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Cassandra Clare shares photo of CITY OF BONES movie tie-in

Cassandra Clare's copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

On her tumblr account Cassandra Clare posted this image of the CITY OF BONES movie tie-in edition.

Cassandra Clare's copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare’s copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare said on her Tumblr

The City of Bones tie-in edition! I’m always a little frightened of tie-in editions but this one came out extremely pretty. I love the creepy upside-down city and the book is shimmery gold on top and shimmery silver on the bottom. Here it is having arrived today, living on my coffee table.

Although this image is not new to the fandom, it is rather fun seeing this picture on the cover of CITY OF BONES. What do you think of the cover? Will you be buying this version of the book purely because of the cover? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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14 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares photo of CITY OF BONES movie tie-in

  1. It already changed the cover of CoB to the tie-in version weeks ago on my nook. Extreme fangirling occurred. xD

  2. Lena Grace // May 29, 2013 at 5:47 PM // Reply


  3. I love the cover!!!!

  4. When u say movie tie in edition does that mean, it’s going to be like the movie version that will come out in August 21st????? I’m confused.

    • TheFirstEvil // May 30, 2013 at 12:36 PM // Reply

      No, a movie tie-in edition is basically the exact same book, just with a different cover to promote the movie.

  5. I love the cover! Usually the use the actors from the movie but I like this so much better because then new readers can get their own image of how they picture the characters! (Not that the cast isn’t amazing though!)

  6. it’s really nice!

  7. As much as I love Jace, I always found the missing eyes/not whole face somewhat creepy and misleading in the original cover..
    I like this one so much better!
    It’s the perfect cover to describe the Shadow World which is hidden within our own and the whole story which is not about Jace, specifically.
    In fact, how cool would it be if CoB had the Mortal Cup as its cover, CoA the Mortal Sword, you get my drift, much like the Harry Potter adult-Coolest Book Covers Ever? 😉 *crosses fingers for CoA poster/tie-in cover*
    *hopes there are Also no characters in*
    And OF COURSE I’m DEFINITELY getting that!

  8. I love it!!!! I have already pre-ordered it. It can’t come fast enough for me!!!!

  9. I think the movie tie-in edition book cover is better than the original book covers.

  10. I may buy it. I have no read it in English, and I want to, so, why not the tie-in edition?

  11. The cover is really pretty. But I won’t be buying it.
    1. Because I have no money ever so I don’t see the point in buying a book I already have just for a cover.
    2. Because I’m not a fan of tie in book covers, or just changes in cover in general. This one is great, and well done to whoever decided this for the cover. But I prefer getting books with the original covers. Because surely there must have been a reason for that brig the cover in the first place.

    Idk, that’s just how I see things anyway.

  12. I will not buy it but a quick look at it and into it was strange. When I came to the description of Magnus and compared it to the one of the non-tie in edition the descriptions were different, significantly different. There is no description anymore about the shape of his eyes and he is no longer part Asian, but just Asian in it. Also after his navel less stomach is described in the original version his hands were white but here no longer. And in the book description there is no mentioning of such a change, either that is due to translation (which would be odd since the non-tie-in version is from the same publisher) or they actually did change the content of the book.

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