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Constantin moving forward with plans for production on ‘CITY OF ASHES’ this fall

City of Ashes

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the state of production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes after a disappointing box office start for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Constantin is feeling confident enough to indeed move forward with the sequel this fall.

Despite the soft U.S. start, Moszkowicz said the reaction from the book’s fan base has been “very positive.” And he said that Constantin is proceeding with plans to begin shooting a sequel,Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, in Toronto this fall.

The last we heard the film was slated to start production on September 23, but early October has also been floating around. But it’s a fall production start on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes.

The film has still yet to be released in many international territories (including Germany and South America, which open this weekend) and Constantin is looking for a nice global box office gross.

Mortal Instrument‘s international rollout has only just begun. Constantin said the film’s total take so far is $26.6 million, driven by a U.K. bow of around $1.8 million and more than $1.4 million from Australia. Several major territories follow this week, including Spain, Italy, Germany and Mexico. From there, the film will make its way around the world throughout the fall and into the winter months.

Moszkowicz said it was still too early to make a prognosis forMortal Instrument‘s global box office revenue. But Constantin has proven before that it can successfully use international markets to recoup a shortfall in the U.S. Paul WS Anderson‘s The Three Musketeers (2011), a Constantin production, earned s disappointing $20 million in its U.S. release through Summit Entertainment, but went on to gross some $150 million worldwide.

We encourage you to keep seeing The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in theaters and spread the word to everyone you know so we can help ensure future Mortal Instruments movies, as well as Infernal Devices movies.

What are you most looking forward to in The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes?

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70 Comments on Constantin moving forward with plans for production on ‘CITY OF ASHES’ this fall

  1. WARNING: This Reply does include spoilers to City of Ashes. I’m really looking forward to Simon turning into a vampire, of course the Clace Kiss and the Inquisitor Herondale.

  2. I’m auditioning for Maia Roberts. I’ll do you guys proud. I PROMISE!

  3. So happy to see this confirmation! With exposure this fandom will grow. For example, I have been watching the subscribers to this site grow every week.

  4. i most looking forward to the scene on the ship when Jace let Simon drink his blood… & I pray that they better not leave out that scene! haha

  5. The scene in Jace’s room after the Seelie Court. </3

  6. alexanderl-ighwood // August 29, 2013 at 11:59 AM // Reply

    WARNING: Includes spoilers from City of Ashes. I’m so glad that there is a big chance that the sequel will happen. City of Bones was a great adaption of the book, even with the minor changes. I can’t wait to see the scene with the Seelie Queen and afterwords in Jace’s room… plus Simon the vampire!

    • Me too! They can’t .. no.. they won’t skip the scene with the Seelie Court. I have my reasons. 1st because we haven’t seen the faeries and it will be enchanting, 2nd because there’s Clace scene ^_^ I ship them so much. Favourite couple in the whole fictional world. -.- And then I want the scene where she and Jace are talking about their love and they can’t be together. I DON’T want the scene with the spider-demons because I’m afraid of spiders and it was hard for me to read that part. Now seeing it with the effects they can do… o.O MOM! COVER MY EYES! I CAN’T WATCH THIS. -.-

  7. It’s so stupid to judge a movie’s sucess by it’s box office start. Guess only the US does it… US isn’t everything.

    • Ok I don’t mean to sound offensive or point out any stereotypes but I think I have a feeling that the U.S box office and the American culture on Hollywood and media in general is so notorious for being so avarice and obsessed with money. Money is a constant priority mostly for very messed up reasons and its all they care about its Avery greedy heartless industry as most of us are aware of. I could be wrong and probably just talking out of my ass but that’s just my theory and opinion

      • I was just thinking up a way to get to your point. (Except your comment is just flawless!). I completely agree with you in all aspects.

        They have no appreciation to loyal fans at all.

        They let pretentious indie-loving old farts criticize movies meant for teens(I’m not only referring to City of Bones here)

        They cancel epic TV shows for losing a measly amount of viewership.

        They have low appreciation of real talent and spend gazillion dollars on the same fucking ‘celebrities’. No wonder people hate pop music, it’s not the lyrics(most of the time) but the lack of variety. “Oh xx won all the awards? Shocker!” Award shows are highly pointless now-a-days.

        They care toooooo much about profit. Tooo god damn much.

