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Photos: Jemima West featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine

Our badass Isabelle, Jemima West is featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine.



Who is excited to see Jemima kick some serious ass as Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? You can read our spoiler-free review here.


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9 Comments on Photos: Jemima West featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine

  1. she`s amazinly beautiful

  2. she’s gorgeous and even though she’s not super tall i think she’s perfect for isabelle c:

  3. That’s been bugging me for awhile now…
    Where is Jemima West?… All we know is that “she’s in France, filming” … Good for her. To be honest I thought she was fired/let go or that she just quit and didn’t/doesn’t want anything to do with TMI!
    After all the support I personally had shown to her, I can’t help but feeling disappointed by her complete and utter apathy in regards to the CoB promo… And yeah, I know she doesn’t owe us – or me personally – anything but this is just the way I feel and I get that she couldn’t travel overseas, but she won’t even be at the Berlin premiere?! I just wish her well if she’s sick or sth? I really don’t like her coming across as ungrateful/diva/snob coz she seems such a genuinely kind person? *confused*

    • I think she was just really busy and I get that she couldn’t do a whole lot. I don’t think she was trying to be a snob and such.

    • i get what you mean, but i doubt she meant her absense as her being a snob or anything 🙂 theres actually a video she posted updating the fans and apologizing for not being there, and told the people who were going to have fun and stuff!

    • she is probably busy filming the movie F2014, it is seen on her imdb profile that F2014 is currently filming.

  4. One of Jace's Biggest Fans // August 20, 2013 at 6:19 AM // Reply

    aw that’s so sweet.
    Jemima you look really pretty and you’re gonna make a great Isabelle. I hope you continue filming about TMI (CoA,CoG and I think CoFA, CoLS and CoHF too!). That would be spectacular. 🙂

  5. dont know what your talking about, she’s not pretty she’s hot.

  6. To be honest, i think Jemima looks better as the natural blond she is than with the dark hair. She is pretty gorgeous, and I wish i had her looks. But I still think she is prettier as a blond.

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