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Join us for #SeeTMISunday to support ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

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Shadowhunters! Thank you all for your continual support of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. We are hoping for a solid second week at the global box office so to help encourage Shadowhunters worldwide to go see this film (again or for the first time) we came up with five days of hashtags.

Here is Sunday’s hashtag:


Don’t forget to keep using #TMIMovieReactions to share your thoughts on the film. Be sure to head out to the theater today and share your photos with us!

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11 Comments on Join us for #SeeTMISunday to support ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

  1. What happened to fan casting?…. I only seen one for Raphael

  2. Rachel Schmidt // September 1, 2013 at 3:32 PM // Reply

    HOW MUCH MONEY HAS THE MOVIE MADE WORLDWIDE??? people keep saying 15 million but i know that isn’t true.

  3. Only 31 million world-wide…which is sooo not good considering the budget was 60 million. Hopefully it will stay in theaters for a little while to keep making money.

  4. Guys, the movie did not do that bad. Was it the top movie like we all hoped? No, but there are a lot of movies that did worse. Plus, it is August. This is a terrible month for movies. Why they chose this month for the release, I’ll never know. Sony didn’t promote it as well as they should have. The problem is not many people know about. I ask someone about it, and they ask me what that is. Right now, it’s all about word of mouth and dragging people to go see the movie. It also did not get very many bad reviews. The people who see it, like it. It’s just most people have not heard about it. Also Harald Zwart told me not to worry when I asked him on tumblr about it. He said opening with 15 mil. was not bad for August, and it has made double that since then. Just be positive! And drag everyone you know to see it! Plus Sony says that the sequel is still in the works, so they haven’t canceled it.

  5. I saw COB for the second time today – this time in IMAX!!!! OMG Jamie on the BIG screen was just too awesome for words!!!! I am going to see it again next weekend!! I can’t see it enough times. I love this movie!!!!! Jamie you did us proud – you are the PERFECT Jace. Thank you so much for your amazing performance!!!! Lily you were great too as was everyone else!

  6. I saw TMI/COB for the fourth time today in Imax ! Still loving it.

  7. I saw The Mortal Instruments City of Bones for the 14th time today. I so LOVE this movie. And there were more ppl today then I saw most of the days I went. So word is getting out. And I am doing my to keep supporting it. I want the whole book series to be made into movies. Cause they are all amazing stories. Everyone does an amazing job in the movie. Jamie and Lily my faves though. So everyone spread the word, and get to the theaters.

  8. I just saw the movie today (I know it’s late…but it’s not my fault that my mom booked tickets to India during opening weekend in the U.S-where I live- so I couldn’t see it before now) and it was AMAZING! yes they changed things, particularly during parts near the end, but whatever! The acting and special effects were sooo good and OMG I loved it!!!
    Only weird things- the whole Bach being a shadowhunter idea… I was like whaaat? Also they didn’t explain the parabatai concept so idk what was up with that.
    Anyways it was great and YAYAYAYAYY I can’t wait for city of ashes!

  9. Saw it today again!!! This time with a friend. 4 times and counting 🙂 I’m obsessed with this movie! So ready for City of Ashes

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