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Week of Clockwork Princess: Favorite INFERNAL DEVICES Moments: Part 2

Jem banner We’ve reached Day 6 of our Week of Clockwork Princess and with Clockwork Princess just 2 days away, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic as the series is drawing to a close. So we’re going to look back at some more of the memorable moments (so far) in The Infernal Devices. We’ve enlisted the help of some of your favorite fan sites to reflect on our Favorite Infernal Devices Moments (so far). Here's Part 2:

Favorite INFERNAL DEVICES Moments: Part 2

Alyssa, TMI Source: “I’ve Lost Everything” (Clockwork Angel, Chapter 19: Boadicea)

This was the first time that the fandom truly witnessed the suffering of one Will Herondale. Little did we know this was just the tip of the iceberg as far as pain, suffering and heartbreak was concerned.

Tessa is stuck with Mortmain in the Institute’s Sanctuary as he taunts her with knowledge of who she really is. Tessa, remembering what Will told her of Boadicea and how she was “braver than any man,” drives a knife into her chest. Shortly after, Will comes into the Sanctuary and sees Tessa’s crumpled body, her dress drenched in blood. He is reminded of his family and how he left them when he was 12 years old and that feeling washes over him.

I have lost everything. Lost everything. Everything.

But it’s the moment after Will realizes that Tessa is not dead, that she had “changed” right before she had stabbed herself in her chest, that left us breathless.

She looked up at him with a smile. The smile broke what was left of his resistance—shattered it. He had let the walls down when he’d thought she was gone, and there was no time to them back up. For a moment she clung to him tightly, warm and alive in his arms. Her hair brushed his cheek. The color had come back into the world; he could breathe again, and for that moment he breathed her in—she smelled of slat, blood, tears, and Tessa.

This is the moment where Will realizes that not only does he love Tessa, but that she feels the same for him. Will was prepared to tell her of his feelings—how much she meant to him, how he truly cared for her—until “a jolt of terror went through him.”

But there was nothing to say. There was only the emptiness, as there had been before her. As there always would be.

I have lost everything, Will thought. Everything.

At the time of Clockwork Angel, we had no idea of the curse Will believed was put on him—about how those who loved him would die—so we are left desperate for answers and wondering what had happened to this beautiful boy with the blue eyes that made him so broken?

Megan, TMI Source: Nightmares at the York Institute (Clockwork Prince, Chapter 5: Shades of the Past)

I think one of the most overlooked scenes in Clockwork Princess takes place at the York Institute. Tessa had fainted after seeing the spoils and has nightmares, and Will wakes her up. The sweet and gentle nature that Will treats Tessa with is so beautiful. He tries to calm her fears and asks what the nightmares were. Then even more sweetly tells her “I would never let anyone touch a hair on your head. You know that don’t you, Tess?” Will’s sweet disposition is revealed just a bit more in that little scene in the dark, and because of his actions on the roof of the institute Tessa turns away from his kiss. You can almost hear the desperation in his voice when he says “But you called out.” and the pain in Tessa’s when she says “Not for you.”

Cat, TMI Source: Charlotte and Henry admit their feelings (Clockwork Prince, Chapter 18: Until I Die)

I love Charlotte and Henry as a couple so their conversation in Chapter 18 made me very, very happy. When I read Clockwork Angel I was often shaking my head because it was right there on the page how much they cared for each other, how Lottie wanted to touch Henry, but she didn’t because she thought that it wouldn’t be welcome. And then Chapter 18 happened! Charlotte is close to resigning as head of the London Institute and suddenly we meet a Henry Branwell who isn’t passionate about his inventions but who is passionate about his wife. We have seen glimpses of a confident Henry before he really blew me away. Gone is the bumbling, slightly crazy inventor and we have a confident, young man. He knows that he hasn’t been the perfect husband and is sometimes too caught up in his own world, but he is only trying to help the Nephilim. There is a huge misunderstanding between Lottie – I’m sure I’m not the only one who melts when he calls her ‘Lottie’ – and Henry which involves a former debt and then bam! Henry explodes and tells her “I went to your father in good faith and asked him if he would do me the honor of allowing me to ask for your hand in marriage.” And there’s more “”You are not plain, “ Henry said, his face still blazing (me: fangirling). “You are beautiful. And I didn’t ask your father if I could marry you out of duty; I did it because I loved you. I’ve always loved you. I’m your husband.”” “I’ve always loved you”, just let it sink in for a moment. … It gets even better, though, when Charlotte says “(…) I love you”, she tells Henry that she’d give up the Institute for him and then they KISS. They have finally admitted their feelings – after being married for years – and Lottie and Henry share a very sweet moment without any more doubts.  For me, this moment was only topped by Charlotte announcing that she is expecting a child and Henry’s absolute joy when he finds out that the woman he loves is carrying his son. Happy fangirl sigh. Now I cannot wait to read what will happen to the Branwells, if their son is really going to be a little Buford and how they are related to Jocelyn and Clary Fairchild!