      • I second your comment. It puts a shame on our American society because we should be setting a better example on what we should view as true talent and giving credit when it is due and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and say they at least try. I love great movies too, I love indie dramas every once in a while like Silver linings playbook, the kings speech, etc etc I’m all for those once in a while but that’s it, I quickly move on afterwords because as a fan girl my heart belongs to something that makes me as giddy and excited and slightly obsessed with the likes of Mortal Instruments, hunger games and yes even twilight, movies like those are the ones that stay in my heart forever. I’ll take them over Oscar films any say. And yeah i also second what you said about Pop music, it’s ok for a little while and i like listening to them at parties but after a while they get old and repetitive. And yeah award shows are definately a big joke it’s not the same as it used to be in the old days, it’s not about appreciating talent anymore it’s nothing but tabloids and gossip. And if you don’t mind me saying this I’m kind of glad that mortal instruments for now is not the type of film with it’s actors that are going to endure all that media scrutiny except for the comparisons but that’s it. I know people talk about Lily every now and then but it’s not nearly as bad as some others in the past. So im actually very happy that TMI does not have that kind of hype and hoopla like with twilight or hunger games especially it’s actors. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but the whole crap with media tabloids and fake rumors and all that frenzy in between was too excessive, so I feel pretty fine and ok that our mortal instruments feels like an independent franchise that doesn’t need all that hoopla to be famous. The mortal instruments is beautiful just the way it is it does not have to become media and tabloid bait to be a legend. I feel like this franchise is protected by us and Constatine because we are the only ones who give a shit. But maybe just maybe one day by the time we at some point do get City of Ashes some good changes might come, I think we have alot more potential than any other YA franchise out there that hasn’t already become a household. We will make it a house hold name someday. And now i got to shut up

      • Oh and just a random question.
        Give me an example of an epic TV show

      • I could not agree more with all you said. I hate hype! I love the Twilight books and movie(There is nothing wrong with them. A bunch pretentious know-it-all assholes read something out of their element cos its hyped and think they have the right to judge it. “Yeah, I don’t read ya, I just wanted to join the ‘cool’ crowd and have a go at poking at it. I read classics and the works. you know.)

        After The Hunger Games got all over the place, I didn’t feel like part of a fandom anymore. It was so huge, and everyone was talking about it. I hated that. I was happy it gained so much recognition, but I didn’t feel welcome anymore.

        I hated the actors in the Twilight movie. They were such arrogant assholes. They took advantage of what the fans gave them, and they didn’t even give a shit. They treated it like dirt and disrespected the author.

        I hate hype what it does to things I like. I loved The Host and Beautiful Creatures movies. Alden was so fucking hilarious, smart and such a great talent. Does anyone give a shit about him? No!

        I love what TMI actors and fans are doing. The fans are so nice and supportive, and the cast and crew are such wonderful people. They fucking care!

        As for epic tv shows that were pulled out by greedy asses.
        Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Ben and Kate, Go on, Clerks, Eureka, Futurama and fucking Firefly. There are a bunch of others also, don’t remember them at the moment.

        Call me naive if you want, but I was just watching Euro News and the said they loved the movie, and that the boxoffice winnings are fantastic.

  8. I’ve seen TMI twice so far and will be going again this weekend. I loved the books and also loved the movie. The changes weren’t too much of a bother for me and in some cases were essential for the progression of the series for people who haven’t read the books. I was devastated at the end of the first book while waiting for further instalments which was better dealt with in the movie. I do wonder how much better TMI would have done with more forward thinking. We had no UK premiere even though a lot of the stars are actually British, no posters (only at the cinema itself not on bus stops etc like other movies I can name) and also I only saw 2 TV trailers. Hopefully this can be addressed when the next one comes out.

    • Agreed, and for some stupid reason they weren’t showing the film in my local cinema. They said and I quote ” the films dead” as in it won’t be a big deal!!!!!!! So I went out of town to see it instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will be so annoyed if they don’t make the next film, because it is one of the best sellers!!! And I for one loved every part of the film and of course books!!!!!

  9. I really hope that they do better on City of Ashes than they did with City of Bones. While there were some good moments in the movie, COB was overall a disappointment. Lackluster acting from some of the stars; awkward moments that were steeped in cliché; clunky writing (some of the dialogue was truly cringe-worthy); a dragged-out final action sequence; key scenes missing from the book; contradictions concerning incidents and characters; and the random spoilers and foreshadowing from future books all led to an underwhelming experience.

