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Our coverage from ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ world premiere

We attended the world premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Los Angeles on Monday, August 12, where even the carpet looked better in black.

Us, Fangirlish and Mundie Moms were at the corner of the curve of the black carpet and spoke briefly with some of the stars, Cassandra Clare, Atli Orvarsson and more on a rapidly-moving black carpet before the screening of the film.


Author Cassandra Clare was very excited about the premiere but also unnerved about the possibility of embarrassment on the black carpet.

“I’m very nervous and I’m very freaked out and afraid I’m going to trip and fall on the carpet.”

Jamie Campbell Bower came up to us, Fangirlish and Mundie Moms and gave all three of us hugs before revealing how he was feeling with the premiere.

“Terrified,” he said. “I’m always very anxious and nervous at these things.”

He noted the significance of the greenhouse scene, well as the pressure that came with wanting to satisfy the fans.

“The greenhouse scene was very important for me,” he said. “As Jace, it’s the moment he lets his guard down and you see why he is the way that he is. We worked on that a lot, as well as the ending. We really wanted to make it as good as we could for the fans.”

Jamie stressed its importance for Jace’s character and letting the audience see his vulnerability.

“The greenhouse scene is really the scene where you get to see the way he is, why he is the way he is,” he said, “and I think without that scene you could end up leaving the theater going, ‘I hate that guy.I hate him.’ That was really important to me to have that in there. I was very adamant about the fact that we kept the entire scene in.”

Lily Collins talked about the frenzy of the premiere and how she feels now that the film is finally coming out.

“I’m excited. I’m more like anxious, I think, because it’s finally here and I didn’t ever feel like it was actually ever going to happen,” she said. “And now it’s here.”

Our spoiler-free reviews (read TMI Source’s here) went up the same day (Monday, August 12) and Lily revealed that she was nearly brought to tears reading our reviews.

“I woke up to them and honestly it almost made me cry,” she said.

Harry Van Gorkum, who plays Alaric in the film, talked about his death scene.

“Not necessarily,” he said of the scene. “Originally it was a death scene, but they edited it to where I just get stabbed by the demons and fall away from frame. So you don’t if I actually die or not. They kind of want to keep it open-ended and see what happens with the sequel.”

So what’s the best thing about playing a werewolf?

“Fighting the demons. Me and Aidan Turner, who are the two werewolves. Working together with him was fantastic. And fighting the demons. They had these guys dressed in these leather suits sort of like one big human condom and they’d throw themselves at us and they were covered in all this slime and stuff. So we were being knocked around and smashing the walls. And then I realized the special effects would be better. So these poor guys were walking around for five days in these human condoms and they said, thanks for the work, guys. We’ll do it with the special effects. So we had to fight fake demons.”

We had a chance to talk with composer Atli Orvarsson, who revealed his favorite track from the score.

“The snow scene at the end. Of the songs it’s probably the end song, as well,” he said. “For me, the stuff towards the end is probably closest to my heart.”

Orvarsson revealed how the theme song — Clary’s theme, which you can download now — came to be.

“I went to a screening of the film – Harald (Zwart) asked me if I wanted to come look at the film before I got hired. While I was watching it and Clary’s theme – the main theme – just popped into my head and I wrote it down in the dark. I was like trying to make score paper. At the end of it I showed it to Harald and was like, Here’s your theme.”

While he loved the entire film, Orvarsson said his favorite scene actually goes hand-in-hand with his favorite track from the score.

“I love so much of it. I think this is a really great film,” he said. “My favorite scene is probably the snow scene. It’s beautifully shot, emotional and so powerful. It was really inspiring to write music for.”

Overall, he felt that the music “needed to be important.”

Check out some of the photos from the black carpet of the Los Angeles premiere from TMI Source, Fangirlish and Mundie Moms:

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