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Watch: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ is the hot new book series

Good Morning America hosted a segment on The Mortal Instruments and how it is the hot new book series, including it topping the New York Times best sellers list for nine straight weeks, knocking The Hunger Games from the top spot.

GMA talked with Cassandra Clare about The Mortal Instruments and the importance of female heroines. Click the photo below to watch the video at

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23 Comments on Watch: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ is the hot new book series

  1. Ok I hope I don’t sound obnoxious but is about time. It’s finally about damn time that we finally get put in the forefront of attention it’s about time that the rest of the world knows what mortal instruments is and that it is so much more than people are even wanting to see it. its definately more than a copy cat of twilight ir hunger games and HP that so called film experts obsess over is more than just your average science fiction fantasy novel this is a very dark story about life growing up its about facing change and in a way it also teaches us about society, confronting your inner demons and ultimately deciding on who you think you are and should be and where you fit in in society and yourself. I hope I’m saying that right.

  2. Oh and I almost forgot I loved watching this it was pretty insightful and in a way I have a feeling that as time goes by this fandom will grow into something more amazing than what we already have now. At least I believe in it. And thank you Cassandra for everything

  3. Congrats to Casandra on getting on GMA!

  4. @Miranda I couldn’t agree more. TMI is amazing because it’s about SO many different aspects of life. Actually, I think that was one of the problems when marketing this movie. Like Lily said, “What ISN’T this movie?” and when you’re into TMI that’s amazing, but I can imagine it’d be hard to sell/wrap your head around from the outside looking in, though that’s actually what makes it brilliant.

    HP is about growing up and war, Twi is mostly a romance, The Host is about what it means to be human, THG is about a corrupt government…These are all, of course, aspects of life, but TMI is about more than one side of it. And as I’ve never really seen that done before, I think that’s why I love it so much. GoT is also similar in that right, but they’re so very different. So, yes. I can’t wait for more people to get into TMI, and see all the beautiful things it has to offer:)

    Also, thanks a bunch for that article link you posted, Miranda. I read it and it was amazing. I LOVE YA fiction, and I don’t get the hate for it. As much as I love GoT (and other adult fiction), I need a breath of fresh air from the injustice of it all, you know? Not everything has to be crazy intense and serious for you to enjoy them. We need fun, and things in moderation, and even though I’m an adult…that’s why YA will always be my favorite genre.

    Can’t wait for more TMI news!


    • And you know what’s another interesting element that I noticed from mortal instruments the way it confronts the issues if stereotypes with the creatures that inhabit in the stories like the vampires wolves fairy’s and of course the angels and shadow hunters themselves and based on what we’ve always known from these creatures may not be 100% true they each have their own complex portrayal and role in TMI but still stay true to their nature

  5. I really love reading you all, and I can’t wait for someone to put this interview on Youtube 😀 as it is not, as always, available outside U.S. Merci à l’avance !

  6. THIS^^! The books are where it’s at! Cassie Clare’s amazing writing is the core reason why we are all here and why we have the most amazing Fandom in the world 🙂
    PS. Everyone, keep on spreading the word about this amazing book-series! ❤

  7. So why, if the books are blowing up bestseller lists, did the movie tank so bad? Not trying to be a naysayer, but dangit, where are all these people when it comes to the movie?

    • I loved the movie, but I think there are two reasons why it’s not doing better at the box office. 1. There were 2 sleeper hits (The Butler and We’re The Millers) and 2 expected hits (Planes and One Direction) that it has had to compete with. I think TMI could have held its own against one of them but not all 4 of them. 2. The marketing of the film seems to have been aimed at the target audience that would go to see it anyway, not the moviegoers who thought it was simply young adult and for girls.

  8. Lightwoodshadowhunterss // September 3, 2013 at 12:03 AM // Reply

    I’m happy that Cassie’s books are so successful, but also a little sad that the fandom isn’t the same as it was before the movie came out.

    • We are still a strong fandom i just think it’s time to keep spreading the word so that we are still a strong fan base and believe me we are, trust me.

  9. Get what your sayin. Miranda read the article, really informing for a guy, it really makes me think about how i think about girls. Convinced three people to buy the book and four to see the movie.

  10. does anyone have new info!!!!!!!!!!

  11. YES! Of course it’s the hot new book series!

  12. They just can’t have a segment on this series without including Twilight or The Hunger Games, can they? That just pisses me off. But congrats for her to making it onto GMA.

    • …Why did your comment of “that pisses me off” remind me immensely of Kyoko Sakura from the (awesome) anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica? But that’s neither her nor there (and you probably have no idea what I’m talking about), so just ignore me.

      Anyway, I really enjoyed this vid. It gave me feels and made me all happy and hopeful and stuff. It is sort of annoying they keep comparing TMI to other things, but it’s probably unavoidable at this point, tbh.

  13. I think the marketing was really poor for this movie. I didn’t even know about the movie until I went to see another movie and saw the cinema poster. I think they need to take a leaf out of Marvel’s hat, Marvel saturate the populous with upcoming franchise movies. They also need to get a kick arse song for the next movie just look at what Paramore’s Decode did for…… dare I say it theTwilight series the song was a mega hit worldwide not just the US but everywhere, for example Demi Lovato’s song was a no show here in Australia along with the other songs on the album. The songs on the soundtrack to me aren’t reflective of an action based movie. I think I read somewhere that TMI is not a romance its an action+ movie with some romance in it but the the soundtrack is so lovey dovey. Get some kick arse music with movie footage to build the anticipation up before the release of the movie. The movie has great actors amazing set and art design, storylines and messages, there’s so much going for it if they only got the message out there more to go see the movie or the movie is on it’s way. I think its doing pretty well now and it hasn’t opened up in all countries yet and they still have DVD sales to boost them in a few months. Can’t wait for the next movie!

    • I agree with almost everything you said, expect that I liked the sountrack. I think marketing was aimed at the target audience who would go to see the film anyway and not enough was aimed at the moviegoers who don’t know a thing about the books except that it’s YA and for girls. I really really hope there is a sequel. I know one has been greenlit and was due to start filming on Sept. 23. Now the producers are being vague about the start date and just saying the fall. I think they’re waiting to see how TMI does internationally, so I hope it does well outside of the USA.

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