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‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ is now in theaters + why you need to see it opening weekend

City of Bones movie cut

Shadowhunters! The moment we’ve been waiting years for is finally here! The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is now in theaters in most countries (including the U.S., U.K. and Canada).

This is where I start stressing the importance of opening week/end. It’s very important that you see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones opening week/end — Wednesday through Sunday. We need this film to do well in the box office the first week to ensure future movies. You want to see more Mortal Instruments movies, as well as Infernal Devices movies, right? Then go see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones multiple times this week and bring your friends and family with you and keep spreading the word. It’s time to show the mundane world that the Shadowhunters are indeed a force to be reckoned with. As Jace says, “Have a little faith!”

Lily also encourages fans to see it multiple times opening weekend!





A message from Jamie:

Also, to celebrate the film’s release, be sure to show your SHADOWHUNTER PRIDE by sporting runes, wearing black or your Mortal Instruments merchandise and preach the film to friends, family and anyone you meet! Be sure to send us (@TMI_Source), Fangirlish (@fangirlishness) and Mundie Moms (@MundieMoms) your photos and we’ll post them right here on TMI Source. Stay tuned for the gallery.

Happy Release Day, Shadowhunters! Enjoy it! It’s been a long time coming and it’s definitely something special to celebrate with everyone in the fandom. Thanks for visiting TMI Source for all your Shadowhunter news. It’s a pleasure to have you and we love you all! Here’s to many more great adventures!

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197 Comments on ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ is now in theaters + why you need to see it opening weekend

  1. It doesn’t release in my country until Friday 😦

    • the.four.horsemen // August 22, 2013 at 7:47 PM // Reply

      I have to wait until the 30th 😦

    • Watch it and enjoy it because a sequel is basically all but officially confirmed to be dead. The LA Times (which I hope even teens realize is one of America’s most respected newspaper/media source) reported a marketing budget of 60 million, so TMI costed 120 million tota. As the Economist and Forbes and Deadline have tried to educate readers in the past, movie studios only keep 50% of the gross, meaning TMI needs to make 240 million world wide to BREAK EVEN. Based on the 13 million opening weekend, this is impossible and TMI has proven to be a huge box office bomb, sadly.

      • The TMI movie is solely financed by Constantin Film from Germany. While it may be true that Hollywood studios only keep about 50% of the gross the same doesn’t necessarily have to hold true for a German studio. None of us knows the contracts the studio has and accounting when it comes to movies is very complicated.

        Here’s what I’ve learned in film school: A movie that makes twice its budget as worldwide gross is considered a success.

        Also, because this picture is not financed by an American studio the term ‘domestic’ is relative. I’m sure Constantin Film is fully counting on the international box office to bring in the largest part of the revenue. So don’t be discouraged because the US box office doesn’t look so good.

        I’m sure City of Ashes will be shot next month and we will get to see it.

      • Have a little faith!

      • The US isn’t everything. It annoys me so much that the US always deems what is a sucess and what is not without any regard to other countries. Constantine Films isn’t even American, but thankfully from ym home country.

      • I have disagree with your view on the LA times. Let people decide if they feel it’s a respected newspaper. It has a very liberal point of

  2. Advice for fans. Don’t go on Imdb, Wiki, Box Office, and any other site that might contain profftional movie criticism. I want everyone to go watch the movie with high spirits, and I feel like a bunch of old guys who don’t give a shit should not ruin the movie for us.

    The movie is being released tomorrow in my country, and I don’t want to face any of the movie statistics drama before I watch the movie.

    • I’m gonna watch the movie in 10½ hours :3 This is gonna be epic

    • OK guys if you want to read at least one review before the movie just to brace yourselves, read the one by the toronto star. It’s a rly positive review and talks about how tmi would inevitably be compared to twilight and how it will come out on top despite that.

      • I just read it and I was blown away

      • teamedwardjace // August 21, 2013 at 1:47 PM //

        saw that and it made sequel with joy. some other critics liked it and one girl though not a professional critic and a non reader also enjoyed it though disliked some parts. my friend also knows that crtics are o can be closedminded and he is interseted but we both agree that even really grat movies can have its flaws. i am aware of the some changes in the movie but the movie i feel will still be awesome and some of the chacnes are just as awesome. okay there was one from what i heard, would have been awesome if they kept in regards to simon, but other than thact, they kept the very much essence and and are still really faithful i feel

    • Yes, I agree. If I like a movie’s plot and/or actors, I don’t care what a handful of jaded old farts or foreign movie nerds say. I note the reviews are mixed but I don’t think all the reviews took the movie in context. They also need to stop comparing it to other “teen franchises” and referencing a “tween audience”. Inevitably, this will happen, I suppose but I always felt that CC’s books stood alone amongst the others and were released a long time ago, initially. Actors are mostly praised. I don’t know what these people expect anyway. Also (even though I hate to use this) Twilight films always got weird reviews and they were still insanely popular. Let’s all ignore the rubbish and make sure that the box office numbers are really up there people!

      • teamedwardjace // August 21, 2013 at 1:49 PM //

        totally agree and its so not. yes mean teens love but w as will young adults and they should not be consending. i’m sure some tweens will like it, but i would says its young adult. in a sense iin a sense it will appeal to teens but many others and yeah i loved twilight and that did well

    • thanks for the warning, but honestly movie critics are not very in tune with what the average public likes in my opinion. There are plenty of good movies that they rated bad that the average person loved. Grown up 2 is a good example of this.

    • I wouldn’t bother, and you shouldn’t as well, but thanks for the advice!
      All the fuss about critics inspired me to do some research!… *grins*

      PARASITE :
      – an organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
      – a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage.
      SYNONYMS : bloodsucker, leech, hanger-on, sponger, sycophant and added by me CRITIC! Coz that’s exactly what they are! 😀

      CRITICS :
      a bunch of “professional trolls” feeding off of the hard work of others while simultaneously benefitting by trashing, bashing, scathing, judging in the most derogatory fashion and generally just DOWNRIGHT HATING on it. *giggles*

      See? There’s really absolutely zero reason to bother with the critics reviews. Instead, go watch it as many times possible and let the box office show them! 😀

    • I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score before I saw the movie, and I still went to the theater in high spirit (mostly because I passed my permit test this morning), and I absolutely loved the movie. I am definitely going to see it multiple times.
      I stopped listening to film critics when Roger Ebert died.

