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Lily Collins talks ‘MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ with Sensacine


Sensacine caught up with Lily Collins (Clary Fray) on the Toronto set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last September, where the actress gushed about the series, the film, her love of reading and more.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits theaters on Aug. 21. Click here for worldwide release dates.

Here is the interview (translation via Google translate):

How do you feel shooting in an environment like this?

I’m a fan of fantasy stories since I was little, and in this project we are having the luck to shoot in a lot of locations … In places as fantastic as this! Do not think you could pick a better place to acclimate the Institute . It’s great to step on a location and be no need to recreate it with a green screen. Only someone as Harald Zwart, the director, could have built a world. What we are doing is not a caricature of fantasy, not even a simple transcription of a book.Harald is building a film that stands on its own, and that is tremendously important for any series. 

Did you know Cassandra Clare’s books before shooting?

Sure! I loved the books before I chose for the deal. I said I love fantasy, so I always have been interested as a reader for all such sagas. When I found the first three books, I immediately became a fan of all the characters, and it was a great honor as a fan that I chose for the film. When I met Cassandra … was meeting the creator of a world in which he had lived! This story speaks of self-discovery, to realize that you can do things, to find yourself on a trip like that all teenagers experience. And the journey takes place in a fantasy world, but it is acquiring Harald reality.We know we are in a world of fantasy, but we also know that it has to look real. 

Are you a regular reader? It is commonplace among young people …

Libraries hopefully never closed and, although there Internet, books continue printing. I love to hold them in my hands, turning the pages … It is very important to grant yourself time to disappear from reality and introduce you to another world. It may be in a comic or a melodrama British books in your country or abroad. Now with the Internet people do not pay much attention to reading and is very important.

The protagonist, Clary, is a 15 years as resolved. Like you?

In the film we have raised a little older, but I’ve always been a girl who knew what he was getting, what it was that interested … I grew up surrounded by friends of my parents and always Adults from very small, so a lot of confidence in itself. And Clary, too. Although not really know what their path is very confident in itself when it has to achieve some goal or overcome an obstacle.

An obstacle like that love triangle wrapped …

Many sagas include in their frames a love triangle, we all know that. But the originality of this film is … although its plot is love, not just a love story. Clary’s world does not stop when he sees a guy she likes. She is more concerned about saving his mother and what matters is the family … and manage power that lies within itself. The love triangle or hijack history nor overshadows the real action of the tape.

You just mentioned Clary’s mother. How is the relationship with it?

My mother and I are best friends in the world, and I totally relate to the character. If I were in that situation, if carried my mother beside me, would do anything to make it back. Overall, my family is very important to me. My brothers are very small and, if anything happened … We are five and I’m the middle one.

How do you carry your brothers be a successful actress? Will also for actors?

My older sister was an actress for a long time, now producing-, my older brother is a musician, and my younger brothers are only interested in wrestling and football. They are 7 and 11 years! But very supportive of my career.We saw Snow White (Mirror, Mirror) all together and always asking me about my work. My 11 year old brother texted me the other day that said, “How are your martial arts movie?”. Is most interested in my training with specialists, which are very intense in this movie.

How much have you had to train to City of Bones ?

Very much! I trained for three months before coming to Toronto, and when I landed literally threw me into the arms of specialists, we did combat, sword fighting, we jumped, ran … All actors wanted to be sure we could do all the movements of the characters ourselves, if they were safe, sure, so the physical part is very important. I am very fond of Naomi, my double for stunts, which also was Snow White .

This is your second fictional heroine after Snow White …

Well … I think the two characters begin their stories without really knowing what their potential. They need to discover themselves. Clary needs a little nudge to do … but its dramatic arc is quite long, and need to go through different situations and resolve them. It becomes a heroine overnight. You have to go through all the stages that adolescents: learn to deal with love, family, friends … I love strong female characters, who find that asking for help is not a weakness.

Why do you think you are fashionable monsters, vampires, etc?

Today many serious things happen … And I mean the adult world, the economy, Everything that happens! Out of this world and travel to a fantasy world, fantastic creatures, means disappear for a while. Go to a movie or read a book with so that you can disappear, if only for a while, it’s fantastic. Not having to think about reality for a period of time. 

What is your relationship with the genre? Have you researched the hell?

