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Watch: Harald Zwart has a special message for ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans


Director Harald Zwart came out to visit with Mortal Instruments fans who were camping out for the world premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Los Angeles. Harald brought soup for the fans in attendance and us, along with Mundie Moms and Fangirlish, gave out more tickets to the premiere. Page to Premiere and TMI Examiner also joined us!

Harald recorded a special video message for us at the Arclight theater, where he thanked the fans.

Also check out some photos we took from the camp out:

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5 Comments on Watch: Harald Zwart has a special message for ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans

  1. Awww, look at all you darling people! 🙂
    It’s so fab to see you guys spreading and sharing the Shadowhunter love. Have a fantastic time and live the dream Alyssa, live the dream! xo

  2. teamedwardjace // August 12, 2013 at 4:34 PM // Reply

    aw you guys so look so cute and are so lucky@ and harold is awesome!

  3. aw my tattoo is up there 🙂 Thanks for sharing that, and it was awesome to meet you, Alyssa!

  4. lol totally the worst pictures ever of me haha. oh well. still was super fun!

    • ok, so i looked at the close up of the pics and i look much better there, so not the worse pictures ever ahaha, just looks bad in the little previews lol

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