      • Yes, exactly! Roger Ebert was the only critic I have ever trusted and he really gave films a chance which was great. It’s so sad that he’s no longer with us, RIP. I can’t help but wonder what he would have said about TMI…

    • I’m VERY glad you mentioned something about that. I was worried that fans may get discouraged by looking at critic reviews. As an aspiring filmmaker and actress, I understand that critics are NOT the same thing as audience viewers. They’re typically, like you said, old men who are very biased towards one type of film or what they THINK makes a perfect film (aka are extremely critical and huge perfectionists and look at it as a study altough they aren’t even filmmakers and don’t understand the true meaning of film for the most part i.e. themes, entertainment, audience involvement and emotion, etc) and tend to favor artsy/indie films which is fine and whatever but especially since TMI is a franchise, they will automatically think of it as Twilight and compare it to that as much as they possibly can and possibly look down on it without giving it even a bit of chance. They are also obviously nonreaders so please, everyone, don’t listen to them. Listen to YOUR heart and I’d also advise hardcore fans to read reviews of any kind especially by non-readers. That’s just a standard rule in any series because you’ll get just get mad and waste time that you could be loving something you really love. Only your opinion matters. It is for the fans afterall, not the critics and critics’ praise so don’t sweat over it. Look at Twilight, they definitely didn’t have critic approval but they had a lot of fans that loved the story and the films and kept buying tickets and raised awareness about it and that’s all you need to keep going. Sadly, that’s how the film business works, more money and publicity = more movies so BUY THOSE TICKETS SHADOWHUNTERS. I know that I myself LOVED the movie (from a film perspective as well, screw the critics, I’m telling you, it really was good and probably the best book adaption I’VE EVER SEEN and even my mom loves it and she has never liked any of my franchises before and she couldn’t stop gushing about it so go see it for yourself, many times!) Besides, if you or other people think there are mistakes in the first movie, if you can help keep the sales raised, they can always correct them in the next ones. Unfortunately, TMI is being released in a time where all YA franchises are looked at like they’re the same one even when we, the fans, know they aren’t so they do have to fight so let’s all help fight to get YA recognized as different things and a bigger genre so people stop comparing them all. And, again, the only way to do that is to keep it in the public eye and go as much as everyone possibly can until it’s recognized for its true potential.

      AND, I’d like to point out that 82% of the AUDIENCE loves it (and only on the first day released). That’s what you should br listening to since it’s a movie for the fans!! It doesn’t matter if it comes from the viewers or the critices, as long as it has a good review and sold tickets so just go for yourself.


  3. Kayla Prada // August 21, 2013 at 3:38 AM // Reply

    I just got home from the midnight premier! I absolutely loved it even though they changed a few things. It was still amazing! And I plan on watching it one more time this weekend!

  4. Anna Mortmain // August 21, 2013 at 3:41 AM // Reply

    i flew from Switzerland to America just to see the movie, it was so worth it since i’m a die-hard fan and got to go to one of the very few midnight releases!

    • WOW! really? that is soo cool! i actually also wanted to do something like that, but school just started then…
      i’m also from switzerland 🙂 i had the luck to win tickets for a secret preview (so i can watch it 4 days earlier).

  5. Just got back from a midnight showing. And even though there were some changes I loved it! It was so great to see the characters I loved and have been reading come to life. Lily and the others were amazing and I can’t wait for City of Ashes. So go see it everyone!!!!

  6. Maëlle Coudurier // August 21, 2013 at 4:43 AM // Reply

    You are very lucky! I’m French and I have to wait for October 16!
    Enjoy the movie! =D

  7. I saw advance screening last night and I can tell you one thing for sure – GO SEE THIS MOVIE ASAP – because it’s absolutely worth it! I am a very critical person and despite having a few issues with the movie, I can honestly say that it is my favourite book adaptation and I’m going to see it again tomorrow 🙂

  8. sizzyherondale // August 21, 2013 at 8:31 AM // Reply

    can’t wait to go see it! me and all my friends are dressing up tonight for the occasion and sporting runes! we are going to look so badass! Hopefully the movie lives up to its expectations cause the reviews for the movie have ranged from amazing and perfect to just downright awful, i hope this isn’t a bad sign. even if its not that great it will still be fun to seethe books come to life! this is my fav series of all time and i dont want to wait any longer!

  9. sizzyherondale // August 21, 2013 at 8:32 AM // Reply

    Reblogged this on City of Fandoms.

  10. Samantha Dickson (@Samantha_Luso) // August 21, 2013 at 8:36 AM // Reply

    going to the first showing TODAY!!! will be wearing some of the merch I have! so excited! Its tome to show support! X

  11. I am going to see it in exactly 4 hours… i can’t wait.

    • JHerondale134 // August 21, 2013 at 9:07 AM // Reply

      Bta me too!!!! I’m so excited! All of my friends & I are wearing black & sporting runes!!! I can’t wait for this thing. I don’t have twitter, so can I send pictures to TMISource by email? If not, i’ll get my friends to send it.

  12. Oh my goodness, today is the day… I am so happy that I am going to see it like 2 times today hopefully!!!!! I’m mad because I am waiting until night time, all though that’s the time I like to go. But everyone else will be watching it before me!!!

  13. Tooooooooo excited, I cant believe this is really happening!

  14. KikiLOVESJace // August 21, 2013 at 9:51 AM // Reply

    It’s like just yestrday I’d told my friend I was reading the books and couldn’t wait to see the movie and now….IT’S HERE! AND IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! BY THE ANGEL YESSSSSS! 😀

  15. I’m seeing it in two and a half hours… ooooommmggg *O*

  16. I’m seeing it once tomorrow, but am paying for my dad’s ticket as well as mine. I can’t afford to see this multiple times, but good on those who do. Also trying to talk my brother into going. Will be seeing it again next week with my sister though or earlier, depends when she gets paid. 10 hours left till I see it!
    I still can’t believe how quick the months went by though and that this movie is out now. 😮 so weird.

  17. i went at the first showing at 10am this morning! the cinema wasnt even open when we got there, but there was lots of other shadowhunters waiting outside.
    amazing film, going to see again on friday!!!!!

  18. I just saw it here in hong kong too! it was AMAZING!!! go see it everyone!!!

  19. Cant’ see it until Saturday sicne I have no ride until then (nearest theater is 60 miles away) BUT ALL OF YOU THAT CAN SEE IT BEFORE THEN HAVE FUN!!!! I’m glad I can see it opening week though!

