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CITY OF BONES Read-Along: Chapter 5: ‘Clave and Covenant’


Shadowhunters! We’re your next stop on the City of Bones Read-Along.

Continuing now until August 12, TMI Source, Page to Premiere, Mundie Moms and Fangirlish will be hosting a read-along to prepare you for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits theaters on August 21.


Following the events at her apartment, Clary wakes up three days later in the infirmary of the New York Institute. She’s in-and-out of consciousness and she hears about everything that has happened from the voices of Alec and Isabelle. When Clary wakes up she finds Isabelle sitting on a nearby bed. Isabelle fills her in on everything, explains the Institute, Hodge and what happened to Jace’s parents.

After she changes into some of Isabelle’s clothes, Clary wanders the corridor of the Institute until the sound of a piano grabs her attention. She follows the music to a music room where she sees Jace seated at a grand piano, his fingers gliding over the keys. Clary announces herself and we get some nice banter between her and Jace before he takes her to see Hodge, filling her in on the Lightwoods and about Idris.

In the library, Clary first meets Hodge and his raven Hugo. Hodge talks with Clary about what happened with the Ravener demon. Alec walks into the room and in this scene we get the first taste of his hostility towards Clary and she fires right back. There’s a lot of discussion in this scene about Clary, the Ravener attack, Madame Dorothea, Shadowhunters, etc., and Jace reveals that back at Clary’s he drew a mendelin rune on the inside of her arm to help get her to the Institute. Clary learns that the marks could have killed her if she wasn’t a Shadowhunter.

Clary calls Luke to tell him what has happened only to have her heart broken by Luke’s seemingly lack of regard for Clary and her mother. Clary is nearly in tears and Hodge, seeing that, asks Jace and Alec to clear the room. Hodge talks with Clary about everything that has happened to her, starting that night at Pandemonium. Clary mentions “Valentine” and it shocks Hodge. He explains about Valentine — the rogue Shadowhunter — and his distaste for Downworlders, which he explains are vampires, werewolves, faeries, and warlocks. Clary is crushed with so much information in this chapter on the history of the Nephilim, to their dealings, to the other creatures out there, etc.

Hodge agrees to let Clary head back to her place to see what’s left, as long as Jace accompanies her. She sets off after Jace in the weapons room, leaving Hodge to send a secret message. 

From what we’ve heard about how this plays out in the film, Clary and Simon and taken to the Institute by Jace and it’s there where Clary passes out after being bitten by the Ravener demon back at her apartment. Clary wakes up, with an iratze on her arm, to Simon and Jace. I’m excited to see how the rest of this chapter plays out on the big screen!

Head to Page To Premiere for Chapter 6 tomorrow (July 25).

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