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Jamie Campbell Bower to attend fan event in Barcelona on June 27


Attention Shadowhunters: Our Jace, Jamie Campbell Bower, will be attending a special fan event in Barcelona on June 27, eOne Films Spain announced.

Any Shadowhunters plan on attending?

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13 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower to attend fan event in Barcelona on June 27

  1. Sweet. Come to las Vegas Cassie besides Jamie you’d have fun I promise you.

  2. Don’t forget to come home Jamie a and see your UK fans, we’re so proud of you , so glad your our jace xxx

  3. Jamie come to U.S.!!!

  4. Jamie, come to Poland! We want you, we need you! 😛

  5. Come to South Africa Jamie, you have loads of fans here!!!!

  6. Something stupid… but I noticed that the word ”time” in Spanish is the same word in my language, too.

  7. jamie everyone is so proud of you! come to canada please!

    • Yes Jamie come to Canada and to Montreal. We are having Comiccon in September- like 3 weeks after the premiere of COB!!!! I’ve been trying to contact Sony to invite Cassie and all the cast members, but they are not responding. 😦

    • Yes, Canada please 🙂 At least a few big cities, including Montréal (living on hope, I know :p but fingers and toes crossed anyways LOL)

  8. Lydia Herondale // June 21, 2013 at 8:50 PM // Reply

    Okay, please please please PLEASE come to Australia! And not only Sydney!!!! Come on everyone thinks Sydney is like the only city in Australia…

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