  20. The movie was fantastic! yeah it had some differences but that was inevitable. My favourite book to movie adaption ever! :DDDDD There may be some bad reviews but lets be honest the people who are reviewing it are probably old and boring anyway 😉

  21. Fangs and teeth // August 21, 2013 at 11:02 AM // Reply

    It comes to my country in a week’s time..

  22. Hem, the criticisms are awful. I didn’t read all of them but some are really harsh. Did the movie keep the darkness of the book ?

  23. faith herondale // August 21, 2013 at 11:27 AM // Reply

    The movie is just so afgsfsxggcsdg A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! well you can never really expect to see everything in the book to be in the movie but for me, the movie is just so great.I just also love the cast especially Magnus and Alec. haha I’m a MALEC shipper after all. This movie is worthy to be watched for a thousand times.

  24. oh and by the way! for those who’re going to see it, we all already know that there’ll be a kiss during the greenhouse scene, my advice is, take really deep breaths before it happens… I myself forgot to do that and I almost passed out… lol

  25. I just saw the movie and it was EPIC! It’s totally worth the wait.

  26. It’s official I am now on my way got see city of bones for the first time. I must admit this is one of the most unique fan bases that I have ever been a part of and I’ve only joined the a shadow hunter band wagon for a few months and I’ve only started the first three books but during the short time that I have introduced myself to the world of mortal instruments I feel as if I’ve known it all my life it was there i just hadn’t give myself a chance yet but now I am and I intend on spending more years with it come hell or high water lets ace this weekend at least in the top 3 or 5 may not be able to see it multiple times this week but I will go at least a second time and maybe another next week during one of my days off from school

  27. Oh and more thing u guys are all amazing

  28. I just watched the movie today! (Wednesday 21st of August in the UK) and WOW was it AMAZING! Words don’t even start to describe how happy I am!

  29. teamedwardjace // August 21, 2013 at 1:15 PM // Reply

    by the angel, see it tonight! i hope to see it again friday and/or sat! maybe i’ll bring my bro sat!

  30. teamedwardjace // August 21, 2013 at 1:54 PM // Reply

    and i’m so proud of the cast and crew and our fandom!

  31. izzy lightwood // August 21, 2013 at 2:23 PM // Reply

    woke up at 6:15am today to get me and my friends runes and stuff ready. went to the first showing they had (10am). and im soooo sad that the movie WASNT SHOWN SOONER!!!!!! it was friggin awesome!! GO SEE IT NOW!!! THE FANDOM DEPENDS ON IT 🙂 🙂 (and just to get people pumped and sad for book two *whispers* max casting 😥 )

  32. Just seen it in the uk! Amazing! So pleased :)! Such a good film and Jamie played jace amazingly! All the characters were portrayed so well. Yes there were a few changes…especially towards the end but I think this was done to simplify to people who hadn’t read the book. All n all so happy cannot wait for the next one now 🙂 …would have liked to see a little more Magnus though hehe. All people who still have to wait a little, it is worth it 🙂

  33. Omg I just got back from seeing the movie and it was amazing. I totally plan to see it again tomorrow =)

  34. It was amazing I loved it

  35. Why are the critics on rotten tomatoes so harsh?? Got me worrying. Lets hope some good reviews show up soon

    • I would LOVE to know how may of the critics really read the books….I call BS on their negative reviews. Bad reviews get more read than good reviews They don’t know what they are talking about! I think looking at the demographic of the books/movies would help too. Really…are middle age men the primary demographic of a YA book.

      • I agree! It’s like they automatically assume that they are trying to rip off other franchise movies because it’s a YA based film. Hmph. Just cause it’s not their type of film, doesn’t means it’s bad :/

      • ForeverJem // August 21, 2013 at 5:41 PM //

        Proabably none since their job has nothing to do with reading I guess. They are supposed to judge the movie alone. The thing I hate about all these reviews and movie snobs is why shouldn’t we “teenage girls” have movies of our own and why do people always need to put you down for loving them! I personally love these kind of movies because I’m a hardcore fantasy fan, I love everything to do with witches, wizards, demons and shadowhunters, I don’t like the Twilight series, first movie was pretty good though, but then again Twilight is mostly romance not so much fantasy. But my point is that teenage boys, adults and moviegoers all have movies for them so why do they even bother to look at these cheesy teenage flicks let alone bitching about it! I think this shows that we still have to fight for equal rights in society and I’m sick of hearing the word teenage girl as an insult! I just needed to get this off my chest! Feels good though and the movie was GREAT!

    • I really don’t get what the fuss about critics is and I personally have zero respect for a bunch of “professional” trolls who make a living out of trashing, bashing, scathing and disregarding in the most derogatory fashion other peoples’ hard work. How the heck does that even qualifies as “profession” is beyond me. So TMI fandom do yourselves a favor and don’t bother by them, instead go watch the movie as many times possible ASAP and let the box office show them.
      *spreads sheer excitement and positivity*

      • Yes! Love it!

      • *highfives you*
        They’re freaking parasites, I’m telling you! Have fun at them! If they can judge anyone and anything, so anyone can judge them as well and have them get a taste of their own medicine lol! Go above to see my other comment! I hope you’ll appreciate it! *snickers* I love critics! The more they hate the more I love them! ROFL

  36. just came back from seeing it and, OMG IT WAS AMAZING GO AND SEE IT JUST GO, I took my mum and dad to see and they loved it AND THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS ABOUT BEFORE IT STARTED!!!!!!!!!

  37. Went to the midnight showing. It was so worth all the time I waited in line(5 hours)! I’m heading back out tonight to see it again with some other friends.

  38. JHerondale134 // August 21, 2013 at 4:37 PM // Reply

    I just saw the movie with my friends. I’m one of those people who would get really angry on the small details during a movie adaptation of a book, but TMI & TID are my favorite series, so I told myself to forget the minor details & focus on the big picture (no pun intended) & what they did right. Please, if you’re like me, take my advice & don’t focus on the details or the things you don’t like. I didn’t, and the movie was AMAZING!! I found myself gasping & holding my friend’s hand even though I knew what was coming! Seriously, go see it!!!! It’s worth it!!!

    • JHerondale134 // August 21, 2013 at 4:42 PM // Reply

      Also, don’t forget to be the crazy fan who mutters incest when Clace kiss, who recites the lines as the characters say them, who talks to the screen &who sings along with the three songs that are played during the movie. That was me, and I had smf!!! My adrenaline is still high!!!

