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Help us celebrate ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ with #SeeItAgainSunday and #MundieMomday

Shadowhunters! We invite you to join us in celebrating The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones release week with two special events on Sunday and Monday: #SeeItAgainSunday and #MundieMomday, where we encourage you to take your mom (and anyone!) to see the movie on these days!



We can’t continue to stress the importance of opening weekend for future Mortal Instruments movies, as well as Infernal Devices movies. Encourage everyone you know to go see the film or to see it again, as we hope you will see it again!

We hope you’ll join us for #SeeItAgainSunday and #MundieMomday!

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45 Comments on Help us celebrate ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ with #SeeItAgainSunday and #MundieMomday

  1. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this but it’s sth EVERY TMI fan should read AND GET OUR HOPES BACK UP!


      • Oh and I want to take this moment say if this helps out
        Dear Cassandra, Harold, Jaime, Lily, Robert Kevin and Jemima and everyone else involved in this beautiful film. Words cannot describe or express how truly proud I am to be a part of this wonderful fandom. A few days ago you have given us the best gift that anyone could ever have done, bringing this wonderful book to life. It is without a doubt one of the most amazing adaptations that i have ever seen in my life. I’ve only just recently joined this fandom a few months ago but I do not regret a minute of it, because it is a part of me now. We want you all to know that you have our unconditional love and endless support from all of us. We want to thank you for working so hard every single day bringing City of Bones to life. We appreciate everything that you do for us and more. We will not let any of you down, we will continue to make you proud by seeing this beautiful film so that we can enjoy more years together with more films.
        Thank you.
        Love Miranda.

      • That was beautiful Miranda. *tears*

    • Holy shit balls that was quite intense

      • I know. I personally congratulate the girl. She’s SO spot on and truly inspriring in every single thing she says. Keep spreading it. She’s cool with it.

    • I sent a little message too its kind of short but it speaks high volumes.

    • teamedwardjace // August 24, 2013 at 12:44 AM // Reply

      I tweets that joy! You rock

    • You are TOO good to me, as a follower 🙂 I appreciate you sharing this!

    • TeamEdwardJace // August 24, 2013 at 10:45 AM // Reply

      Saw your message and thanks! Maybe i hash tag that #TMICastFansKickAss Later And same goes for tmimovie

    • TeamEdwardJace // August 24, 2013 at 11:03 AM // Reply

      I did the kicks as hashtags so if you want to do that 2

  2. I saw it on opening day and tonight :’) It was such an AMAZING movie! Some stuff was kinda confusing, like Valentine and the cup, and Clary’s “abilities” but it was still so nice!

  3. I saw it opening day and tonight as well. There were about 40 people in my theater tonight (which is twice as many as there were on Wednesday) and they were way livelier too: Laughing at the jokes and reacting to the reveals. It’s much more enjoyable to watch the second time when I wasn’t comparing to the book or anticipating what would be in. I could just enjoy!

    Keep going to see it guys!

  4. I’m definatly joining the Sunday date come hell or high water

  5. I’m seeing it tomorrow. If I can convince my aunt to go see it I may ride with her again Sunday! Wish me luck!

  6. I was planning on going again on Sunday to see it in IMAX anyway. 😀

  7. teamedwardjace // August 24, 2013 at 12:33 AM // Reply

    I really want to see it again but I can tmw and Sunday family visit unless I sneak out and see it by myself but I will c it again even if it a tues so at least lot if tmi fans love it and nonreaders enjobit. To the critics who lied it yay to the critics who didn’t but weren’t biased of knd liked it at least you wre more open. To the others shut it. So if tmi wins an award at MTV next yerar and fans will need to vote there are lots of us. I love hunger games 2 so if ill be happy for them 2

  8. Melissa Ann // August 24, 2013 at 1:18 AM // Reply

    I just took my mom! Made her stay out until 1:00am and she is 61! It is my second viewing so far. Hope to go to more!

  9. In my country it doesn’t come until Thursday;and when it does I’m planning to see it at least three time if my wallet will allow me. I’m expecting it to be just like the book but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  10. Ok I know that this is random but I had a very strange dream that someone gave Robert a corgi and named it simon

  11. teamedwardjace // August 24, 2013 at 11:02 AM // Reply

    Love tmi

  12. Dear shadow hunters, whatever happens from this point on whether we make it to the top 3 or top 5 or whatever no matter what may happen at the end of the week. Please don’t give up and do not see it as defeat see this as something to make us stronger because remember they are still going to make city if ashes and with that let’s pray that the studios will step up their game and work twice as hard. This is not over yet we won’t let anyone or anything tear apart this fandom we are a lot stronger than they think we are, we will not lose faith we will not give up easily they can give us the worst reviews in the world but as for the rest of us we will still and always have each other we have our love for this story to keep us going. If you still believe that we can still go on no matter what than we’ve already won. We don’t need a review or numbers to prove it we don’t need any of that. In my heart and yours we are the true champions and we’re not afraid to show it and we will keep fighting and will walk with our heads up high. Our love and loyalty and endless devotion to our story and the cast is all we need.

  13. midnightrose434 // August 24, 2013 at 4:31 PM // Reply

    Did you read the Nicole Sperling article over at the latimes website? Robert Kulzer talked about another popular franchise that didn’t make a ton of money but they made about 6 movies….he’ makes a lot of sense in the broader scope. What’s great about making second movie is that they can see what worked and what didn’t and change is appropriately. Can’t wait to see how it does internationally, which is where I always thought it would do the strongest.

  14. midnightrose434 // August 24, 2013 at 4:33 PM // Reply

    Maybe they will do what they do for some movies for City of Ashes and release it internationally first then else where.

  15. @Miranda Here’s is an interview with Harald Zwart where they talk about the Resident Evil franchise which is what I believe is what @midnightrose434 is talking about,0,5045021.story Fingers crossed Shawdowhunters! We still need movie ticket sales to prove our point. #seeitagainsunday

  16. I’m going to see TMI:CoB today with my mum ^_^ I already saw the movie yesterday with my bff, but I want to see it again! It was AMAZING
    and BREATHTAKING ❤ I love it so much!!! ❤

  17. per what yahoo has posted as of today:
    3. The Mortal Instruments (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 1 [Runs 3,118] PG13
    Friday $3.1M, Saturday $3.7M, Weekend $9.2M, Five-Day Cume $14.0M

    • That’s actually not that bad.

    • Uh. That’s fairly bad, given that most companies won’t release a second movie if the first one flops in the US. And this is considered a flop in North America.
      I hate that, very much because I was hoping for the second to come out. :-/

      • It performed within the studio’s expectations. Sony expected $15 million it made $14.1 million. Plus this isn’t factoring in international numbers.

      • Hmm. But aren’t NA numbers more valuable to said company than international? Look at all the other low performing movies that didn’t get sequels (like BC) because the numbers in America weren’t good. Same with other movies outside of the YA circle. Just curious. I don’t know what the international numbers are for TMI. But all I knew is that our numbers here would greenlight any sequel, as long as they surpassed the movie costs.
        So if it hit expectations, does that mean we’re getting COA?

  18. I’m at the theater today with my mundane family 🙂 it’s gonna b good

  19. Kind of wish I could just give Sony like $40 and say add this to your ticket sells. I don’t have time to go again, I’ve went twice already, guess I could just buy tickets online and just not show up…..

  20. Shadowhunters: I’m really proud of you guys! We are stronger!!!’ I love so much this movie, I went 3 times already and counting!!!! Tomorrow I’m taking my classmates to see it again. Miranda you are an angel!!!!! Thank you, we need to put the mortal instruments at number 1. I have faith!!!!!!!

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