    I was so looking forward to this movie adaptation. I was reading the stories, counting down the days, checking multiple times a day for updates in eager anticipation as I waited for August 21 to finally come. By the looks of the trailers, everything seemed to be accurate and just right. I admit that I am very hard to please when it comes to book-to-movie adaptations and I also know that no movie will be exactly like the book, but this was just a letdown all around. While COB started off strong, it just petered on and on until it came to an anticlimactic ending where you were almost glad that it was finally over.

    To be honest, I’m not very surprised that COB did poorly in the US box office and was received negatively by critics. Even though I’d read the book repeatedly and I knew the story well, there were many moments where I was genuinely confused as to what was going on. Had I not had the resource of reading under my belt, I would have been totally lost as well as bored at the mediocrity of it all. I can see why people thought it was nothing more than your run-of-the-mill YA book-to-movie adaptation that tried too hard to be the next Twilight. Considering how good the books are, that’s a real shame.

    I am still a huge fan of the books and am impatiently awaiting the release of COHF next year, but if this is the level that the movie series begins on, I am not too optimistic about its future.

    • Finally an honest review. I do understand why everyone is giving good reviews is because they want the movie to do well, but lets be serious, they did pretty bad. I agree with the awkward scenes and dialogues. I Was very disappointed with JCB portrayal of jace, Magnus was not Magnus. The only person I think who did well was Robert Sheehan as Simon.

      I was also very excited about the movie releasing this month, but upon watching it I was shocked. But at the same time I didn’t have my hopes high. Book to movie adaptions are not how we expect them to be.

      • I agree. Personally, I thought that Lena Headey as Jocelyn, Jemima West as Isabelle, and Robert Sheehan as Simon were the best actors who did their characters justice. The others were just mediocre at best or we didn’t get to see their characters on screen for long enough to really decide whether they were good or bad portrayals.

        I feel like some fans are scraping at the bottom of the barrel for compliments to pay the movie in order for it to seem better than it was or to make up for the lack of originality, but let’s face it, a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes does not speak well. For a book and series as great as TMI, the movie could have been a lot better.

      • alexanderl-ighwood // August 30, 2013 at 12:18 PM //

        I’d have to diasgree. I think that JCB was a great pick and did amazingly, however I think almost every who was cast did. I love Robert Sheehan as Simon though.

      • Agreed.Finally I find fans that aren’t blind the movie just wasn’t good,I mean the movie started out pretty good but that for me lasted about half an hour.
        The movie after that felt rushed everything,It was just meaningless over all the movie was bad.
        Did I like it sure at some points but nobody is gonna return me my 2 hours that I wasted on this movie if you can even call it that. As a fan am disppointed but this book means a lot to me so am gonna continue supporting cassie because its her books I love.This movie I’ll forget I ever saw it with that being said Am excited for Vampire Academy & Catching Fire next year I hope VA doesn’t suck like CoB.. *crosses fingers*

    • I don’t think JCB was a bad choice, it was how he chose to protray jace that I didn’t like. By the way, what the hell happened to Simon changing into a mouse? They replaced that with the weirdest scene. ( Isabelle being surrounded by vampires and feeling helpless? Seriously) they could have done a better job of changing the scene .

    • Lightwoodshadowhunterss // August 30, 2013 at 1:45 PM // Reply

      I totally agree with you. Though, I am surprised that it did bad in the box office, because the traliers are so eye catching! All of my thoughts are exactly the same as this girl’s in her Youtube video:

    • Anna Fantasia // August 31, 2013 at 5:21 PM // Reply

      I cannot agree with you more. I am new to the books and read through COB just to have it done it time for the film. What a mistake. I am obsessed with this world now, it’s symbols and it’s hidden meanings, but the film captured absolutely none of that. The story fell flat, the characters predictable and the ending… um, what happened? The cliff hanger is what launches you into City of Ashes. At this point, the Shadowhunters’ have the Cup so why even make a second film. The only character portrayals I thought were close were Simon, Valentine and Jace (who I initially thought was completely wrong for the role.) So disappointed. I really wanted to love this film.

    • I see what u mean, but not everybody will be pleased with the film. Because remember a film is not suppost to just be the book on the screen ( sadly) but the directors interpretation of the books!!!! Yes it is suppost to stay true to the story which in some scenes it didn’t, but it’s not going to be perfect!!!! It’s going to be what the director thinks will sell the story, stay true to the story, and very disappointingly make the most money!!!!! Once again things come back to MONEY!!!

