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Demi Lovato, Zedd, Colbie Caillat and AFI to headline ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ soundtrack

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Exciting soundtrack news, Shadowhunters!

The first wave of artists and tracks from the official soundtrack for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones have been revealed.

The soundtrack, coming from Republic Records on Aug. 20, is headlined by Demi Lovato, Zedd, Colbie Caillat, AFI and Jessie J among others. And according to the press release that went out, more artists and tracks will be announced soon.

Some songs, including Lovato’s “Heart By Heart” and Caillat’s “When The Darkness Comes,” were recorded specifically for City of Bones. Also, Zedd “scored for a key scene in the film.”

Of the 12 tracks revealed, two have been previously released, while the others are new songs.

Track list:

1. Zedd “Into The Lair”

2. Jessie J “Magnetic”

3. AFI “17 Crimes (LA Riots Remix)”

4. Demi Lovato “Heart By Heart”

5. Youngblood Hawke “Bring Me Home”

6. Colbie Caillat “When The Darkness Comes”

7. Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 featuring Tove Lo “Strangers”

8. Pacific Air “Bear”

9. He Is We featuring Owl City “All About Us”

10. Bassnectar “Calling From Above”

11. Jetta “Start A Riot”

12. Bryan Ellis “Strange Days”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack will be released by Republic Records in stores and digital retailers on August 20.

What do you think of some of the artists to be featured on the soundtrack? What artist are you most looking forward to hearing? What other artists would you like to see on the soundtrack?

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57 Comments on Demi Lovato, Zedd, Colbie Caillat and AFI to headline ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ soundtrack

  1. That’s a pretty amazing lineup! I’m so excited!!

  2. not what i was expecting. demi lovato is more pop that i imagined but it looks good!

  3. Christina Marie // July 1, 2013 at 2:34 PM // Reply

    I think I have to really process how I feel about this… I love that the OST is finally being talked about, though! been waiting for SOOOO long! haha

  4. AHHHH am dying of emotions I love these artists Demi & Colbie are some of my favorites 😀

  5. AAAHHH HE IS WE AND OWL CITY!! I heard that song and I just thought that has to be in the movie and here it is?

  6. I think its awesome, AFI r a great band & Colbeie Caillat is amazing.. I was expecting some 30 seconds to mars though..hope they will be part of the other artists that will be announced later.

  7. No radiohead? But in the trailer I heard radiohead… I’m not liking the OSTs :/

  8. was hoping for some florence and the machine and maybe some imagine dragons. im actually fine with demi cause her stuff right now is much darker than before so i think it’ll be fine

    • I was so sure Florence would feature on the soundtrack seeing that Jamie is in the video for one of their songs… Imagine Dragons is awesome too!!

    • I know. Florence would be pretty much perfect for the soundtrack and Imagine Dragons too. Hopefully when they relase the other artists, one of them will be on their. I’m kinda dissapointed in the ones now. Colbie Calliat is okay, as long as the song is dark. I think Demi is a good choice too. I’m also hoping for Ellie Goulding. Halcyon was really dark, and CoB is a dark book, so why not?

  9. sheilathethongbarbarino // July 1, 2013 at 3:17 PM // Reply

    I wish Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons were on the soundtrack!


  11. The soundtrack looks fantastic and I’m extremely excited to see that AFI is on it (they’re my favorite band)!


  13. KikiLOVESJace // July 1, 2013 at 3:48 PM // Reply

    Some of these songs look pretty good, the one I’m most excited about is, heart by heart by demi lovato.

  14. Awesome mix! I’m guessing Demi would have the lead single?

    • Also, I’m glad they threw in some pop and didn’t just have an entirely indie/rock soundtrack. That’s been done to death. Switch it up!

