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Lily Collins gushes about ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS,’ talks fan expectations


While in Ireland filming her latest flick Love, Rosie, Lily Collins took the time to speak to about her highly-anticipated film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on Aug. 21.

Being a fan of the books before she got the role of Clary, Lily gushed about Cassandra Clare’s world and Harald Zwart’s cinematic vision.

“I believe in the stories, I believe in Clary the character, I love that fantasy world, I love playing in it. And the thing I love the most about these books and what Harald [Zwart] our director has done is he’s brought it to this realness that really grounds it and doesn’t make it just a fantasy film.”

Clare’s books have sold more than 23 million copies worldwide and boasts a fan base that is large, passionate and spans worldwide. Lily admitted that there’s an added pressure with that, but that she’s “very proud” of the film.

“It’s got many, many fans which is a blessing because you have a built-in audience. Of course there’s extra expectations but at the end of the day they’ve been so supportive and positive so far, so I do feel very positive that it’s going to be received well. I’m very proud of it.”

Lily revealed that she’s excited about preparation on the sequel, The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, which begins production in the fall.

“We’ve already been green lit for a second one which is really exciting, so we’re prepping for the sequel.”

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8 Comments on Lily Collins gushes about ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS,’ talks fan expectations

  1. I know there will be changes, but that’s something to expect with every book to movie adaptation. I think the cast and director has done a great job, and they made Cassie proud, and as long as they did that, I know the movie is going to be great!

    • I totally agree with you… I am Very Excited to see this Movie and so Happy that I’ll get to see it in two months<3<3<3

  2. I agree to , like I’ve said before for us ardent fans who know the book inside out it’ll be great to have some surprises!!! Can’t wait!!! / off to see world war z but I’ll be more excited if I see our trailer

  3. I got so excited when I just read that the second one is coming out!!! I am basically almost finished City of Ashes, and I think that they must make the movies for the whole series; for example I know that Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief was out in 2010 or so, and they made a second one that id due to come out in August I think. So whenever there are books like these, my opinion is that if they get turned into movies, that they must finish directing/making the rest. I am also excited to see the trailer for this one.

  4. this is the movie i’ve been waiting for about 2 years so i’m pretty sure that it’s going to turn out awesome!!!!!!!so excited:)

  5. Rachel Schmidt-Henderson // June 22, 2013 at 5:33 PM // Reply

    Yes. It’s a good thing that she was into the series before she got picked to play the main character. That way she practically knows everything about what she is doing.

  6. i love you lily and while there some changes, it will still be awesome

  7. I need this movie…like…now. Don’t mind me, just fan girling in a dark corner…ahhhhhhhhhh

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