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Even more Shadowhunter tarot cards

A few hours after posting a Clary and Jace tarot card on her tumblr, Cassandra Clare published a "Tarot card questions and answers" with two more cards by the artist Cassandra Jean. She also -- once again -- addressed selling the tarot cards and answered a few Clockwork Princess questions. Check out the answers and questions below:

“Hi! Cassie, I was wondering when you posted the Clace Tarot early today you said that, that was the moment Jace and Clary fell in love so I was thinking (and want to know) when Tessa realised she is in love with Will, same goes for Will and Jem… if you answer thank you so much! — smileforparis” Ask me again after Clockwork Princess comes out. :) “I keep looking back and forth from my tumblr to my homework and tumblr just keeps winning :P is there Perhaps a Cecily tarot card? — thedecentintohelliseasy” There is! Some of the cards are spoilery. I’m holding them back until after Princess comes out. “Hello Cassandra (: I was wondering if there are actually going to be 78 shadowhunter tarot cards? It seems like that is a lot of work (not that I’m complaining tho). — itssimplylavie” Yep, we’re doing the WHOLE thing. “Hi Cassie, Was wondering if there was a tarot card for Tessa and Jem? Or Tessa and Will? -aliangel1121 — aliangel1121” The Will and Tessa card was posted. (Yes, they’re not kissing or anything, but reading is just as heartfelt for those two!) The Tessa and Jem one is a spoiler.

“Now I have a question, and my apologies if this has been asked before: will any of the characters in The Infernal Devices make a “significant” appearance in City of Heavenly Fire and The Dark Artifices? Also, will reading the family tree in Clockwork Princess first be spoilery? I hope you are able to reply, and thanks again for creating such beautiful works of art! — sylvialy112”


*composes self*

People ask often if the characters from Infernal will appear in CoHF or TDA. I can say one character from Infernal (other than Magnus) appears in CoHF, and yes, again, a character from Infernal appears in TDA. I can’t say more than that.

Hello Cassandra, I was wondering… Clockwork Princess comes out on the 19th of March, so does that mean it comes out in Australia on the 20th because of the time difference? — melbourneblah18”

I, uh – oh, math. It will come out on the 19th wherever and whenever that is wherever you are, in English. I don’t know anything else, and definitely don’t know foreign non-English release dates. No clue.

“Hey Cassie. I’m keeping a very close eye on the tarot. I’m really looking forward to ones with Jonathan (Sebastian) and Maureen. Can’t wait for the deck to grow. — tsvetuschayaroza”


Maureen’s card is AWESOME. I’m holding it for a later date.

“Hi Cassie. I really love the Shadowhunter Tarot deck! Do you/Cassandra Jean have Maia in the tarot card deck too? — mind-fangs”

Yep! Not all the cards are drawn, but Maia is in the deck more than once. Here’s one. The moon card. (I’m not sure this one is final. A lot of me just wants to give the whole card to Maia and give Jordan a different card.)

Hey! When the movie comes out, you should try to release the cards that you’ve been uploading the pictures of. I would totally buy them! And even if it doesn’t get released, I’ll just make them myself! They are amazing 🙂 I fell in love with your books, I can’t believe heavenly fire doesn’t come out for a year – but the wait is worth it! — izmagine”

“I LOVE the Shadowhunter tarot cards!!!! Do you and Cassandra Jean have any plan to sell them in packs? They are the most gorgeous things I have ever seen!!!! — dreadpage511

will we be able to buy these tarot cards??? I love your books and these cards are so amazing! — unravel—ing

Currently I don’t own the rights to publish the tarot card deck. Those rights have to be released to me, and then I hope I can publish them and have them sold online so everyone who wants one can get one easily and cheaply. Fingers crossed.

“Clockwork Princess was amazing. It was beautiful. I love you. Thank you.” –(redactedsonoonechasesherforspoilers)

Well, if they’re going to break the embargo, I’m glad they broke it for someone who loved it. 😉

Great new cards! Our TMI guys are very handsome even if not all of them belong to ‘Team Good’.

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6 Comments on Even more Shadowhunter tarot cards

  1. Im glad people DONT SPOIL PRINCESS for rest of us 🙂 I preorder it on Iphone and tomorrow world will stop, nothing will matter until i finish reading 🙂
    Cards amaing ,as always . Especially Sebastian ‘s one just want to grab him before he set of and say “Oh no , you dont !” LOL xxx

  2. KikilovesJace // March 18, 2013 at 1:05 PM // Reply

    I like the Maia and Jordon tarot card, they look so cute together! Also thank you Cassandra clare for alerting me of any possible spoliers! I’m so nervous and excited for Clockwork princess to come out. I don’t know wheather I should be happy and giddy, or nervous, and sad. This is all so confusing. XD

  3. IrishShowhuntersAnonymous // March 18, 2013 at 3:56 PM // Reply

    I love the Tessa Will card its the perfect for the two of them. But can I just go back to the fifth question where she says that “one character from Infernal (other than Magnus) appears in CoHF” It is odviously Tessa right? So what does that mean, is Brother Zachariah neither Will or Jem then if there is only one other character other than Magnus from TID?

  4. Will we be able to buy the tarrot cards eventually?

  5. Hey Cassie, I was wondering why there is no individual Clary or Jace Tarot card. All of the others seem to have one…

  6. I love your books

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