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MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Mall Tour: Chicago + Miami Flyers

Shadowhunters! The Mortal Instruments mall tour kicks off Sunday in Minneapolis and hits Chicago on Tuesday at 6 PM CT  at the Chicago Ridge Mall and then Miami on Wednesday at 5:30 PM at the Dolphin Mall. Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers will be on hand for a fan Q & A and exclusive autograph signing following those events.

Check out the flyer from both events!

Chicago Event

Chicago Flyer


Miami Event

Mortal Instruments Mall Tour Flyer

I’ll be in Miami covering the event for you guys. Any Shadowhunters headed to the Miami event? I hope to see you there!

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9 Comments on MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Mall Tour: Chicago + Miami Flyers

  1. Oh my God I’m so going to be listening to Y00 for the next four days. I have to have that wristband

  2. Please video tape it,someone

  3. Ill be at the Miami date! I was first in line to get a wrist band with my sister & cousin. I can’t wait!

    • Do any of you guys know at what time we’re supposed to be at hot topic. I got my wristband too, but they didn’t really specify the procedures for the signing.

  4. I’ll be there too! If I see you Alyssa, I will be sure to thank you, because without you keeping us all updated I would not have known to go get a wristband at Hot topic last Friday!

  5. I can’t go, I think my soul just broke a little bit

  6. please reply! i’m going to the miami event but i found out a few days ago and didn’t know there was a wristband can i still get something signed?

  7. Thank you so much for the information! I couldn’t find before the date for the Miami event; it’s a little of a surprise for it to be TOMORROW but I’m excited. See you there 🙂

  8. Where and how can I get a wristband for the signing so late? Are they gonna give them out in the event?

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