      • Haha I couldn’t help but smile at this 🙂 It’s nice to see everyone so happy about the film adaptation of a book we all love

  39. I saw it today! It was amazing!!!

  40. im dying to see the movie but i live in peru and the movie doesn’t even have a release date in the cinemas here =(

  41. I am going in a few hours and I haven’t been able to keep a straight face all day! Literally, I tried to pick up the book I’m reading, but I couldn’t keep CoB out of my head!!! Ahhh! Too excited, I am dressed up and everything!!!

  42. I saw it at 11am this morning…and although there are many thing different (SPOILER: Icluding what happens with the cup at the end) …I think it is still a great film and an amazing adaptation…

    • yeah I agree! although they made some changes (especially for the second half of the movie) but as a movie I personally liked how it ended! it’s a completely open-minded ending and people could think Valentine’s either dead or alive or however they wanted him to be, this way if a CoA movie’s never gonna happen (of course I wish there’ll be a sequel! :P) this ending would still make sense!

  43. I have seen the movie before and also at the premiere.It is great…Harald and the stars have done a great job…..go out and see it with friends and family…I am sending the entire crew of 15 people and their entire family who have worked with me on the jewelry project for The Mortal Instruments …..Visit the site

  44. GOD I need to see this film now!!! Where did all the time go?? Sucks that schools in Scotland go back earlier, I had to survive a day of hell knowing that I could have been going to see my favourite book as a movie, and it was HARD. 😛

  45. Anybody can review mortal instruments but it takes a person with an open mind and a true fan to appreciate it


  47. Just been was awesome!!!!!!

  48. my mind has been blown. That was intense, the music definitly makes the film :DDD

  49. This is so touching. I’m dieing here. waiting for it to come out and you guys have it. Anyway, seems that a cinema in my country understands our excitement and that it is unfair and it will release the movie one day earlier! 😀 It was supposed to be released on August 29th but in the cinema I’ll go it comes out on August 28th! YAY 😀 😀
    Tomorrow I buy tickets and I think I’ll cry. I’ve been waiting for this so long and now… :’) Oh god I’m crying……..

  50. I’m at an IMAX right now and there are only like 11 people in the huge theater. 😦 This makes we sad and worried. I really want them to make all 6 movies!!!

    • I went to an IMAX theatre too and same amount of people. Very disappointing. 😭 But the movie was still great!!!!

      • keep in mind though, that it is still during the week, and most people have to work during the day, so they go to the movies on the weekend.

  51. I’ve read lots of positive reactions both on twitter and on tumbrl so far. So … Who cares for professional reviewers? My reviews on my little blog usually come from my heart and my belly but are never disrespectful and, I’ve recently learnt to overcome my old prejudices thanks to blogging. Critics think their job is to snob, have you noticed? They are so cerebral and judgemental, full of prejudices as well.
    Let’s show them our special love for the shadowhunters world and we’ll succeed in making this movie hugely successful. They will realize they are only tiny mundanes. I’ve read all the books (Infernal Devices included) and I’ll see the movie next Wednesday with son, nephew and nieces (auntie takes all to the movies!)


  53. I just got back from seeing the movie.I liked it. I don’t go to see movies because I expect it to be an Oscar contender and everything has to be about something serious. I go for the entertainment.I don’t understand some of the movie critics. Everything doesn’t have to be about social issues. You should be able to go see a movie just to enjoy. Movie critics lighten up. Just enjoy yourself sometimes.

  54. I hope the movie manage to get 350million dollar…

    because according to, the movie is expected to earn less than $20 million on it’s opening weekend.

    when i read this news from variety i was really exremly worried. :/

    i hope they are not right… and the chance is very less that this is. 😦

  55. Okay for all those who have read these reviews, let me just tell you they are written by bitter old people who apparently think anything to do with teenagers is rubbish. I saw the movie with my friend who has never read the books. BOTH of us were MIND BLOWN. I honestly didn’t expect it to be that good but it was probably the BEST movie I’ve seen in a long time. The small changes didn’t even bother me. Please don’t worry about what a bunch of uptight people who barely ever let themselves enjoy a movie but instead all they ever do is waste time looking at ever little single detail and making fault of it. It was amazing. Trust me as an honest fan, my friend went berserk over it and the minute it was done she blew up with all sorts of questions (mostly spoilers on the next books) and she even went and bought the series right after with me. SUPPORT THE MOVIES, GO watch it over and over again, which is what I plan to do because it was AMAZING.

    • *thumbs up* That’s the spirit!

    • so agree with everything you’ve said about people picking at little details! it kept to the main story line i think it was really true to the book and they did it justice, yes there were changes but they worked:D i’m going another two times as i just cant get enough!!:’) and i am also an honest fan that has been with this series from the beginning so like Leila has said Support the movies!!

  56. I loved the movie and I was expecting a lot. It lived up to my expectations and far beyond. Hope you enjoy.

  57. thew are have plans for the next two mortal instruments and the infernal devices as well. they are being made no matter what so wtf are you talking about?

  58. I LOVED IT !!! It was AMAZING ! 😀 I saw it this afternoon (the 21) with my 14 years old niece and a friend of mine, who’s turning 50 and myself I’m 51 ! And we all loved it ! 😀 I watch a lot of movies and read all kind of books, from French Classics to YA Fantasy, and I enjoy tremendously Cassandra Clare’s series (TMI and TID ). YA appeals to a lot of different people, not only teens, and critics are just living on other people’s art work/creation. Don’t we often hear that critics are frustrated artists ? 😛 Well anyway, about the movie : although they had to change a few things (like locations or when a caracter appears in the storyline) and make a lot of shortcuts in order to fit it in a 2 hours movie, it was very toughfully done and it is faithful to the essence of the book. It’s really action-packed but there are some very lovely Jace and Clary’s moments, and very touching Clary and Simon ones. (I can’t wait for City of Ashes movie !!!) Of course I’ll go see CoB again this week-end 😀 ❤

  59. Does anyone know the piece that Jace played in the movie?

  60. Just saw the movie and overall I thought it was very entertaining!
    (*tad spoliers)
    The bad: Valentines hair?? Was not digging the dreads. Magnus kinda through me for a loop. I think it was the way he spoke. Was picturing something different with him. Hodge spilling the beans. The Bach thing. And Alec where were you? We never got to see you wake up!?
    The Good: Jace!! Totally nailed it. Loved the way Jamie portrayed him. Lily was awesome and loved Simon! Scenes with these guys were great, weather Simon and Clary or Clary and Jace or all of them 🙂 Fighting was pretty intense and very real looking. Seeing Jamie do his flips 🙂 loved it!
    Overall I think it was really good. My brother who had no idea what this was about really like it too. Can’t wait for the second one! I think it’s just going to keep getting better and better!

