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Shadowhunters App to feature ‘BANE CHRONICLES’ teaser each month

Bane Chronicles

According to the Shadowhunter’s Wiki, the official Shadowhunters App will feature a new teaser every month leading up to the latest Bane Chronicles installment.

Have you downloaded the Shadowhunters app for iOS and Android yet? If you haven’t, go and get it on your phone stat. Simon & Schuster just gave Wikia a heads up about exclusive new content coming to the app! 

Starting this week, S&S will feature a teaser each month to the nextThe Bane Chronicles ebook in the Exclusives section!

Be on the look-out on the Shadowhunters App for this May’s teaser for The Runaway Queen, which will be released on May 21.

Haven’t downloaded the Shadowhunters App yet? Download the app for your iPhone or Android device here.

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8 Comments on Shadowhunters App to feature ‘BANE CHRONICLES’ teaser each month

  1. I was lookking forward to buyin the Bane Chronicles but they are only on Kindle which I do not have. I have NO way to buy and read them. Very very disappointed. I thought they were coming out in short stories in some sort of paperback. Am I the only one who is so very disappointed!!!!!!

    • IrishShowhuntersAnonymous // April 29, 2013 at 2:41 PM // Reply

      No way are you the only one but trust me you don’t want to hear my rant about how ebooks are ruining the way we read books. I was really looking forward to reading the Bane Chronicles but unfortunately I will have to wait until next year for the published version to come out 😦

    • You dont’ need kindle! I downloaded a kindle program that Amazon hasfor free for my computer and it works perfect! I think the other sites selling them have things similiar. But yeah totally free and it downloaded to the free program like 15 minutes after it hit midnight!

    • Hey,not to worry.A book version will be released some time next year when all the stories have released. You’ll get the book with all 10 stories! 😀 I to,am a fan of buying books- I hate to read online.

      • Thank you so much. Good to know. I will wait for the book as I also love to read books the way they should be read, not on line.

  2. No iPhone or Android. 😦

  3. They really should allow the Shadowhunter app to be available for Windows phones. I don’t own an iPhone or android phone:(

  4. I AM NEPHILIM // May 1, 2013 at 6:53 AM // Reply

    damn it!!! i don’t have any gadget that will allow me to have the app :((((

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