    • I completely agree with Sage. When it comes to all things TMI, I have been a true fanatic since 2008 and it is by far my favourite book series of all time. Having said that, the CoB movie was a pure heartbreaking, disappointing experience for me. I honestly tried to love it as a movie on its own separated from the book, and even after seeing it twice, there was no denying an awful script, watered down characters and blatant disregard for the story’s beautiful mythology. The studio had done the unforgivable by turning this amazing story into some kind of demon mutant of the original. Don’t even get me started on Harald Zwart’s unfulfilled promises of doing the book justice and priding himself on being a director who really *got* the book and understood the importance of character development and relationships in the story. Even the action sequences were quite boring and mediocre at best. What happened to the true Shadowhunters – “beings of immense power” during those action scenes?! Even poor JCB who is an incredibly talented actor and had always been my ultimate favourite for Jace was reduced to a walking, love-struck cliche without a trace of Jace’s famous cockiness, sarcasm and layers upon layers of conflicted emotions. I don’t know what else to say other than despite all of its potential, amazing source material and a stellar cast (for the most part that is, since Kevin and JRM were simply awful as Alec and Valentine) this movie was basically just a pathetic, cliché outline of the original story. Good luck with CoA which I’m not planing on seeing as I won’t allow Hollywood to further destroy Cassie’s amazing world for me.

  10. teamedwardjace // August 29, 2013 at 12:51 PM // Reply

    Ok yay ! That’s great!

  11. teamedwardjace // August 29, 2013 at 12:53 PM // Reply

    And Simon becoming vampire clave kiss Maia!

  12. Youpi ! In Quebec, CoB is no 1 at the Box Office 😀 That includes the original version in english and the french one.
    (Even though a friend of mine who saw both said that the french translation wasn’t very good, and not always acurate : Jace says to Clary “I will protect you with my life” and in french he says “I’ll do my best” or something like “I’ll do all that I can” ??? The translation for Mundanes was something like Terrestriens (???) Also, in the english o.v. she found Bane to be the weakest one -voice speaking- but in french it was the opposite) Anyway, even though french is my mother-tongue, I saw CoB 4 times in english and you would have to pay me to see it in french. I prefer to watch a movie in its original version, like say in Danish with subtitles – A royal affair for exemple- and hear the real voices/emotions of the actors. When I first heard Edward’s voice in french I wanted to slap him LOL !

  13. cant wait for city of ashes

  14. Yay! They hinted in earlier comments they were, and the cast said in Mexico they were getting their scripts in a few days,but it’s good to have official word!!!!

    SPOILERS FOR CITY OF ASHES AFTER THIS PART! I cant’ wait for thee things. To see the casting! To see Simon’s transformation(s). And to see Malec power transfer!

  15. When I saw the movie I said without thinking that there were people around me ”I WANT CITY OF ASHES” and then inside me I said ‘Whoops’
    Of course I’m looking forward to City of Ashes -.- but I want a release date. To count the days untill it comes out!!

  16. As a Malec fan, I just want more Malec, I definitely want the scene where Magnus saves Alec from drowning. And the fearless rune. I want to see Alec come to terms a bit more with being gay and the role Magnus plays in it.

  17. Today was the movie release in Germany and I went to watch it, of course. I must say I loved the movie. It was better than I had expected and it was very close to the book. I hope the other movies will be as good or better as this one. But the reviews in Germany are very bad and mean. One worte: “The concequences of Twilight: City of Bones – another movie the world doesn’t need. Even worser as the Twilight-Saga” That’s NOT true. Go and watch the movie!!!

  18. Cant wait for COA it`s my favorite book off all 5 the thing im more exited to see it`s when Clary realise Simon`s Body is the one that Raphael carries and all the transformation into a vampire and a Dayligther part… Book 1 is the most boring of them all starting in B2 things get more interesting and i hope it shows in the movies

    • Savannah Penton // August 31, 2013 at 4:44 PM // Reply

      Yes!! I totally agree with you! I wonder if they will show Tessa from infernal devices in this one. Bc she is mentioned in the book.