  61. I just saw the movie, and I really enjoyed it (I just about had a heart attack during the greenhouse scene). The only thing I didn’t like SPOILERS was that Hodge said to Valentine to lie and say they were siblings, and that ruins the incest storyline because now people who haven’t read the books know they aren’t siblings

    • I agree with the greenhouse scene! lol and about Hodge I guess it’s how it has to be done, cos when they wrote the script they never knew if there’d be a sequel and I guess they wouldn’t want people to walk out of the theatre thinking Clace were siblings, this might turn a lot of people off, and besides that line was like a split second and in my country a lot of people still missed it and were asking if they’re really siblings lol it’s just my opinion though! 😛

  62. You are all lucky. I can only see it next Tuesday :/ Is there any major differences at all? Does it transition well from book to movie? I always worry about that.

    Lena, I was wondering if they would something like in it. It actually help the non-reader’s understand or they’ll be really grossed out by it when you think of it lol

  63. McKenna Smith // August 21, 2013 at 10:25 PM // Reply

    I just got back from seeing the TMI movie! It was AWESOME I’m seeing it again Saturday with my dad! I’ll definitely be sending in pics of me in my gear. 🙂

  64. I just saw it and it was AMAZING!!! I love everything about it!!!! Sure there were changes, but I thought the changes were so awesome!!! Not that I didn’t like the book, it is my favorite book series. But for a movie, I thought the changes were really cool and different. Jace and Clary man… They were perfect Jamie and Lily have an awesome connection and you can tell just by watching. And I know that Hodge spoiled that Jace and Clary weren’t related, but I think that was a good thing, for the people who haven’t read them, because while they were filming, it wasn’t certain that there was going to be a second movie. So at least it didn’t leave them disgusted. And it makes you sympathize for the characters more, because you know that they are being lied to. The greenhouse scene was perfect and that kiss was VERY powerful! It is definitely worth the watch and I will be watching it again very soon!

  65. I just saw this movie in IMAX and I absolutely loved it!!! The movie exceeded my expectations and I will now go buy the books and read the entire series. I cannot wait for the sequel. Well worth paying extra money for the IMAX experience! I will probably see it a second time. The movie was good af lol.

  66. Does anyone know if there was any malec-ness in the movie?? lol, and was there an extra scene with magnus in it?

    • Yea! I went to see it today and it was soooooooo amazing. The movie was awesome. There was an extra scene with Magnus telling Clary about her mom. I think the party scene should have been a little longer. But the whole thing was still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


  68. Anna Herondale // August 22, 2013 at 1:16 AM // Reply


  69. How many people were in the theater with everyone?

    I went to a 7 pm showing yesterday with maybe 15 others in the theater.

  70. Sorry- the movie was, choppy and rushed. So much was changed, left out and plain fabricated. I wanted to throw something at the screen. With a fan base this big, they should have stayed true to the book. Those little touches which brought hodge and Luke and Isabelle and others to life were gone- and who could dare leave out church and Chairman Meow? A very big opportunity missed by a mile. AND they should have NEVER told about Clary and Jace not really being siblings until itwas supposed to come out, which was not in this movie!

    • THANK YOU. I feel the same way! The part with the fight being at the Institute totally threw me for a loop, and the fight with the neighbor turned Demon could have been WAY better.

  71. Cassidy Teekel // August 22, 2013 at 10:25 AM // Reply

    Read all the books twice. I saw the movie yesterday and am still trying to figure out what they did to it. Clearly they aren’t expecting to make it like the books. I was disappointed and thoroughly confused with how the movie went. The whole fun was jace and clary thinking they’re really related for a while, not giving a whole plot line away in the first movie. IDK what they were thinking. But clearly they figured they could completely change the whole story and people would be okay with it. Well I am still thinking it over.

  72. I have noticed \ that some people on here have complained about the fact the the incest storyline was ruined. Yes Hodge and Valentine discuss that fact that Jace and Clary are not actually related but I think that was only done for the benefit of audience members who have not read the books so they wouldn’t grossed out.

    • yeah, its 100% sure that this is the main reason.

      but well… i also didn’t liked the fact, that they revealed this.
      of course in the movies they always change the script and the theme… but its still very sad.

      but i kinda understand it, because end a movie with this huge-, shocking-, gross-cliffhanger is really not für PG13.

      now i extremely hope that they don’t bring up this again in “city of ashes”. (i hope bones become a hit, so ashes can come)

      !the character said it once to the audience and i think its enough.!
      if it stays in bones then its really okay.

    • Sebastian Lover // August 24, 2013 at 6:57 PM // Reply

      I went with my cousin who had not read the books….she’s going to start tonight after seeing the movie but I think it happened so quick that some people might not pick up on what Hodge said to Valentine b/c she asked me if they were brother and sister. And I heard two ladies commenting about them being related and kissing…so it might have gone over a lot of people’s heads especially after the clip Valentine showed Jace. it might have confused the audience enough to think that maybe Jace did have a block on his memory.

  73. I tattooed myself with runes, wore all black and knee high boots, and I stood in line for 2 hours, and I watched, and I cried, and loved 🙂
    And Jace was pretty nice to look at too, and his character, and the fight scenes and the love and…..ah. Good Day yesterday was.

  74. Clarissa Adele Morgenstern // August 22, 2013 at 12:53 PM // Reply

    So sad there wasnt a midnight showing ANYWHERE near me, but i went yesterday with some of my friends and there were about 5 other people in this enormous theatre. Of course, we all dressed up, so we got funny looks from everyone. P.S. I agree with michael about the incest

    P.S. the fighting scenes were awesome;)

  76. Please go and see this movie at least 3 times and invite all of your friends and family!! We are the best fans

  77. People are crazy if they thought they would leave the incest in without explaining it somehow. It’s a PG-13 movie not Game of Thrones! Incest is one of the biggest taboos. There’s no way they could have left it in unexplained.

