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Review: The Bane Chronicles – What Really Happened in Peru


Happy release day!

It doesn't often pay off to live in Narnia (Europe) when you are a Cassandra Clare fan, but sometimes it does and then it's actually pretty glorious :-)

Because of the time difference between Europe and the States, I got my What Really Happened in Peru ebook 'early' (0:41 AM GMT +2/6:41 PM EDT) and I have written an almost spoiler-free review for all the fans who are still uncertain about buying the first installment of The Bane Chronicles:


  • around 40 pages (712 positions on my Kindle)
  • a preface and 4 chapters

Every chapter tells us an adventure that happened to Magnus while he was in Peru and wow, some adventures were really quite exciting.

I laughed a lot when I read What Really Happened in Peru – especially at the beginning. Due to the official synopsis, we know that Magnus’s warlock friends Ragnor Fell (from The Infernal Devices and City of Glass) and Catarina Loss (from City of Fallen Angels) traveled with our favorite, glittery warlock. I enjoyed reading about their adventures and getting to know Ragnor and Catarina better. Ragnor is a grumpy but still lovable guy and Catarina knows Magnus very well.  It was nice to finally get a peek into Magnus’s relationships with his warlock friends – before we have only seen his relationships with the Shadowhunters, Tessa or his love interests.

The Magnus we read about is and is not the Magnus we know from The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments. He already has his extravagant fashion sense or sassy comebacks, but we see an aspect of his life that was previously unknown to us and which makes me love Magnus even more. Although Magnus, Ragnor and Catarina are all warlocks, they not only differ in their appearance but also in the way they were brought up and how they see themselves because of it. Very cryptic, right? 😉

Now to the slightly spoilery part of the review. I fangirled because a certain, very beloved family is shortly mentioned in What Really Happened in Peru and I loved reading about them.

We also get further insight into Magnus’s immortal life and what it is like to be in love with a mortal. There was a heartbreaking quote that I just HAVE to share with you. Highlight the text between the brackets to read it:

[“Magnus had learned to be careful about giving his memories with his heart. When people died, it felt like all the pieces of yourself you had given to them went as well. It took so long, building yourself back up until you were whole again, and you were never entirely the same.” Position 381, Kindle version]

Cassie and Sarah also tease fans with mentions of Magnus’s demon father and the information they have given us will certainly add to the ‘Who is Magnus’s father?’ theories. Only 11 more months until City of Heavenly Fire!

I really enjoyed reading the first installment of The Bane Chronicles – what an ending! – and the only thing left to ‘say’ is:

The next ebook – The Runaway Queen – will be released on May 21.

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12 Comments on Review: The Bane Chronicles – What Really Happened in Peru

  1. I’ve still not read all of it. I’ve made it part way through the first chapter but as you said with the time it was released (I’m UK based) I ended up falling asleep with my kindle still in my hands.

  2. I cried at the slightest mention of Will, Tessa and then Edmund Herrondale (I wonder what happened there). It was so funny when he got drunk and went on a magic carpet ride and then proceeded to fire cactus needles at Ragnor Fell and Catarina. I need more now!

    I loved it. I was laughing alot, but I cried 4 times. Once when it mentioned a love dieing in his arms. Once when he said he only only spoke his native tongue when series (This one made me sad and think about ‘that’ seen in Lost Souls. Once when the Peruvian bastard made him sad. And then when we learn about his mark.

  4. While I was reading A Series of Drunken Events I laughed so hard my friend asked me if I was having fits.

  5. i am likely waiting for a complete issue than I will read all the stories!

  6. Not having an e-reader is an issue in being able to read these. Would you consider releasing them to view on a computer as well? I’d love to read these!

    • You don’t necessarily need an ereader to read these. You can download the Amazon Kindle or Nook apps and then buy the eBook through one of those outlets and read it on your phone. Same goes with tablets and computers 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Idag publicerades den första novellen ur The Bane Chronicles, What Really Happened in Peru (ungefär: Vad som faktiskt hände där i Peru)

  8. I thought i was the only one who fangirled at the mention of Tessa and Will! Seriously if someone had been in the room with me while I was reading this they would’ve thought I was crazy. I’m now looking forward to the next installments especially the ones about Herondales. I liked how utterly hilarious it was but it also had sad and touching moments that made me love Magnus even more.

  9. If only America could not be racist & release this in other countries 😦

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