No! The truth is that I always been interested in the world of ghosts. I have grown up loving the saga movies like Scary Movie . I like to be scared. And I’m a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock. I saw many black and white films as a child, and I love them all that is behind the dialogue: the music, the lighting, which passes through the faces of the actors. No, I have not investigated too. Sometimes too much research may not be useful … because we are creating our own version of this universe.

Do you think Shadowhunters will succeed as saga?

Always wait for the first film is released to see what happens, but I believe in this story, it has the potential to generate new fans, as eager as the books. It’s a story supported by the characters, and not have to be a fan of the books you like. I hope it becomes a hit series.

What do you think the prospect of continuing to play Clary?

I love it! I went into the project because I like Clary and because I love the story. All the actors are having a great time. It’s been an amazing experience. The parts of this world are fitting-the costumes, the scenery, and have been two years since I was hired. During that time, everything went fitting and I’m enjoying every day. I believe in these books and think they have much to say.

Got this the explosion of fame that awaits when the series is released?

The truth is I do not know what to expect … I got this movie because I believe in it and when I arrived the first day on set and saw people waiting, and the paparazzi, was rare! It is very rare that a film set there are people with books for me to sign. Because they are fans of the book! They follow because they love the story. But it’s amazing to have that support, it’s great that people want to support you because they believe in you to play his heroine.And even more fantastic is how they find out where you’ll be, how to get there … Just to say hello and then leave you alone. I hope we can make them happy with the film we are creating, they are as much a part of this world as we are.

Who is your actress model? Do you see movies starring radically different from this?

Audrey Hepburn. I know I said in interviews promoting Snow White , but I really admire. I admire how he does not need to say anything … to say much. It is all in the way he moved, on his face, in his eyes. Regarding films … I’d love to do a period British drama! I love Jane Austen’s books and his entire universe. I can go from killing vampires on a fantastic saga carriage ride through the prairies. I feel very comfortable with these stories because I grew up in England. If I like what I do is because I have the opportunity to play different characters at different times. You can pretend for a moment that you live in a different time. 

You studied journalism. What question would you yourself have you ever done?

The questions that journalists ask are what … I hope you never ask! They never say!


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10 Comments on Lily Collins talks ‘MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ with Sensacine

  1. Despite the shitty google translate I really enjoyed this interview, but then I always enjoy Lily’s interviews! lol
    Why is this very interesting interview so much delayed to be posted? (from last September)
    Anyway, love the reference about her little brothers, love the fact they aged Clary in the film and hope she gets to do horror movies since she likes being scared.
    She’s so right about why choose fantasy over other genres.
    Also, couldn’t agree more about reading. Keep buying books people, listen to Lily!
    Man, so many things to comment on! And she always says the right things.
    I wish her to be Clary for a LONG time and have all that she’s after! Love her!

  2. I go straight to the point not make a story out if a question. Sweet

  3. So that’s why the text is so odd, google translate! I read it thinking I was losing my mind, I get it now! #notcrazy

  4. I love that lily was clearly a fan before she got the part in every interview you can see how much she loves Clary. She understands the books and the way the characters work together. If films succeed on enthusiasm alone then cob would be a massive hit.
    I’m so glad lily is playing her after looking at forums and reading all the comments about her height her hair and so on the truth is who better to play her than lily she understands Clary so well.
    Also agree about books and reading my house is full of them I refuse to buy a kindle….good on you lily!!

  5. I love this interview Lily speaks very true to herself and that’s what love about her.

  6. I really hope in the future she does a scary movie, because she said she’s a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies. So I’m crossing my fingers!!!!!

  7. I loved Lily’s interview & how she was a fan of the series before the movie!

  8. TeamEdwardJace // June 20, 2013 at 8:51 PM // Reply

    lovely interview though crappy translation. it’s not your fault. lily is awesome adnd clary is awesome strong female protagonist who has her flaws which makes her more awesome. izzy is tool. you can be femine and st and strong

  9. I totally loved the movie. Jace was the hot,demon killing shadow hunter ever.Isabelle was exactly the made the movie better than the thing I should say is that Simon should be more cute.Please hurry and make the next movie because as soon as it is out I am going to watch it.I also hope the next book ends well for Jace and clary.I imagined jack to look different in the movie but he was still hot.You are the best writer I have ever read.Because of you I can’t put a book down.DONT EVER QUIT WRITING BOOKS!!!!! ;..)

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