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Guest Post: CLOCKWORK PRINCESS signing in Vancouver

CPT1 Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess book tour wrapped up in Vancouver, BC, last Tuesday (March 26) and one of our readers, Julia, was in attendance and provided us with a report of the event, as well as some fantastic photos (thanks for the shout-out Cassie and Sarah!) Take it away, Julia:

The line-up began at 1:30pm and gathered the four hundred fans who had attained wristbands to the event when they purchased Clockwork Princess on March 19th.  By the time the Clockwork Princess tour bus pulled up to the building at approximately 5:45pm, the line-up weaved around the bookcases throughout the entire store.   Before Cassandra and Sarah entered, the first eighty fans in line were ushered into seats surrounding the stage area, and the event DJ entertained fans by asking trivia questions and tossing large Rune decals to the crowd.   The other three hundred plus people in line were handed bookmarks decorated with the movie logo and temporary Rune tattoos.  Two people who were dressed as Tessa and Will also circulated the line to pose for photos with the jittery fans.  The woman dressed as Tessa wore a Victorian style red gown and Tessa’s angel necklace that was later raffled off.

After much anticipation, Cassandra, Sarah and the crew emerged from the bus that was fittingly decorated for the occasion, wrapped in oversized pictures of the book covers for Clockwork Princess and City of Bones.  They were welcomed into the building by cheers from the fans.

The cameras began rolling and Sarah walked onto the stage to introduce Cassandra, who entered waving and smiling.

Once the crowd stopped clapping and cheering, the Q&A began.  Fans were randomly selected to ask their question and Sarah gave each of them a piece of Hebel Design jewelry in return.  In the Q&A, Cassandra stated several points including the fact that City of Heavenly Fire is half written.  She also hinted that Tessa is mourning “several deaths” in the City of Glass epilogue which will be written about more in City of Heavenly Fire.

Succeeding the Q&A, the eager fans got their books signed and had the opportunity to personally speak to both authors.

Both Cassandra and Sarah were extremely friendly, earnest, and open while they chatted with everyone and answered their questions.  Leaving the event, fans were given a copy of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie poster to take home with them.   

Thank you to everyone for creating such an amazing event!  I had an absolute blast talking about these amazing books with fellow fans in line, and with Sarah and Cassandra too!

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Thanks to Julia for this report and photos! Sounds like she had a great time.

eOne Films had a livestream of Cassie’s Q & A session, which you can watch below (Q & A begins around 30:30 mark):

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