Natalie, TMI Examiner: Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene (Clockwork Prince, Chapter 12: Masquerade)

Oh how the fandom has had fun with the, “Dirty Sexy _____ Scenes” and the balcony scene between Will and Tessa did not disappoint. In fact, it is one of my favorite examples of sexual tension. When will started taking down Jessamine’s pins from Tessa’s hair and removing her gloves….wow. Not to downplay the sexiness of their kiss but THAT was sexy and somehow sweet at the same time. After reading it several times, I see that Will is showing her that he really “sees” her despite his big front and act that he plays with everyone. Anyone that reads The Infernal Devices can see early on that Will is covering for some horrible thing from his past. Of course, he don’t know what but in this scene we see a glimpse at the true Will. A Will who has not had any fizzy lemonade!

Amber, TMI Institute: The Awakening and Undoing of William Herondale (Clockwork Prince, Chapter 17: In Dreams)

 The Awakening and Undoing of William Herondale… That’s the title I’ve come up with for Will’s realization that the curse he’s lived with for five years – the one where he can let no one love him or they will perish – has all been a lie.

This is one of my favorite moments in The Infernal Devices. In the chapter “In Dreams”, Will receives a message from Magnus Bane to meet him. Although expecting him a day later, Will shows up to see Magnus, who is crashing with the werewolf Woolsey Scott. Will was so overcome by the thought of finding a way to end his curse so he could be with the girl who had haunted him at first site, Tessa Gray.

In Woolsey’s dead brother’s bedroom, Magnus summons a blue skinned demon named Marbas. Will takes no time in asking the demon questions about his past. The demon recalls the curse.“All who love you will find only death. Their love will be their destruction. It may take moments. It may take years, but any who look upon you with love will die of it. And I will begin with her.”After Will asks Marbas to take the curse off him, Magnus comes to a realization.“A demon, upon being let out of a Pyxis, is usually at its weakest, having been starved for as long as it was imprisoned. Too weak to cast a curse as subtle and strong as the one you claim to have cast on Will.”Magnus is right, after all. Marbas makes an admission.
“The half-caste is correct. The curse was false. Your sister died because I struck her with my stinger….There has never been a curse on you, Will Herondale. Not one put there by me.”Will breaks down and Magnus destroys the demon. At this time, it seemed to be the lowest point of Will’s life.

“Everything I’ve done,” Will said. His lungs felt as if he couldn’t get enough air. “All the lying, the pushing people away, the abandonment of my family, the unforgivable things I said to Tessa – a waste. A bloody waste, and all because of a lie I was too stupid to believe.”

Magnus encourages him, letting him know that Will’s life is worth salvaging. He encourages him by saying he still may have time to win Tessa back.“If it’s any consolation, from what I observed on the balcony the other night, I do believe she rather likes you.”
Will leaves Magnus and Woolsey with a youthful innocence, believing he can make everything right. He can explain to Tessa why he’s been so mean. Why he has kept her at arm’s length and finally tell her what she means to him.

“I love you, Tessa, and I have loved you, almost since the moment I met you.”

When reading this line, this one brutally honest, gutwrenchingly breathtaking sentence, I felt desperate to make it all better for Will. I wanted him to arrive a little earlier. To find Tessa before Jem did. Because, as a reader, you know that Tessa has accepted Jem’s marriage proposal and squashed his heart and any chance for their love to work.He talks to Jem later and realizes it is just too late, and he could never change things even if he wanted to do so.“Jem is my great sin. Tessa had been right, he thought. He had wanted her to break things off with Jem, whatever the cost; now he realized he did not, could not. You might at least believe I know honor – honor, and debt – he had said to Jem, and he had meant it. He owed Jem his life. He could not take from him the one thing Jem wanted more than anything else. Even if it meant Will’s own happiness, for Jem was not only someone to whom he owed a debt that could never be repaid, but, as the covenant said, someone he loved as he loved his own soul.”This, to me, proves that Will Herondale transformed in that moment from a selfish boy into a selfless man. He cast aside childish things. He even casted away his own heart to preserve his best friend’s happiness, his best friend’s life. It’s heartbreaking, because I truly want Will happy. I can only hope that Cassie spares him a miserable fate and rewards him with a destiny of love and happiness.

