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More news about new Shadowhunter Chronicles series TLH

Shadowhunters Cut Last week Cassandra Clare announced that she will be writing two more Shadowhunter series after The Dark Artifices -- check out our post here -- and yesterday she has taken to her tumblr to answer questions about TLH. A fan asked

“I heard that there was be a love triangle in TLH, but isn’t the outcome already spoilered in the family tree? — ariksay” You might think so, but — no. image In fact it was really fun for me to come up with a family tree that was massively misleading. Remember, family trees are found objects — they contain only as much information as whoever drew them had. Secret marriages, arranged marriages, people being secretly dead, people being secretly other people: the family tree doesn’t reflect any of that. In fact, some of the most important characters (One of whom is a certain JH’s parabatai) don’t appear on the family tree at all. In fact, when the Bane Chronicle is released that takes place during/around TLH*, I think everyone is going to be like: “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? IT DOES NOT MATCH UP.” But it does, in the end…
The following answers will be Clockwork Princess spoilers!

Cassandra also said that we will be seeing Will and Tessa as parents and who else will be in TLH:

Will is James and Lucie’s father and James and Lucie (among others — Christopher and Grace and Cordelia and Alastair and Colin and Matthew and Charles and Jesse) are the main characters in the book. So of course, we see their parents. In fact, in one of the upcoming Bane Chronicles — the one that features James — you’ll get a sense of how much we will see them.

Cassie addressed ‘gaps’ in the family tree which is in first editions of Clockwork Princess:

(…) What I’m wondering however, has to do with the shadowhunter family tree on the book sleeve. Many of the family lines, including that of gideon’s lightwood line, come with the statement “see extended lightwood family tree.” Will we ever get to see the extended family trees? I would personally love to get more insight into shadow hunter families. Thanks for writing — little-mollusk”

Aaaand that is precisely why I didn’t include a lot of family trees: the Blackthorns, the Carstairs, the Fairchilds, the Lightwoods. I think having some information is good but not all of it. 🙂 Maybe after TDA and TLH, I’ll do the whole family trees.

Furthermore, she revealed if there is going to be more Wessa (Will and Tessa) and more Jessa (Jem and Tessa) in her upcoming books:

(…) It seems like we will be getting plenty of Jessa in the upcoming books – Heavenly Fire, especially. Will be able to also have more Wessa? I’d love to know more about the time they were married…Thank you!!! — literary-darling”

Well, TLH will be all Will and Tessa, married, because it takes place in 1903, so — Will and Tess are in their thirties and you get to see plenty of the loving couple that they are. There’s also a whole Bane Chronicle, the one about James Herondale, where you get a sense of what they’re like.

A lot of people have asked about whether Jem will be in CoHF or in TDA — as he clearly remains Brother Zachariah through City of Lost Souls — and unfortunately I can’t say much (there’s no reason to assume Jessa in CoHF. COHF might well be before the epilogue of CP2). Most of the things I could say about where Jem and Tessa will appear again and what they will be doing are spoilery.

Cassie also added a new question and answer to her FAQ on her official website:

What is TLH?

*TLH: the series that comes between TID and TMI, that takes place around 1903, that I have stated the acronym for (TLH) but not the full name, that has no deadline or planned publication dates because while I am having lots of fun working on the idea, I don’t want to work to deadline right now so that means it’s a WIP. It features the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices: Jem, Tessa, Will, the Lightwood brothers, etc.

The first installment of The Bane Chronicles –What Really Happened in Peru — will be released in 10 days!

Are you excited for TLH? Sound off in the coments!

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15 Comments on More news about new Shadowhunter Chronicles series TLH

  1. High Warlock of St. Louis // April 6, 2013 at 5:28 PM // Reply

    I cannot wait; especially if we get to see Jem! He is my favourite. It just seems very interesting to think about Will and Tessa’s children and the “misleading” family tree. It really makes you wonder…

  2. I’m so excited for TLH and I came to the conclusion that TLH stand for The Lost Heritage and has to do with a very special sword that ends up in Emma’s possession on TDA. Could be wrong though.
    There’s also a very spoilery and the most adorable new tarot card that hasn’t been posted here yet.

    • Correction : It’s just a picture not a tarot card but it’s still the most adorable picture ever.
      Will, Tessa and baby James.
      Major Awwwww 🙂

      • If this picture had been a tarot card you would have found it here on TMI Source. With me trying to tone down my fangirling 😉

  3. Caroline Blackthorn // April 6, 2013 at 9:03 PM // Reply

    About this ⬆ it’s VERY true. TMI Dource would have seen this pic. Also, I keep tabs on Cassandra Jean’s website and Tumblr and didn’t see any of that.

  4. InLoveWithFictionalCharacters // April 6, 2013 at 10:05 PM // Reply

    ” It features the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices: Jem, Tessa, Will, the Lightwood brothers, etc.”
    Did anyone else catch this? She says it covers the children of the characters of TID and mentions Jem. Um….don’t get me excited if this is just a typo…bc I will need medical attention if it’s not an error. How cute would a little Silent Brother baby be…LOL jk. But seriously, does he have a kid or was she just listing characters from the book?

  5. Awwww wait! I hope in COHF she explains Jem’s situation at least!

  6. KikiLOVESJace // April 7, 2013 at 10:28 AM // Reply

    YAHOO! Cassandra clare will keep on writing and writing! I could have never been any happier. 🙂


  8. shadowhunterboys4ever // April 7, 2013 at 5:18 PM // Reply

    Omg! more and more shadowhunters! I cant wait these books. I think I love James and Cordelia already.

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