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Cassandra Clare on wrapping up THE INFERNAL DEVICES

It’s March 19 and Clockwork Princess has officially hit stores. 

The ending of The Infernal Devices is bittersweet, but it’s been such a memorable ride.

Here’s what Cassandra Clare had to say about wrapping up The Infernal Devices:

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3 Comments on Cassandra Clare on wrapping up THE INFERNAL DEVICES

  1. I AM SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  2. She ended it perfectly (although some say it was sort of a cop out to keep both sides of the Will/Jem thing happy). Like Clare said, the ending truly was bittersweet.

  3. I finish reading just after 1am and I had mx feelings: I loved it and heted it at the same time It break my heart , feel me with tears of both joy and sadnes and then joy and sadness again. I did not expect it finish as it did (but thats good Im always gratful when books/ authors can suprize me ) It rise few question for Datk Artifacts …Yes BITTERSWEET is the perfect word.

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