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Cassandra Clare talks ‘CITY OF BONES’ movie, ‘CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE’ and more with the New York Times


The New York Times spoke with Cassandra Clare about The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesCity of Heavenly Fire and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Q. Was there any scene or character you were particularly excited to see in the film?

A. Magnus Bane, who is a trickster figure. I was worried they would cut him. I had to tell them he was a very important character who becomes more important. I was excited to see his scenes in action.

Q. Are there any specific things you had a say in during the adaption process?

A. I had a lot of say in casting. They definitely invited me into the casting process and showed me audition tapes, and every person cast was a conversation about the pros and cons and how they fit in with the larger puzzle of the character.

Q. Do you have a favorite character that you’ve either written yourself or read in another book?

A. In my own work, I don’t have favorite characters, but I have characters that I relate to the most. And I relate the most to Simon from “The Mortal Instruments,” and also Tessa from “The Infernal Devices.” They’re more sort of bookish and shy characters. But in other people’s books I tend to love the really daredevil-y characters. I love Finnick from “The HungerGames.” And I think, probably, my favorite character of all time is Sherlock Holmes.

Q. Anything else you want to share with your fans about the film or the books?

A. You’re always worried, “Is the movie going to stay true to the book?” But they should remember it’s an interpretation of the books, and I want every reader to feel that their interpretation is the true interpretation.

The last book in the series is coming out next May. I hope that they are excited. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the end of this story with this readership that’s grown over these years since we first started with the characters. I would say for them to look forward to some romance, some adventure and some maybe unexpected deaths.

Head to for the full interview, where Cassie also talks about her collaboration with Holly Black on the Magisterium series.

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55 Comments on Cassandra Clare talks ‘CITY OF BONES’ movie, ‘CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE’ and more with the New York Times

  1. “Unexpected deaths”? Oh, God, Cassie, why must you do this to us?!

  2. Unexpected deaths.. 😦

    • Hold me I’m scared.

      • We must stay strong!! Whatever happens, don’t take Simon!!

      • Shoshanah // August 28, 2013 at 5:19 PM //

        Actually, I’m sort of relieved to hear “unexpected” because she keeps dropping huge hints that she’s going to kill Simon–but if the deaths are “unexpected”, maybe Simon survives! I’ll be sad if anyone (except Sebastian) (and even him, a little) dies, but especially miserable if Simon is killed, because he’s really been through enough already and deserves some mercy.

      • Sheila (the thong) Barbarino (Rita) // August 28, 2013 at 6:44 PM //


      • Okay Sebastian totally deserves to die, and I think Cassandra will kill him off to prevent a riot among fans and unresolved conflict (her only other option is to allow him to burn the world down). I also think that Simon will die 😦 because traditionally authors kill off some one as a tragedy but usually it is the friend of the main character, not the boyfriend. Although she did state that the deaths would be unexpected, so maybe she will break the mould. Overall, I don’t think she’ll kill Clary and/or Jace and risk alienating her fans (totally including me, I would freak and cry if she killed either/both of them).

  3. Does that mean they are going to stay dead this time?? Could we at least have Clary and Jace be happy together for a little while before you kill one of them off? just saying!

  4. UNEXPECTED DEATHS? NO. CASSIE. NO. *sprays with squirt bottle*

  5. Don’t kill Jace and Clary. I think I couldn’t bear that:-(

  6. NO!!!!!!!! NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DIE!!!!!! (except Sebastian…)

  7. Lightwoodshadowhunterss // August 28, 2013 at 3:39 PM // Reply

    NO! I keep having this feeling that Simon is going to die! Which would suck so bad because I love him!

    • Yeah, I’m most concerned about Simon, Alec, and Magnus:( Jace has died twice already, so I’m not so worried about him

    • Seriously! Don’t die Simon! Give him back the Mark of Cain!

    • I feel like that too! I feel like he will, or Magnus will die for Alec or something like that. She gets us to fall in love with Magnus through the Bane chronicles and then WHAM! He’s dead :*-(

  8. Melissa Ann // August 28, 2013 at 4:17 PM // Reply

    I just know she is going to off Simon and Izzy will take it incredibly hard and become and Iron Sister or something. I don’t think she’ll kill Clary or Jace, I believe they are in the Dark Artifices.

  9. Melissa Ann // August 28, 2013 at 4:24 PM // Reply

    Oh, and I don’t think they captured Magnus as a trickster AT ALL. It was one of my biggest issues. I didn’t like his voice either. I like Godfrey’s natural voice and personality. Magnus sounded too American and too cut and dry with just answers and explanations. ?Godfrey needs better direction.