  19. I have to admitt the movie wasn’t too good. Yes it kept the general idea as the shadow world but the scenes were all so jumpy it didn’t follow the book. I didnt like how the fight with Valentine took place in the institute and Luke didnt even have a fight with him.Even though I read it, I was lost at some times. JCB did excellent as Jace but I just wish his sarcastic moments he could have a bit not so serious face. Hope they do better in CofA

  20. I hate to say this but I don’t think the sequel will do any better. I won’t and a lot of people I know don’t care to see it ! The first was ok but have fun guys will the sequel. I look forward to Divergent, Catching Fire and Vampire Academy though.

  21. So disappointing. I was so excited for the premiere…but by the end I was actually glad it was over! There is no way they should bother with City of Ashes after this…I’d rather just reread the book!

  22. I am so excited for city of ashes !!!

  23. KikiLOVESJace // August 29, 2013 at 7:44 PM // Reply

    I want to see the seelie court kiss, when Simon turns into a vampire in the cemetry, and the little bit of jace asking alec ‘What’s that thing on your neck?’ I can totally see it now.

  24. Just found out today that my 64 yr old father saw CoB and loved it. We never like the same movies and he had no idea that I was such a fan, so I was shocked.

    Can’t wait for CoA. Seelie court, Simon, and the introduction of Maia are what I’m most looking forward to.

  25. Reblogged this on Rhysia and commented:
    Hoping for a great international turnout

  26. I loved the COB book and I loved the movie even with the changes here and there. The changes fit in the movie. You just can’t take a 485 page book and it everything in it into a 2 hour ,movie. So some things had to be omitted and some things had to be condensed and merged together. But it worked in then movie. I love Jace and I think Jamie did a fantastic job portraying him. Can’t wait for COA and I will enjoy all and whichever scenes are in the movie. I just want more Jamie!!!!!

  27. Haters can go suck a duck.

  28. While I really enjoyed CoB with all each flaws and I really want to see EVERY book adapted on film (including TID) and see each film be done better than the previous, I can’t help but feeling uneasy… The article talks about plans not actual production and Sigourney Weaver who was previously confirmed for CoA, turned out that she’ll actually be filming another film (‘Exodus’ by Ridley Scott) at the same time. Unless the production for CoA is postponed?
    And I strongly believe that they should definitely change the title to keep the plot closer and THE SHADOWHUNTER CHRONICLES : THE MORTAL SWORD sounds much more relevant.
    It’s the best way IMHO to attract viewers outside the book fanbase and make decent money to secure the whole franchise. And we REALLY need them. And CHANGE THE RELEASE DATE NEXT TIME AROUND. October sounds better. And MARKET IT FOR EVERYONE. Not just us fans. Just sayin’

  29. I’m rereading CoA at the moment, so I have quite a few scenes that I need to see in the movie (that haven’t already been mentioned):

    Jace escaping the prison the Inquisitor put him in, as we start to see that he was also an experiment.

    Any funny moments at Magnus’ (and we need the Fearless Rune, people!)

    The Inquisitor realizing that Jace is her grandson right before she dies, but doesn’t get the chance to tell him.

    Jace’s scene with Clary, where he explains how he used to say words over and over and they’d lose their meaning.

    The second Clace kiss via the Fearless Rune. And then Clary being Jace’s “worst/best nightmare”.

    All the Valentine scenes, and him being himself and more in character.

    Simon being perfectly understanding and breaking up with Clary, because he knows it won’t work between them.

    Luke’s feelings about/all he did for Jocelyn.

    More of Izzy’s attitude. “Nothing less than seven inches is my motto.”

    Jace not wanting to see Jocelyn in the hospital.

    Clary’s preparations to go to Idris to save her mom.

    The “I’ll just be your brother from now on” scene (after Clary decides she wants to be with Jace).

    All of Jace’s snarkiness towards the Inquisitor. Speaking of which, we need to see just how bad Jace (and everyone’s) situation is in this movie. How the Inquisitor’s literally willing to kill Jace to get back at Valentine.

    And going along with that: the death of the Silent Brothers scene needs to be done well. And have the moment there, where Clary senses Jace’s presence (which is huge foreshadowing about their bond), and they have that cute scene together while she’s smoothing back his hair, and Jace thinks he’s in heaven; that it’s worth being trapped in the Silent City just for that.

    The scene where Clary sees how Isabelle and Jace are interacting around each other, and tries to copy it.

    All the moments where you know Clary’s in love with–and thinking about–Jace, and is not herself without him. Like, even when her and Simon are about to have sex, she’s mentally gone and just seems numb. As much as she tries and wants it to work with Simon, it just won’t. We need to see that.