  15. I am really exited to hear it :)!

  16. Pacific Air… I’m screaming right now.

  17. so more are still coming? *crosses fingers for Beth Crowley*

  18. I’m so excited like I forgot to breathe.

  19. PACIFIC AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Beth Crowley should be on the soundrack!!!!!

    • rr_ac_cc_lm // July 1, 2013 at 6:33 PM // Reply

      BETH CROWLEY WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING!!! Especially warrior!! I think Beth Crowley and Florence + the machine should be on!! I’m not too keen on Demi lovato though

      • Actually Demi I think would be really good for CoB she has so many good songs and one inpaticular (two pieces) reminds me SO much of Jace and Clary :DD

      • I’m actually okay with Demi being on the soundtrack, I’ve been listening to her snippet practically nonstop since it came out. But I also really Hope Beth Crowley WILL get on the soundtrack, because she just NEEDS to be, you know?

  21. I hope Florence + the machine will appear on the soundtrack I feel that her style of music will fit the movie. I love her voice so I would be pretty happy to have her singing in the soundtrack. Happy about Demi singing. I have high hopes for this. 🙂 so excited!!!

  22. I’m not too sure about this line up… Bassnectar ”Calling From Above” reminds me of The Fault In Our Stars and not at all of City of Bones. And I’ve never heard of most of these artists but I will look them up

  23. forbiddenfruit2110 // July 1, 2013 at 6:28 PM // Reply

    not to excited to hear Demi is going to on this soundtrack .Im not a fan of hers at all, but every other artist sounds great 🙂

  24. Seems like a lot of pop music. Should have had the same people who did the soundtracks for Twilight and Hunger Games. Now they know good music.

    • I agree. As an sort-of twihard myself, those soundtracks were good, if not amazing. The movies may have been pathetic (except for the last two) and the books okay, but the soundtracks were out of the park. I adored them. Florence, Muse, Iron and Wine, the Civil Wars (HG) would have been nice. I like Jetta-Start a Riot. I think it describes Jace’s Shadowhunter world and his feelings for Clary at the same time. And she sounds like Emeli Sande.

  25. I’m exciting for AFI. I wish Florence and the Machine was on the soundtrack, imagine dragons, and Warrior though 😦

  26. I think imagine dragons demons would be a perfect choice

  27. ZEDDD <33 YES!!!

  28. It would be so amazing if Jamie and Lily did a duet together!

  29. What about warrior by beth Crowley? Doesnt that deserve to be here? She wrote the song for the book series.

  30. I really think Beth Crowley’s song should have been in this. I’m more mad than sad that it isn’t, she said in her youtube video when she first wrote the song it took her many, many, months to do, and everyone loves it. I really wish it was on here. 😦

  31. GUYS. Goodreads has a picture of the cover for City of Heavenly Fire o.O

  32. Shadowhunter // July 1, 2013 at 11:41 PM // Reply

    I hate to say this but that line up sucks. I’m a huge the Mortal Instruments fan but this track listing was to much pop crap and not alternative or rock which I would expect for this movie anyway as I am a huge fan of the series.I just hope this isn’t a indication to how the movie will be. I could be proven wrong when more of these songs are released though.

    • Shadowhunter // July 1, 2013 at 11:51 PM // Reply

      Luckily these aren’t all the song so maybe the other songs have a darker feel to them like imagine dragons , Florence & the machine , and ellie goulding

    • Completely agree with you. TMI has a rock vibe, but all I can see here is ultra-commercial pop. I was expecting a bit of dance pop (pandemonium, magnus’ party) but this is all like that, plus I don’t like D. Lovato. I was hoping for Florence +TM, kasabian, 30stm, or radiohead (as it was in the trailer), Imagine Dragons or Arctic Monkeys (their latest songs are very dark and mysterious). I’m disappointed for the soundtrack so far.
      Well, hopefully something better has still to come, fingers crossed.

  33. First new AFI song since 2009!!!

  34. omigod. HE IS WE. I’ve loved He is We since forever

  35. I’m SUPER excited for this album!!! The lineup looks amazing for the movie!
    I really hope they add Beth Crowley’s song to it, especially since it was inspired by the books.

  36. midnightrose // July 6, 2013 at 1:18 PM // Reply

    i agree with Shadowhunter I thought there would be alot more rock and metal bands on here. Maybe there would be if Lakeshore Records were doing the soundtrack. But I am looking forward to the other people who will be on the soundtrack.

  37. I REALLY wanted Beth Crowley’s Warrior song to be on there!!!!

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