  78. IF THERE ISN’T A SEQUAL I WOULD JUST DIE!!!! I dragged my sister I the movie last night…(she didn’t read the books!) I told her some little things! I could take my eyes off the screen. I was in HEAVEN! Despite several changes,I didn’t mind so much after awhile, I loved every single scene!!!! One part scared(actually 2 parts) scared the crap out of me. THE GRAPHICS WERE GREAT!!! I loved the Twilight saga but there is NO comparison. The first movies to all these sagas and trilogies always are nerve wrecking. More about telling the story than actually just give us everything it has. Mostly because it has to really please the people who read the books but also tell the captivating story to those who didn’t! I hate when people don’t read the books first! Absolutely amazing! I need it to take off like TWILIGHT! I was so disappointed in I am number four not having a SEQUAL..I can’t relive that!!!! Give this movie what it deserves NUMBER 1 movie all over the world!!! My fear is the the One Direction movie is going to cast this aside and for that I am going to “have a little faith” it will not!

  79. The movie was AAAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEE! 😀

  80. I just watched yesterday and it was amazing!! I will definitely be seeing it again! I thought they did cut out a lot but it was necessary and made it awesome and I liked how they kept some of the lines from the book but not necessarily in the same situations!! the fights scenes were great and I loved how they brought the institute to life and the other places 🙂 =)

  81. Today I´ve been shadowhunting. 🙂 I was worried, there are definitely some changes, but I just loved the movie.

  82. Finally I get to see the movie tomorrow!!!! I haven’t been able to see it on the 21st as I was in Hungary and today I have been travelling back and finally FINALLY I see it for myself.

    I will admit I knew that there will be feedback and I will also admit I was gutted but the “trolls” reviews been really put me down. I even made my Mum worry and she gave me a hug and told me not to listen to the “spoilers” and she is right and thanks her and to you lovely lovely fandom – I feel a lot better and in higher spirits than I was before!! I SOOO CANNOT WAIT!!!

    By the way if there are any Hungarian fans out there I will say – Your country rules as I just went there and a big thumbs up and high fives to you!!!! XD XD

  83. I am so happy to say I LOVED it. Yes there were some major changes and maybe a couple of them shouldn’t of happened but upon changing a book to a movie changes are needed.
    I have to say I am happy they decided not to change Simion into a rat or have the Vamp bike. As fun as it was to read in the books it just would not of translated well to the screen.
    I think Jamie was amazing as Jace and Lily as Clary. The casting was fantastic.
    At times I didn’t think the one liners always worked for Jamie but loving the books I let it go.
    I have to say if I could change or delete one scene it would be Mademe Dorothea. I found the scene really cheesy and utterly cringe worthy.
    Yes, it was rushed at times but trying to fit a book into just over two hours isn’t an easy thing to do.
    It exceeded my expectations and that is all I wanted.
    Upon finishing I am really sad critics are attacking it so badly and yes I probably expected and it and although yes maybe we shouldn’t listen but people will listen and it will sadly affect box office takings especially for the audience who have not read the book.
    I do feel for the actors that’s for sure when critics attack them so much.

    • totally agreeing with you regarding the Madame Dorothea scene.
      Why did they have to add the door scene into it. It was totally unnecessary.

  84. sorry about the typos there.

  85. I seriously don’t understand the hate-fest critics are having over this movie. Yeah, it might be a little hard to understand for someone who didn’t read the books, and some parts were a little cringe worthy, but it was still a great movie.

  86. Let’s see… *spoiler alert*

    No Simon rat scene, no forsaken, battle at the Institute instead of the manor (WTF?), Valentine’s awful hair, Jace declaring at the end that he didn’t believe Valentine that he and Clary were siblings, Hodge helping to ward off Valentine’s minions at the end (WTF!!!), Hodge only having a handful of lines, nearly NOTHING explained about shadowhunters or runes, no mention of the other Lightwood family members, Clary keeping The Mortal Cup instead of Valentine taking it, Clary discovering her powers WAY before she’s supposed to, Alec and Isabelle at every battle they weren’t actually supposed to be at based off of the novel, Magnus having like.. 5 lines.. = a horrible adaptation. If you enjoyed the movie as a stand-alone event, fine. As far as an adaptation from a book, it was horrible. They didn’t just cut things out; they made an entirely new story in places. No one who hadn’t read the books would have a clue what was going on.

    • Well everyone I went with that hadn’t read the books totally understood the plot.

    • I totally agree. If you haven’t read the book, it was good. But from a book to movie, it was bad. I love the book and they could have done SOOOO much better.

  87. Oh, let’s keep going. The Bach thing was absolutely ridiculous. That was the best way they could handle discovering that Dorothea was a demon? REALLY? They obviously used all of the money in their budget on that horrible looking portal and the giant light-thing at the end that there was no more room for anything else. Who needs to explain that demons can’t handle sunlight when you can just hit them with a shovel?

  88. Sure some parts weren’t as good as they could have been, but I thought that this was a really good adaption 🙂 It makes me sad to read all of the stuff that the critics are saying – people told me not to read them, but I couldn’t help myself! 😛 I wish that there were dislike buttons on those critic pages!

  89. I saw it yesterday and I loved almost every moment of it. At times the plot was a little rushed and I missed Simon being turned into a rat, but the movie was far better than I expected. Valentine was awesome.. but what the heck was up with his hair? I was surprised to like Jamie as Jace and I thought that he and Lily had amazing chemistry. As a hardcore fan of the book, I don’t see where they are going to take Clary having the Mortal Cup in the next film, but I’m willing to keep my mind open. Overall one of my favourite films in a long time, and I’m looking forward to the next!

  90. I was just wondering. If the movie flops, would they still make City of Ashes?

  91. **Spoilers**

    Personally, there were 2 things that bothered me the most about this movie. The first being that Clary kept the cup, as opposed to Valentine taking the cup. This is huge for the second book, because the Clave didn’t win. I remember that shocking me since typically your heroes win at the end of every story. But in both City of Bones and City of Ashes, the villain gets away with taking what he wants. The Clave doesn’t actually get a win until the end of City of Glass. The second was the story of Jace’s father. I don’t understand it. Having Valentine and Hodge make it up, means that Jace was not raised by Valentine pretending to be Michael Wayland. How the heck is that going to explain everything with Jace in the continuation of the story?? In the movie Jace knew right away that it was Valentine, even called him by name. In the book he believes that it is Michael Wayland, the father that raised, and then he finds out that its Valentine who was pretending to be him. This explains why Jace is so torn through the next 2 books. I just don’t understand how this change to the twist is going to work….

    • Hi! This was exactly what bothered me as well. I just saw the movie 2 hours ago, and I still feel hyper, but at the same time I really wanna see the next movie, to know how they wanna correct this mistakes. Not to mention the vampires appearances. I don’t want Simon to look like a zombie. He should look hot, like in this movie.
      And I must admit, I missed Simon the Rat. He was so brave in the books.
      But all in all. The movie was really good, and everyone was laughing out loud at all the jokes. And they loved the action scenes a lot.
      And hopefully in the next movie Magnus is going to shine more. He was to reserved in this one. Especially when he spoke.