    All of the ship hints, of course. Clace, Malec, Climon, Sizzy, Saia, etc. And just all of the good scenes, really. LOL.

    Oh, and of course Clary being a total BA and destroying the ship. And then the sad scene after that, when she’s trying to keep Simon from burning in the sun and Jace is just watching her, and telling her to “look”.

    Jace could also be a TAD less serious, and this movie could be a bit more humorous, like the book. We also should see that Jace is willing to have an incestuous relationship with Clary…

    Parbati moments, Luke trying to be there for Jace, Isabelle sticking up for Jace against the Inquisitor, MAX being adorable and COMPLETELY sympathetic, when you know what happens to him in CoG, etc. The Hunter’s Moon scene, Jace and Mayrse’s scenes (just Mayrse being awesome, in general), etc.

  30. Savannah Penton // August 31, 2013 at 4:42 PM // Reply

    I have all of the infernal devices and mortal instrument series and I love them!! I went with a whole bunch of friends to watch the movie and we were all pleased with it! There was a few things that changed from the book but it still works perfectly in the movie!!! I did have a problem with the movies image though. It needed to be more high definition. It was fuzzy and you couldn’t just picture it all. In city of ashes I would just like it to be book related. The characters were great to! clary fits perfect along with jace! i was kind of surprised of Isabelle though. In the book she’s suppose to be this hot chick who gets what she wants.But I just wanted to say ..GREAT JOB! This movie was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

  31. Oh, and since my post wasn’t long enough already, here’s one more thing: We need to see Jace’s conflict when it comes to his father and how/why he comes close to joining him.

    Shutting up now.


  32. there really were not that many commercials advertising this movie so I think thats why it wasn’t as big as they expected. of course fans knew it, but they needed more advertising for it for people who don’t read the books

  33. I heard their doing casting calls in Toronto and I was just wondering if anyone knew their contact information so I can try and get an audition

  34. I’m so happy they decided to do the next movie! I actually would have cried if they hadn’t 😥 I loved the movie! Even if he’s not what everyone pictured, Jamie had the character of Chace down! and Him and Lily’s chemistry was great! People just need to realise that movies will always be different, I would rather the difference than to always know whats going to happen! Oh and Jonathan Rhys Meyers? AMAZING.

  35. I don’t care about the money blah blah.. Make sure I get all 6 movie to watch people.. The mortal instruments is ma favorite.. Are movies out there who were waste of money but they kept making sequels of them.. So I want all the 6 of the mortal instruments..

  36. I wish people would actually give The Mortal Instruments a shot. They compare it to much with Twilight. Yea there is sort of a triangle love situation. But that is by far the main point of the story. I do dislike some of the changes in the movie compared to the book. But well, that is hard to avoid.

  37. I would be so sad if they didn’t keep filming! I’m urging all my friends to go see it! It was so good

  38. They need the entire segment (for everyone involved) after Maia is attacked by Valentine and has to stay at Luke’s. All of the stuff that happens that day is amazing. Even the next day, too, with the doughnuts, and when Jace gets taken by the Inquisitor, etc.

    The part where Simon’s cat attacks Luke. Yes, please. Just have it. It’s SO funny.

    And Simon’s line about making sure they see a body for Valentine, before believing he’s really dead.

    All of Clary’s encounter and stuff with Valentine.


    Lines like: “I try to hate you”, “love takes your choices away” (which should be the tagline of this movie!), “love makes us liars”, Clary asking why Jace has to “wreck everything” etc. Also, they need to show Clary panicking about Jace a lot, like when he jumps off the building and other moments. She can’t even help herself from reacting that way. Also, her apologizing for being cruel to Jace (when he thought she was avoiding him again) in their last conversation together, etc.

    Clary’s “What are you looking at?!” line after she’s heartbroken over Jace. That broke the tension stuff, and was just funny. Yeah…

  39. I loved the film so much!!!!! But when jace and Alec are taking clary to the library to see Hogde and Alec says to clary ” stay away from jace” I don’t know but there’s something about that line that makes me think no he’s not ment to say that. I guess it’s because to me it sounds like he’s just telling clary he’s in love with jace cus I mean if Alec is trying to act (just) like Jace’s friend, I mean friends don’t just say ” stay away from him” do they?? Anyway that’s just what I think it sounds like or what he’s implying!!!

  40. What am I looking forward to on TMI: City Of Ashes!! Is the fairie court where jace and clary have to kiss

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