Tita, TMI News en Español: Holy Water Scene (Clockwork Angel, Chapter 12: Blood and Water)

Why nobody told me before that touching a glove could turn into the sexiest thing in the world? Why do we need explicit sex scene when we have another exciting way to meet sexiness?

What we find in this scene is, without kidding, one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever read in my life. The way Will talks to Tessa, the way Tessa feels something and doesn’t really understand what it is, the way Will asks Tessa to give him her hand, the way he touch with his fingers her glove and how he pull the buttons off….. *swoon*

In this chapter we also know that Will have something really going on (¿Who the hell is Cecily?) and how he pushes Tessa away after…. THE KISS!! I mean, come on, wet Herondale laying on the floor, talking to you in a sexy voice and staring at you with those hypnotizing blue eyes, and then giving you your first kiss with this passion…. It leaves you trembling and hyperventilating at least 😉

Why, The Infernal Devices has like the most intense Victorian characters I’ve read about, and kind of the coolest and laboured plot ever.

Did any of your favorite moments from The Infernal Devices make our Part 2 list? In case you missed it check out Part 1!

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11 Comments on Week of Clockwork Princess: Favorite INFERNAL DEVICES Moments: Part 2

  1. KikilovesJace // March 17, 2013 at 10:45 AM // Reply

    I agree with the Charlottle and Henry scene, and the Will and Tessa attic kiss. For me personally my favourite scene was Gideon and Sophie moments in Clockwork prince.

  2. IrishShowhuntersAnonymous // March 17, 2013 at 11:22 AM // Reply

    God I love Cassie’s writing! She just lures you in makes you root for these characters you come to love and care for then BAM she hits you with the sting and then twists the knife.

    • I second everything you just said! And though I read TMI first and was instantly absolutely hooked, when I first read TID I was blown away. It’s such a unique experience, CC more than has proven herself as an extraordinarily superb writer, she really -allow me- astral projects you there, two centuries back, with such clarity, it’s unsettling when you look your surroundings later, after having been in Victorian London, you know? And I can only feel privileged for owning everything she pens.

  3. What about that part in Clockwork Angel when Henry sets himself on fire? “Henry, you’re on fire. You do know that don’t you?”

    • Luvworlocks // March 17, 2013 at 9:30 PM // Reply

      One of the most heartbreaking moments for me was in clockwork prince when will sees Tessa after he found out *********SPOILER ALERT******************** he wasn’t cursed and confessed his love for her and she and Jem had just got engaged. THAT left me in tears.

      • Luvworlocks // March 17, 2013 at 9:33 PM //

        And I know sumbody is gunna sir in co2 and this sound really mean
        But, even though I love him to death, I kinda hope it’s Jem

  4. One of my favorite moments is when Will apologizes to Jem for taking the drugs. Its such a heartbreaking moments because you see just how much Willl needs Jem’s friendship. The bromance between these 2 boys is so beautiful and heartbreaking and one of the many things that made me fall in love with the series.

  5. Marcia Baker // March 17, 2013 at 3:04 PM // Reply

    My favorite scene of the whole series is when Jem tells Tessa how much it amazed him that Tessa was worried of his return. Jem is always very cool and it’s the best when he is so surprised that someone loves him. My second favorite scene though would be when Tessa and Will kiss in the infirmary and she thinks she’s dreaming. I just ship Tessa with them both. Asdfghjkkll I’m just so excited but if Jem dies I will die.

  6. i loved all these moments but they wee heartbreaking. finally fully becomes who’s he mant be or truly is, selflesss, j happy, kind and loving her and romantic. (he’s always been funny) but he told her he loved her too late. i hope they all find happniess and the taking of gloves, that whole balcony scene, romantic, sexy, steamy and sweet!

  7. God I am so excited!!!!! My favorite scene is the Henry/Charlotte scene in chapter 18 of CP, so good call there, Cat! 😉 Holy crap, we are sooooo close!!!

  8. I simply cant pick a favorite. But the one sene I absolutely love is when Jem and Tessa… ahem… Make out, to put it mildly. Lol. You see Jem as a normal, hot-blooded, boy instead of a tragic, dying, martyr. When Tessa says to him, “You are beautiful,” It sends shivers through me.

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