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Chad Connell talks playing the blue-haired demon in ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

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Though his character only appears in one scene, Chad Connell’s portrayal of the blue-haired demon inside Pandemonium jump-starts the entire Mortal Instruments series, as well as gives the audience its first glance at a demon and the Shadowhunters that kill him in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Connell spoke with about playing the blue-haired demon, what sets The Mortal Instruments apart from other YA adaptations and revealed that the blue haired demon actually has a name in the film.

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ASM: What character do you play? Can share your vision of him and his role in the film?

CC: My character is the first demon the audience is introduced to. In the books I am referred to as “The Blue-haired Boy” or the “Blue-haired Demon”, but in the movie my character’s name is “Lambert- which is an homage to the man who helped inspire the whole look– Adam Lambert. I help Clary enter the night-club and we flirt while inside. Later she sees me murdered by several Shadow-hunters. What intrigues me most about this character is why the whole team sought him out in the first place. Demon-hunting is their way-of-life, so to seek him out in a crowded night-club, implies that he was of particular importance. There’s got to be a great story there.

ASM: What did you enjoy most about playing the Blue-Haired Demon?

CC: The sense of appreciation The Blue-haired Demon has. Given that my character appears only in the beginning of the movie, it’s pretty spectacular to see the fan-base. I’ve discovered how strong the support is for this character and his significance to the fans of the books as the motivation for plot.

ASM: Young adult films are very popular right now. How does it feel to be a part of this film, which is based on a series that has such a strong fan following?

CC: This is my first role in a film based on a popular series of books like this. The energy the fans have is infectious and makes you feel like you’re a part of something big. I sat in the theatre on the opening night of the film, and was sitting next to a girl who could not contain herself. She was giddy during exciting parts and crying in the emotional parts. It’s overwhelming to see the affect it has on the true fans.

ASM: Do you have any “favorite moments” during the filming process?

CC: I think my favourite moment actually came after shooting, and getting to see the final product. Specifically the audience’s reacting when I appeared on screen and when I was killed.

EU: For those who haven’t yet discovered the “magic” of the Mortal Instruments, what do you think people will enjoy the most about this movie?

CC: What separates this franchise from others is that it has seriousness and depth but also moments of humour and levity. It knows when not to take itself overly seriously and can present the lighter side, even in a darker tumultuous tale. Not to mention there are some real gifted performances by a great cast.

Read the full interview here

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20 Comments on Chad Connell talks playing the blue-haired demon in ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

  1. For a demon he’s pretty handsome

  2. He was so hot. When i first read about him in the book, I thought of an annoying freshmen-like annoying 14-year old. I am so glad that they didn’t think that too

  3. Interesting to see how even a relatively unknown actor playing a relatively minor role seems a lot more aware and can grasp he severity of what makes this fanbase tick and see the beauty of this saga and what makes mortal instruments stand in its own as its own thing if beauty and can see the potential of it expanding itself as a film saga and appreciates it than so called experts who can’t look past the comparisons and act like they know everything. Sorry to go on I’m just being honest again

  4. teamedwardjace // September 4, 2013 at 11:36 PM // Reply

    He’s hot! And knows whats he’d talking bout but so do the cast and those involve though the marketing team could use some work

    • I agree with you on that last part. I mean its not that we’re being mean or anything, we just want to help and sometimes in order for one to improve themselves one has to give some much needed feedback that may come off a bit hard but in the end it’s only because you care or because that we care. But hey we all learn from our mistakes and the best thing to do is learn from them so that we can push ourselves to want to do better. And that’s just a general fact

  5. Blue-eyed demon? 😉

  6. Girls “roles eyes”!!!

  7. Anna Herondale // September 5, 2013 at 4:11 AM // Reply

    He was enticing

  8. The Pandemonium scene in the book seemed to go for ever! It was shorter in the movie than i expected but he acted the part well.

  9. Izzy Lightwood // September 10, 2013 at 4:59 PM // Reply

    I was just like: Wow a demon is hotter than Jace

  10. He was so hot, why did it have to be him to be killed!? I immediately looked up the character after the film, I was that bad!

  11. To be honest, this man was perfect and should have been more in the movie. He is hands down a beautiful man. I cried when he died. It was so soon to have a demon like him taken. It would of been nice to get to know the sexy demon. Just saying

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