    • teamedwardjace // August 28, 2013 at 4:41 PM // Reply

      i think godfrey did a really godo job with the screen time he was given but the american accent wasn’t needed. i think it was dubbed. he can do it and from what i’ve seen from anither clip in a soap operas he’s

      doing in hos own lanauge, he’s great!

      • It was dubbed, but by Godfrey. You can clearly hear that it’s him.

      • I loved how Godfrey played the part. And I actually like what they did with his voice, having him sound more neutralish (you can still hear a very light hint of his accent if you listen carefully, especially during his second scene) Magnus in the book tries to distance himself from his culture, which is why he never speaks his native tongue but once, so it makes sense to not sound to close to that

    • I totally agree with you 🙂

    • And no offense because I love him as an actor but his acting kind of sucked in this instance. Magnus is supposed to be all exotic and exciting, but his voice had no emotion in it. I agree that overall he sounded too American.

  10. teamedwardjace // August 28, 2013 at 4:39 PM // Reply

    unexpected deaths?! okay, i know someones going to die, i’m pretty sure clace will survive which is awesome but i’m hoping h the goes for simon and izzy. perhaps it will be maia and jordan?

    • Maia’s in danger a little but I think Jordan’s safe because we’ve had much less time to love him as a character, so it wouldn’t be quite that painful and probably too predictable.

    If you kill off Jace and Clary..

    • gracetheshadowhunter // August 29, 2013 at 12:49 AM // Reply

      As opposed to a peace loving killer?
      Sorry…. I just had to.
      🙂 and I’m pretty sure Jace and Clary are safe… I’m terrified for Simon though, and I have a bad feeling that either Magnus or Alec will die, and the other will kill themselves – Isabelle is also not too safe when it comes to unexpected deaths 😦 and I have a truly odd but intense love for Sebastian, which makes me so upset as I know he is in the greatest danger of dying- even though I fangirl over him the most, I still think I’d cry harder if Simon/Alec/Magnus/Isabelle died 😦

  12. You beter not kill off Magnus or Alec, or I’m gonna throw the book against the wall as I did when Snape was killed on Harry Potter. 😡

  13. I don’t know.. I feel like she’s gonna kill of Luke..

  14. I am so worried or Magnus and Alec everytime she says that!!! But… this time she said unexpected… a lot of people expect that so it’s making me think it could be Jace or Clary… I hope not them either… but it would be very unexpected since the main character hardly ever dies.

    • *O* Nooo Many of us are worried about Clace so she won’t kill them!
      Except… OMG Imagine Clary dies and Jace just because he can’t live without her he dies TOO.
      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cassieeeee I will surely become a cold bloodied kiler. o.O

      • Worried yes, but in books, movies, tv shows, videogames, ect., it’s VERY VERY rare for the main two characters to die. That’s why it would be unexpected.

  15. Clary and Jace are so safe it’s ridiculous. Not them. I know everyone thinks it’s Simon but I just don’t get that feeling; the kid’s been to hell and back, give him a break. I think Alec or Magnus, though I’d hate to see anyone go 😦

  16. I think u could spin it any way: every single character’s possible demise is now a paradox. The death may have been unexpected which makes us expect it but we are supposed to expect the unexpected… there is just no way to know until the book comes out.

  17. I feel like it’ll be Magnus, because both Magnus and Alec are so worried about the fact that Magnus will outlive Alec, so it’ll be kinda unexpected. 😦

  18. “look forward to some maybe unexpected deaths.” Great. Just great.

  19. I think izzy is gonna die

  20. I have a feeling that Jace will not “die” as much as be turned into some kind of immortal angel in heaven and that will keep Clary and Jace separated.

  21. Please, please don’t do a Romeo and Juliet 😦 As long as Jace and Clary survive, I think I can handle any other death.
    Btw, I think Simon should be safe as he’s the character most similar to her husband 🙂

  22. Let’s make a deal – If Cassie kills Simon or Clary/Jace or Alec/Magnus we will all meet in front of Cassandra’s house and make a huge protest so she will have to rewrite it properly and with happy ending like in City of Glass – Sebastian is death , everybody else is happy 😀

  23. I swear if any of my favorite characters are killed or die , i’m going to start a riot

  24. but before i start my riot i will surely cry then after the riot become a serial killer because of it

  25. UNEXPECTED DEATH 😮 BY THE ANGEL *Sprays holy water at the screen*

  26. you cant kill of simon,isabale,magnus or alec cause i will go crazy definetly not clary and jace cause i cant promise i wont try to burn any of or books i see and i just hope sebastian gets to die while being happy for the first time

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