    • Stella you read my mind , I could not believe it :/ and just like you not sure what to think about it, I understand changing little things, but this is far to important

  92. To fellow TMI lovers and passionate followers: We champion what we love but we must not bash other YA franchises like Twilight, HP, Hunger Games, etc. We are better than this. They have fans that are just as passionate as we are.

  93. the release date in my country is SEP 13 i think is of the last premiere of all countrys

    • OCT 16 for me…you won’t be the last one…
      Sometimes I wish I could leave in the US, so I wouldn’t have to wait so long….

  94. I just got home from watching the movie and I loved it! Jamie did a beautiful job at playing Jace and the movie overall was very good. Yes, there were some changes, but my mom–who hasn’t read the books–really liked it as well. We both agreed that, while we are fans of Twilight, the two series are nothing alike. I really hope that there is still a City of Ashes, and I plan on going to see the movie at least once more:)

  95. I watched the movie today with a group of my friends and we all really enjoyed it. I’ve read all the Mortal Instruments books so far, and the first two Infernal Devices, I’ve been a fan of the books for a long time and have been waiting for the film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Two of my friends who saw it today have read the City of Bones, one has read City of Ashes as well, and the other has read Bones, Ashes and Glass. The other two in the group haven’t read any of the books, and all of us loved the film. Sure they changed things, which was to be expected, one of my friends even managed to miss the Jace/Clary reveal from Hodge, and knew some of the despair felt from wanting to ship them. I understand why they had to do that as well, and it doesn’t really change things that much really, as certainly Clary and Jace still believe that they are related. I definitely plan on seeing it again, with another group of friends who haven’t read the books, and my mother, who has. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see it again until after the opening week/end, but I will definitely be seeing it again, and buying it when the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out.

  96. Do you guys think that if the movie title was “The Mortal Cup” or “Shadowhunters” or sth along these lines would be more relevant to the plot and wouldn’t be so confusing for the uninitiated? Just a thought.

  97. I loved the movie BUT like someone else mentioned, why did the vamps have to look freakish? I mean, Simon will become one, so…that got me. Other than that… I can live with the other changes. All of my fave page to screen movies have those changed elements. Not a big deal.

  98. I swear that if I hear another person complaining on how this movie has too much diferences with the book, or how the actors portraited the characters, I’LL END UP KILLING SOMEONE!!!!! This movie is BASED on the books, if u don’t get that, get a dictionary. And I loved the movie ‘nd no one will never be able to change my opinion.

  99. Watch it and enjoy it because a sequel is basically all but officially confirmed to be dead. The LA Times (which I hope even teens realize is one of America’s most respected newspaper/media source) reported a marketing budget of 60 million, so TMI costed 120 million tota. As the Economist and Forbes and Deadline have tried to educate readers in the past, movie studios only keep 50% of the gross, meaning TMI needs to make 240 million world wide to BREAK EVEN. Based on the 13 million opening weekend, this is impossible and TMI has proven to be a huge box office bomb, sadly.

  100. midnightrose434 // August 24, 2013 at 1:57 PM // Reply


    i think some people are forgetting that there is an additional incest storyline on down the road (Sebastian a.k.a Jonathan Christopher)

  101. i cant believe that “City of Bones” is a huge flop…

    now we have to wait and see how i makes in overseas.

    for now it likes like, endgame for TMI. 😦

    *really exremly sad and angry!*

  102. Let’s keep our fingers crossed :
    “Box-office forecasts project that the movie will take in about $18 million in its first five days of release stateside. Kulzer is hopeful that the film will not only sell tickets but also propel ancillary products associated with the movie (the soundtrack and merchandise), other chapters in the series and the prequel book series, which Constantin also owns. That would boost the overall “Mortal Instruments” brand — and improve sales for future “Mortal Instruments” movies.

    “For us as an independent company, it’s more about managing expectations,” Kulzer said by phone from Berlin. “Even if the movie performs moderately, it will still warrant a sequel. Now that $60 million has been spent worldwide on prints and advertising, you can already see how the book sales are accelerating, the soundtrack is hitting the charts. Even if the first one doesn’t become a gigantic success, we will have a profitable track ahead of us.”

    It’s a strategy similar to the one the company used for its “Resident Evil” horror franchise, which is aimed at young men. No movie in the five-film series opened to more than $26 million, and the total franchise gross for five films was only $244 million, but the movies were still profitable products that have prompted Constantin to contemplate a sixth installment.

    • OK on Rotten Tomatoes (grrrrrr….) it is written : US Box Office:$42.0M
      So it is more than the $18M projected by Constantin production.

      • RT must be wrong (again !!! and I’m not talking about their tomatometer), but it can’t be $42M, otherwise it would be in the top BO… *sigh*

      • Rotten tomatoes never listed 42 million or whatever….you probably misread off a fan site supposedly quoting RT

    • Very interesting Lynda! Thank you for posting.

  103. Since opening day, I’ve seen it 3x…and two of those times were in IMAX. I hope it does well….I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t…

    • I know! I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t do well either! I don’t think any of us on here will haha so at least we’re not alone 😛 I’m gonna see it again on tues then fri 🙂

  104. There needs to be a COG just for Sebastian Verlac // August 24, 2013 at 6:43 PM // Reply

    I know people hate hearing TMI compared to Twilight and i’m not going to compare the themes b/c they are totally different…but here’s my little two cents…I personally had no idea about Twilight until it came out on DVD…saw it, liked it, read the books, and then I went to see the other movies as they came out. I’m not sure if Twilight had a hardcore following before the movie came out but I feel like it grew after the first movie was on DVD.
    Maybe the same thing will happen, it’ll pick up steam like Twilight did and as more movies are made, it’ll just get bigger and bigger and bigger….until we all explode when City of Heavenly Fire comes out in the movies…fingers, toes, limbs, veins crossed.

    • LOL at “fingers, toes, limbs, veins crossed” and I agree/like your idea. It was kind of the same for me. So I’m crossing fingers, toes etc. 😀

  105. Greenhouse Scene // August 24, 2013 at 6:45 PM // Reply

    Bought the soundtrack and the original score and both are amazing!!! I get the feels just listening to them and remembering when it played in the movie….

