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More The Bane Chronicles news

Back in February we posted the titles, synopses and release dates of The Bane Chronicles and now — in addition to the first cover — we have even more exciting news!

In the interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life, Sarah Rees Brennan said:

And sometimes the stories we planned to write take a dramatic turn. Cassie, Maureen, and I were just on tour together, and a lot of people were asking about the characters in The Infernal Devices. Cassie and I got to talking about it on the bus, and we’re like, “Well, this could be a Bane Chronicle and then we had to break the news to our editor that we had a different Bane Chronicle!

Observant fans will have noticed that there is a new installment on the official web site for The Bane Chronicles:

#4: The Midnight Heir

by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan | July 23, 2013

In Edwardian London, Magnus Bane discovers old friends and new enemies—including the son of his former comrade Will Herondale. One of ten adventures in The Bane Chronicles.

Magnus thought he would never return to London, but he is lured by a handsome offer from Tatiana Blackthorn, whose plans—involving her beautiful young ward—are far more sinister than Magnus even suspects. In London at the turn of the century, Magnus finds old friends, and meets a very surprising young man . . . the sixteen-year-old James Herondale.

The previous 4th installment — The Rise of the Hotel Dumort — has now been combined with the 5th and its new title is The Rise and Fall of the Hotel Dumort (to be published August 20). The official synopsis can be read here.

Furthermore, the title for the last short story — The Letter — has changed to The Last Stand of the New York Institute.

Have a look at the placeholder:

And here is a synopsis from

Magnus meets Valentine in battle as the Circle attacks the Downworlders of New York City. One of the ten adventures in the Bane Chronicles.

In the time of the Uprising, Valentine’s Circle goes after Downworlders in New York…and the Shadowhunters of the Institute must decide whether to join him, or fight with Magnus and his kind. This is the first time Magnus sees Jocelyn, Luke, and Stephen—but not the last. It is not long before Jocelyn seeks him out…

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  1. i can not wait to read them all.

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