer side of Gabriel)
  • Letter from Magnus to Tessa
  • Sophie slaps Gabriel
  • Meeting Woolsey Scott
  • The walls are coming down talk with Jem
  • Demon pox

Where the main characters stand (at the end of the book)

Tessa is engaged but is conflicted because she loves Will and has lied to him about the fact that she loves him to spare both he and Jem the heartache. She has made her decision to marry Jem, but fully admits to herself that she loves Will as well.

Will has had so much relief at knowing that this secret curse that he has lived with for so many years is not real but in the same moment where he can finally show and tell the person that he loves he finds out that it’s too late and that she did not love him (or so she claims) and that she has given her heart to his best friend. Who is the only person he has fully trusted for 5 years so he feel obligated to stay silent about his love for Tessa.

Jem has asked the girl he loves to marry her and she accepts. Though he also has to deal with the fact that he could be dead before this wedding takes place, but believes himself stronger with Tessa than without, and gets his best friends approval. Jem now has to decide on if he wants to go on looking for a cure as Tessa suggests or letting the end come.

US fans also have the opportunity to win an Infernal Devices box set, which was kindly given to us by Simon & Schuster.

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5 Comments on Week of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS: Previously on CLOCKWORK PRINCE

  1. wait a minute…who is Adele? why don’t I know who she is!! I’m gonna go back and read the books again…(confusion)

  2. I think Adele is inportant because shes not really Stalkweather granddoughter , I think she is changeling and she was swapped for little Elizabeth Moore (later Gray) Thats why Elizabeth and Harriet look different,thats why Starkweather is shocked when he see Tessa first time maybe she look familiar and thats why fake Adele died after she gets her first rune -she was mundane. Ufff its a lots of “thats why “there LOL
    Right carry on :
    That would make Tessa half Demon, half Shadowhunter and leave her without mark , because SH blood is always dominant.When Mortmain say “he make her” ,good God, he really mean it . He plan all of this long before Tessa was born.
    Its much more “evidence” for my theory but it has to be the longest post ever so i better back off and I kind of hope im wrong and truth is even more complicated then my little brain can imagine. 4 DAYS 😀

  3. Katie you are reading my mind!!!!!!!

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