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Bane Chronicles Cassandra Clare and Saran Rees Brennan's 'What Really Happened in Peru' will be published in 18 days and Cassie has shared another unknown The Bane Chronicles snippet with her fans. The Bane Chronicles will have 10 installments which are written by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson. The stories are published monthly as ebooks and in 2014 they will be published as a whole book. Here is what Cassie had to say about the new snippet:

The snippet isn’t really words. It’s art. But it’s under a cut anyway because it remains spoilery for Clockwork Princess. Art by the incomparable Cassandra Jean.

This boy had pale amber eyes, like a crystal glass filled brimful with crisp white wine and held up to catch the light of the sun. Magnus could not imagine these eyes as tender. The boy was lovely, but his was a beauty like that Helen of Troy might have had once, disaster written in every line. The light of his beauty made Magnus think of cities burning.

Fog and gaslight receded into memory. His momentary lapse into foolish nostalgia was over. This was not Will. That broken, beautiful boy would be a man now, and this boy was a stranger.

“I,” the boy announced, “am James Herondale.”  

Check out all the other snippets here.

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15 Comments on New THE BANE CHRONICLES snippet

  1. Gorgeous! I hope we hear more about Will and Tessa’s children!

  2. Oh my Herondales! Gorgeous!
    Really interesting though. The eyes.
    ***SPOILERS FOR CP2*** Tessa’s eyes are gray and Will’s are blue, so why are their son’s eyes amber? Sth to do with Tessa being part demon? So, are the amber eyes sth like a demon mark? I wonder what abilities will he have. And I LOVE Magnus! So excited about his chronicles!

  3. so beautiful!!! I read CP2 and to see this makes me think back 🙂 cnt wait for Bane Chronicles!!

  4. nevertrustaduck // March 29, 2013 at 6:53 PM // Reply

    ohhhh i almost started crying. wound too fresh

  5. Of course! Part of the reason would be that Magnus is banned from Peru is that a Herondale, Will’s son no less, is present!
    *No offence Herondale family*

  6. I just finished CP2 and all the feelings are still very fresh in my mind. I wasn’t planning on reading the Bane Chronicles but I think I will have to now. The tie-ins with all the books is just so compelling.

  7. Ah! I can’t wait to read this. Just finished CP2 the other day *sigh* amazing, I can’t wait to read more about Tess and Will’s children ❤

  8. teamedwardjace // March 29, 2013 at 10:34 PM // Reply

    we’re hearing more about tessa and will’s children!

  9. Shadowhunters with guns. Nice.

  10. for some reason this makes me want to cry. Oh Magnus you’re not the only one feeling nostalgic.

  11. omg awesome! James Herondale…. oh how I wish to read about him, I bet he is as witty as his father. I think his eyes come from both Will and Tessa having had contact to an angel. Tessa when she changed into the angel and Will when the clockwork angel marked him during sleep? Who knows… I wish we could already read about him in the Bane Chronicles. I cant wait for them now. Oh Cassy Clare, I dont know how you did it but I care so deeply for those fictional characters that it saddens me to know that Will doesnt exist anymore and also makes me totally exited to read about his son, whom I dont even know yet. It is as if they really existed.

  12. GUYS!! Could James Herondale be the main character in TLH???
    because this fits very well:
    -The story would take place in 1903
    -The series would follow the next generation of Shadowhunters after The Infernal Devices
    -Some of the characters in TLH are in The Bane Chronicles
    -The main characters in TLH are 16 and 17 years old

  13. dogpileonwill // March 30, 2013 at 1:50 PM // Reply

    Since Tessa is part Shadowhunter (angel) and part demon, could it be that James got the demon-badness-blood and their other child, Lucie, got the angelic-good blood?? Kind of like Sebastian and Jace only different


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