  106. I went to go see it yesterday. I just looked at the box office and it only aid its up to 7 million. Go see it :3 it was amazing. (:

  107. I have seen the movie and loved it! A lot of people are trying criticize it, but I don’t see why. I know that everyone has their right to an opinion, but that does not mean they need to be hateful about it.

  108. OMG the movie was so AMAZING absolutely lived it and it did the book justice I am still speechless it was just amazing! And jace was perfect and sexy and perfect!

  109. i saw it yesterday with the fiance. Yes, there were changes that surprised me, but over all it was very good. My fiance who had never read the book, and always is hesitant to see these types of movies ended up enjoying it as well.

  110. anyone who has flixster on iPhone or where ever else, go leave a review of movie if you have time. I know a lot of people look at that, and when i was looking it only two non critics had left opinions, and while they weren’t bad, they were the best either. More support of flixster as well as tumblir, tweeter etc. would probably. help.

  111. er what yahoo has posted as of today:
    3. The Mortal Instruments (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 1 [Runs 3,118] PG13
    Friday $3.1M, Saturday $3.7M, Weekend $9.2M, Five-Day Cume $14.0M

  112. I saw the movie and I liked it. The issue is, my non-Shadowhunter friends had serious trouble understanding the plot. Some even thought it was illogical and I had to explain to them the rules of the Shadowhunter world. I think that’s why the film is failing at the box office.
    If you haven’t read the books it’s hard to follow the film. A friend asked me why the Shadowhunters (who have existed since the Crusades) have their headquarters in New York, a city that is only a few centuries old. The movie gives very little clues about the Shadowhunter world outside the Institute. I wish they’d spent more time setting that up so that the non-readers could get into it as well.

  113. I don’t care about the criticism or what, I just love the movie and the book! I became a total fan of TMI after I’ve read the city of bones..I sooo love Jace haha the movie is so good too! Im hoping that people will see the awesomeness of this movie..

  114. The movie was amazing!! I went with two friends who didn’t read the books and they loved it!

  115. The movie was entertaining. I really liked all the actors for their roles.. especially Jace, Clary, Simon, Jocelyn and Valentine. I saw some great acting and the demons were impressive 🙂 Two things though about the screenwriting though: I wish Valentine’s character and interactions were like in the book.. especially with Jace, and I didn’t like that demons could enter the institute. The rest of the changes I could accept without being too disappointed, even the block on Jace’s mind which was a little odd 🙂 Anyway, could someone explain why Valentine wanted Clary to drink his blood? I’m not clear on how it would prove the cup genuine :S Thanks.

  116. I just saw the movie and I thought it was pretty good! The only thing that I can complain about is that the movie went too fast and it would be really confusing if you haven’t read the book. Overall 8/10! ;D

  117. Just heard Jamie’s new song 😀 In case you haven’t :
    It’s the one under “LISTEN” on the right side of his Tumblr.

  118. I just got back from vacation (due to a problem at work, I had to change my vacation and take it a week later…..I was not happy but had no choice) so I haven’t seen COB yet. I will be seeing it on Wednesday evening and again on Friday in IMAX. So after reading that some people were saying that it didn’t do that well on opening weekend I did a little research. After checking out the numbers for the movies ( TMI came in 3rd place. I’ve checked the numbers for other weekends and these are particularly low for all the movies. I think that especially here in Canada and in the US this is the end of summer and people are rushing to do a lot of outdoor activities before school starts back in a week and the weather gets colder. Lets just keep seeing our movie a lot of times and we Shadowhunters can unite and up the numbers to make sure all our books are made into movies and support Cassie and all the actors!!!!

    • Oh yeah, I have plans on seeing OB twice again the week after next with other friends. I couldn’t put that (or any other of the books down) and I’,m going to be seeing that movie a whole lot of times too!!!!

      • Sorry COB..

      • I have seen the movie twice and I loved loved loved the movie.! I as a twilight fan love this series little more than twilight so I’m very optimistic that they will be able to.continue to make more of the movies. K feel that it wasn’t adveryiesed enough his time

  119. I think the reason Valentine wanted Clary to drink his blood because,it contains angels blood? like Clary and Jace he also injected Ithuriel’s blood on him..But am not 100% sure about this.

    • Thanks for answering.. we only really find out about the angel’s blood in book 3, I think, and that Valentine has previously been injecting himself with demon blood too. I wasn’t sure if the scene was meant as a spoiler for book 5.. similar to what Seb does maybe?

    • I just don’t see the purpose of the scene and how it proves the cup to be genuine. You know?

  120. In France, the movie only comes out in october….
    Anyone know a good streaming site where I can see it without having to do one of these “don’t-worry-it’s-100%-free-but-please-give-us-your-credit-card-number” register?

    • Hi Katie, I’m french too and I can’t wait for the movie to come out here!
      I found a website where you can watch the movie in Streaming for free. I’ve seen it. It’s not a very good quality and it’s in English but still.
      Of course I’ll still go see it at the cinema in October (many times I think). 🙂
      Tell me how I can send you the link (I don’t want to give it here…)
      By the way, where do you come from exatcly in France. 🙂

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    All the best ( loved the videos)

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    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content.
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  124. rogertolti // March 8, 2015 at 3:35 AM // Reply

    City of Bones multiple times this week and bring your friends and family with you and keep spreading the word. It’s time to show the mundane world that the Shadowhunters are indeed a force to be reckoned with. As Jace says, “Have a little website design!”

  125. Riley Mclennon // March 10, 2015 at 11:50 AM // Reply

    Also, to celebrate the film’s release, be sure to show your SHADOWHUNTER PRIDE by sporting runes, wearing black or your Mortal Instruments merchandise and preach the film to friends, family and anyone you meet! Be sure to send us (@TMI_Source), Fangirlish (@fangirlishness) and Mundie Moms (@MundieMoms) your photos and we’ll post them right here on TMI Source.Moylan may have inadvertently done the ASX a favour by exposing its vulnerability to human frailty.accounting software singapore

  126. Cristine Hutchins // April 1, 2015 at 3:42 AM // Reply

    Watch it and enjoy it because a sequel is basically all but officially confirmed to be dead.Moylan has allegedly committed a white collar offence. eye doctor portland

  127. Andres Puig // May 29, 2015 at 8:36 AM // Reply

    Watch it and enjoy it because a sequel is basically all but officially confirmed to be dead.whereby members will impersonate representatives of entities in order to highlight what they see as those entities’ most egregious actions. forskolin for weight loss

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